No Enamel on Permanent Teeth

Updated on July 03, 2011
B.C. asks from Dallas, TX
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I took my 6 y/o son to the dentist and she said his 6 year molars had no enamel on them, she said this happens to some children when they take antibiotics (namely amoxill) before age 2. His baby teeth are fine. In doing more thinking, I wonder if all of his adult teeth will be affected and what will have to be done. Anyone have this issue?
Thanks mommies!

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It happened to me....40 some odd years ago I had pneumonia and they gave me drugs and my teeth have a "soft" enamel and they're slightly yellowed from the drugs.

All I can say is, pay for the sealants, pay for the dentist prescribed flouride or flouride toothpaste, keep him away from sodas, lemonade, Gatorade... ANYTHING you can do to help prevent tooth decay!

Because I've had more root canals and cavaties than any one person should have in a lifetime.

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I, like Tracie O. have a "million dollar smile" literally!!!! More fillings, root canals and crowns that anyone should! My teeth were damaged from tetracycline treatment for pneumonia!! My parents blessed me my sophomore year of college with 8 beautiful crowns and they are still beautiful some 21 years later. My poor sweet daughter was born with no enamel on her baby teeth and had to have crowns(the prettier white ones) when she was just 2 as her teeth were crumbling away. I have made an amazing discovery for my teeth. It is Colgate Luminous toothpaste. Right on the box it boasts "strengthens enamel" and since using it for 3 years I have not had a single cavity. My teeth are not so sensitive either. Please let him try this is great. There are 3 flavors..the blue box is very strong mint, green is spearmint but the lavendar box isn't as strong and might be more appropriate for a child. My dentist prescribed a toothpaste for me that would do the same thing, but I choose the Colgate for price and it's benefit.
Warm blessings,

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hello, my name is hallye, and i am 14 years old. i was born without any enamel on my teeth whatsoever, and when my permanent teeth came in, we were releaved to see that they had a tiny bit. i was born with i genetic disease called amelogenesis imperfecta. so far i have not take any extreme measures to reapair my teeth, as it will be extremely costly. and this has really take a toll on my life. i was fine as a child, of anyone said something to me about it i could just ignore it and move on, but as i became a teenager, it became more difficult for me. my friends dont really understand and they arent as accepting as they were in first grade. all i wanted to tell you is that if this is a serious problem, and it is permanent, then PLEASE get it fixed as soon as possible. i know that if my teeth were fixed when i was younger, i would not have the self asteem issues i have now, and there would be alot less tears shed. thank you and god bless(:

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My daughters two front permanent teeth came in with small holes in the enamel. It was on both teeth, mirror image spots, and the teeth came in a year apart. Our dentist filled them with sealants and now they look normal. She said that we may have to change the sealant color as she gets older to match the changing color of her teeth but that she would be fine. My daughter did have pneumonia at 2 months old and received some strong antibiotics and steroids...could have been what caused it but the dentist wasn't sure. Our family generally has very healthy teeth (only about 3 cavities between the 4 of us). So I tend to think my youngests teeth issues are due to all the medication she was on the first two years of her life.


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My friend said her son was born without enamel on his baby teeth. They had them capped (not the silver kind, just kind of a veneer). After he started getting his perm teeth, the perm teeth were fine.



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Both my sons had no enamel on their baby teeth (permanent teeth are fine) and they said it must have been because I took abx while pregnant. I did not. Since the baby teeth were formed when I was pregnant it was due to nutritional deficiencies because I had not been diagnosed with celiac disease. Unless your son was on alot of abx, I would have him screened for celiac - dental enamel defects are one of the symptoms and it's really unfortunate that dentists aren't taught that. Celiac is one of the most under-diagnosed genetic disorders. The treatment only requires a gluten-free diet and no drugs, which is likely why doctors don't routinely screen for it. If they had a pill for it, everyone in America would be screened.



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My daughter had enamel on teeth but lost enamel over a three 3 months period of poor brushing technique and is now into the dentin layer of her teeth. Her dentist has recommended a prescription fluoride at night and a MI paste for the day which remineralizes teeth and makes them stronger. In the end she will need to do composite all around the teeth to avoid cavities and eventually have to cap, or veerner as an adult.

I find it interesting you mentioned antibiotics before age two effect the teeth. My daughter was in hospital at 5 month age for ten days with several infection. I would like to know your dentist name so I can ask about her teeth issues and possible relationship to the antibiotics. Maybe her enamel was reduced to antibiotics.

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