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Organic Milk - Wichita Falls,TX

I am going to start my twins on all milk soon. (Yes the doctor said its ok). My question is has anyone used Organic Milk and it has helped with Eczema? Several websites I have been looking at said it can help. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this.

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We had some friends whose little girl had horrible eczema...painful, bleeding, cracking. They didn't put her on organic milk, but tried raw milk. It so dramatically improved her appearance that they purchased a cow. Seriously! She is a different child. Not only has her eczema cleared up almost completely (tiny amounts still between fingers and toes) but her face is completely clear and it hasn't been clear without steroids for almost all of her life.

I've witnessed the transformation in this child so I am definitely a believer. They say it has to do with the natural fats in the whole milk, and some of the natural enzymes that are killed off during pasteurization.


I'm a big proponent of organic milk, since conventional milk contains hormones, toxins, and all kinds of stuff you don't want your babies exposed to. I can imagine that it would help with eczema, but since DD's only ever had organic, I can't testify to any difference from conventional. GL in your decision!


We do use organic Milk and have been using it along with other Organic products since Oct but I haven't notice a difference as far as ezema goes.

It might just be different on everyone and depending on the severity of it..
Sorry I couldn't be much help.

Raw Milk would help - raw milk is different from organic milk bought in the store, though. My family drinks organic raw milk, and it's been wonderful for our health!

I use only Bordens or Schepps. It is WAY cheaper than organic milk, and really is the same - no growth hormones, etc. I buy it at Sprouts or New Flower (plano - just opened) and it is about $3.00 a gallon - even cheaper than Walmart.

My son has eczema and I was told to only use cetaphil (and equate is the same) for baths (other than shampoo, of course)and I only use any free and clear laundry detergent - I have to wash everyone's clothes and sheets and towels in it b/c of his eczema so now I just use it for us all. It is the same as Dreft. After every bath he gets cetaphil lotion or aquaphor or something. Lastly, we do not use any dryer sheets (I was able to pinpoint that as a problem by experiment) and I wash all new clothes before he wears them. He rarely has any problems anymore. It has also gotten much better as he's gotten older. HTH

I don't know about the eczema, but we switched to organic milk and are happy with it. If you are not a costco member I would suggest becoming one. We joined just to get organic soy and rice milk in bulk and save quite a bit of money.

Hi C.,
my baby girl had gotten excema from using raw goat's milk. I didn't do my homework with them and found out later they were "rescue" goats which means anything can be wrong with them. Anyway, I took her off of that and bbought goats milk from the grocery store in the refridgeration isle until I found a "good" source of cows milk. Her excema went away. We use Horizon's organic milk from the grocery store now, I lost my connection to the raw milk I was getting. Yes, Horizons milk is pasturized which kills off any good stuff, but it doesn't contain hormones, antibiotics, pesticieds etc.. We will use it until I can find another "good" source. Hope this helps!

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