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Natural Remedy for Constipation

I would like to know if there is something natural i can do to be regular I have had this a lot my whole life it is getting worse and is very annoying.

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Are you drinking 8 glasses of fluids everyday? Are you eating several servings of fresh fuits and veges ? It is pretty hard to be constipated when you eat lots of roughage. Try eating a big salad and foods high in fiber like whole grains and beans. AF

A friend of mine has hot water every morning (nothing in it, but heat it up like you would for hot tea.)

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Hi T.,
When I am not careful I tend to either have diarrhea or constipation. Being careful means eating FiberOne cereal (1/4 cup every morning mixed in with some sugary sweet cereal), exercising moderately five times a week (yoga, walking), and making sure I drink a lot of water.
A probiotic called Florastor, which you can buy in capsule form at the pharmacy without a prescription, is helpful to me. It encourages the growth of good bacteria in the gut, and I use it when taking an antibiotic or even just for pre-period diarrhea, which I get often. You might also try Activia yogurt, which claims to help you be regular if eaten regularly (I have not tested this myself). And there are many yogurt products with added fiber at the grocery store. Good luck!

I had the same problem - no more! I use Florify by Melaleuca. Works like a charm. IBS is gone! Happy to share more info. Good luck! N.

Its easy to know if you are hydrated, and for me being hydrated is the most important thing in staying regular. If you go to the bathroom and your urine is colorless or barely yellow you are hydrated, if not you need more water to keep your bowels working. If you are hydrated than a high fiber diet is the next step. If that doesn't help you need to see a doctor because you may have irritable bowel or a number of other conditions.

Hi, T.! How are you? I believe I may have a natural remedy for you that you might like to try. Have you ever heard of mangosteen? It is a fruit grown in Southeast Asia. It contains xanthones which are antioxidants that have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. My husband and I have found that it is the answer to a multitude of health issues and constipation is one of them. This mangosteen is found in all natural fruit juice called XanGo. We drink 2 oz. daily to fight current health problems and as a means of prevention for future issues. Anyhow, we'd love to share more with you if you are interested. We were so impressed with the results of the juice that we became distributors oursleves and we are now benefiting financially as a result. In just 6 months of just sharing our story with others, we have had 33 people join our organization. The extra income has been awesome since we have 6 children. Please let me know if you'd like to know more or if we can give you a call. To visit our website, just go to www.TonyNguyen.My Mangosteen.com It is a fascinating product and company that has changed the lives of many. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for your time.

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Steel cut oat meal has lots of fiber. 1/4 cup nuked with 3/4 cups water for 2 or so min. I like it with a pat of butter and a little brown sugar. Besides prune juice, prunes are good, too. Fruit, vegetables, leafy salads, whole grain breads, bran cereals are all great fiber sources. Keep your fluids up. If bread, rice apple sauce and toast firm up diarrhea, these are the things to avoid when constipated.

my friend eats the metamucil "crackers" every day (adds fiber); when my son was a baby and had problems they suggested him drinking a mix of 1/3 prune juice, 1/3 apple juice and 1/3 water
also u can check the health food stores. another suggestion would be to find a chiropractor...i know that sounds weird but sometimes there might be something in your body that is "off" and once you are adjusted your body will naturally work better
good luck

Hi T. you asked for a natural remedy for constipation. First I agree that you must increase your water intake. You should be drinking at least one half of your body weight in ozs per day. (ex. 180 lbs, 90 ozs water). Second, eating fruits and veggies often help as the fiber from the roughage along with the water, helps your colon to get rid of the waste. I will caution you on the fruits though as some may actually constipate you such as bananas. I didn't know this until I saw the effects on the children. The next question I would ask you is how is your stress life? Oftentimes what's causing us stress is also placing stress on our bodies in more ways than we may think. If you are at all depressed your body may be reacting to that. For example, you will crave more carbs, comfort foods or whatever makes you happy (pheremones). However, that's not what your body needs. So I would recommend you checking out those things that are causing you stress. Now if you are eating healthy, exercising, and drinking water here are some natural herbs that will help you to move. Senna ( which is found in exlax) only this is stronger because it is the actual herb. I recommend that you mix it with peppermint tea for it sometimes causes cramping. Then there's a tea called smooth moves and an herb called cascara sagrada. You can find all these at your local health food store. Mom's is usually good for they carry it in bulk as well as prepackaged. Again drinking the necessary amounts of water will definitely help. And please don't eat corn, it is a starch and will only stick to the walls of your colon making your constipation worse. I hope this helps.

A friend of mine has hot water every morning (nothing in it, but heat it up like you would for hot tea.)

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