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Not Eating Veggies

My 8 month old son suddenly lost all interest in eating his veggies. He does well with everything else and used to eat the whole jar of veggies in one sitting. I feed him cereal in the morning, fruit at lunch and veg for dinner. I have heard once they become accustomed to fruit they usually perfer the sweet taste over the bland, I hate for him not to want to eat his veggies already. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have any suggestions.
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Hi T.,

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mix them in. Get the meats with the added veggies or mix it with the fruit. At 8 months most of the nutrients should still be coming from formula or breast milk. Just keep presenting them.

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Neither of my children really liked the baby food in a jar. I started making my own. I didn't really do it the guru way of making it in bulk, storing it, etc. I just pureed whatever I was eating. I would cook or steam the veggies and then puree it with a little water. I usually mixed the veggies with ground turkey at dinner time. I also added a tad, I mean a tad of butter and season salt to their veggies. My son ate cooked spinach, peas, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes and more! My daughter didn't do as well, but she did eat broccoli, carrots and potatoes like they were going out of style.

I was told to give them a cupof deluted V8 Vegetable juice.
my son loves it!

i watch my grandson and we just started solids. i thought that he wouldnt know the difference but he does. we started him on cereal then went to cereal mixed with fruit. then just fruit. 2 weeks ago i started him on veggies and he knows the difference. he spits what he doesnt like out. i mean he spits it all over me and everything. he really likes green veggies but when i tried carrots and sweet potatoes, he didnt like them so i mixed them with applesauce and i seem to be getting them in him. i think you are ona good schedule. i also think that the other mom is right about alternating bites. i think i will try that. on another note. when my oldest (29) was young he wouldnt eat anythig green. just about that time the incredible hulk became his favorite and when he asked why he was green, i told him it was because he ate a lot of green beggies and i was so proud of myslef. i dint know where that answer came form but it did and after that he couldnt have enough green veggies.i woudl sometimes find him sneaking into the kitchen at night to try to open a can of peas or green beans. he couldnt open them because we had an old fashioned can opener but boy did he try.

My eight month old seems to have lost his interest in some veggies, as well, but not all. He still loves carrots, sweet potatoes, and homemade green beans. My tactic for his love for fruits has been to stir some apples or other fruit into the rice and vegetable mixture, particularly if I'm serving him "summer vegetables." It's also hit or miss with him. Sometimes he'll eat an entire bowl of oatmeal or rice with fruits/ veggies, and other times he'll eat a bite and he's done. I'd say keep trying, but also be thankful that many of the fruits are filled with fiber, which offset the constipating effects of the cereal. Good luck! From another stay-at-home mother, formerly a 5-8th grade teacher loving her new job! M.

My son did the same thing to me when he was that age. He all of a sudden didn't take to anything that was green so I was having to mix it up a little bit with another veggie at night to get him to eat it. Just try that out and he will get to a point where he will eat his veggies. Now my son is 19 months old and he will eat his green beans and carrots if I give it to him from the Gerber Graduates.

Have you tried mixing the fruit and veggies together? I have had to do that before, it has worked for some of the kids I watch.

mix them in. Get the meats with the added veggies or mix it with the fruit. At 8 months most of the nutrients should still be coming from formula or breast milk. Just keep presenting them.

Don't push him to eat them. Keep trying, they go through phases. Even as toddlers, my 3yo will love peas one week and the next week they are yucky and it's only green beans or applesauce, etc. Try mixing them together or alternating spoonfuls. Even say two bites fruit and then sneak a bite of veggies in. It worked for us. Also, when he starts on 3rd stage foods where they are a different texture he might change his mind or in the dinners where there are different flavors together. Don't force him but don't give up, it's normal.

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