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Natural Remedies for Dog's Ear Infection?

One of my labs has waxy buildup in her ears. I hate going the Vet/Medicine route, but if that's the only way to get rid of it, I understand.

Do any of you know of some natural remedies that worked for your dogs?

Our labs eat Natural Ultramix organic food, and no human food. Thanks for any suggestions, both topical and oral.

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Wally's Ear Oil! You can get it at a vitamin store. My Shitsu had constant ear irritations, and even the medication from the dr. didn't help. Wally's ear oil does the trick.

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We have a black lab who swims daily and he use to get ear infections often. We took him to the vet and they gave us something called Vet Solutions Ear Cleaning Solution for dogs and cats. You might be able to find it on the internet.

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If the ear is infected you need to take him to the vet for antibiotics.

If it is just waxy buildup you can clean them out with some vinegar mixed with water. We use a bulb syringe like you use on a baby and fill the bulb with solution and squirt it into the dog's ear, then you can use the bulb to suck it out. I'd recommend a large old towel to hold as a barrier between your lab and you cause when he shakes his head the debris will go everywhere.

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Our lab/great dane has the same problem sometimes. We clean her ears with vinegar. It breaks down all the wax, but be prepared- it is nasty! If you want to read more about it google "vinegar to clean dogs ears". It is a natural, safe way to help them feel better. Good Luck

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Peroxide does work I would not suggest pouring it because the dogs do not understand the bubbling they hear and it will scare them.
If you are dealing with ear mites you can get ear mite drops at Wal Mart my daughter just used it on her Min Pin a few months ago and one treatment was all it took.
Remember to do this outside because they are going to shake their head and it will go all over you and in the air. I just take my dog out on the porch and treat him there.
Since you are organic you may want to check Howard Garrett the dirt doctor at www.dirtdoctor.com he may have even better ideas.
Good Luck.

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I agree that the issue is different if it's wax or an infection.

And I don't have a dog, but I do have a kid, and at the first sign of ear infection we put 2-3 drops of garlic infused olive oil in each ear 2-3 times/day. Put 2 whole cloves garlic in 2 oz olive oil in a small skillet; cook on medium-low until garlic is soft, then mash the garlic into the oil. Pour it all through a strainer, and cool. Do this for a few days, and it should help stave off the infection. You do need to catch it early, though--once the infection's really raging, you do need antibiotics (which I also try to avoid!).

The same advice (still for kids) is in the October issue of Yoga Journal, if you want to check it out there. They have more natural remedies, too. GL!

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Is the ear very red, or is it just the waxy buildup? If just the waxy buildup it may not be an ear infection. Petsmart carries Excel ear cleansing pads. Just gently use your fingers to clean out the wax. Poodles have hair in their ears and so they are prone to ear infections. I don't think that is the case with labs, but if you see hair in his ear then you can buy the Excel Ear powder, then reach in and pull or cut out some of that hair to allow air in the ear.
Good Luck!

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Hi N.,
I was a vet tech for about 11 years. I would suggest using distilled vinegar and alcohol mixture. Or better use a ear wash that you can get at the pet store. Please don't use water. Most of the time the ears are too moist and needs to be kept dry. Even in the case of an infection if cleaned regularly it should resolve unless the ear is really red and bleeding. Then you could clean it and then use an triple antibiotic ointment after.
When cleaning use alot of the rinse and squish the ear at the base on the outside to help remove the yuck and then wipe out with a cotton pad. If you use an antibiotic ointment don't be afraid to place it on your finger and put it in the ear canal and squish again. If you dog seems to have a chronic problem I would clean on a regular basis to prevent future problems.

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We used to clean our dog's ears on a regular basis with basic douche from the feminine isle.

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I have a Rottie that had what I thought was wax or mites but nothing was making them go away (it was the blackish kind of wax, that's why I thought it was mites). So I broke down and had the vet come and look at him. He had a yeast infection in his ear (poor dog, I know). Anyway, they gave me some cleaner and some drops. He told me once they get a yeast infection it's really hard to get rid of. Hope this helps...

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