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My Son Wants Me to Repeat Everything He Says!

My 2 1/2 year old son wants me to repeat everything he says! I am proud to say that he can count to 13 and knows the entire alphabet, however...when he is playing with his letters or counting something, I have to repeat the letter, number, animal, etc. before he will move on. He just keeps saying it over and over until I repeat it. After a while this gets really old. It wouldn't be so bad, but he LOVES to play with his alphabet set all the time. Why does he do this and can I make him stop? HELP! It's really starting to annoy me and drive my husband crazy.

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Thanks so much for everyones responses. I am very proud of my son and I try to teach him new things everyday. I never thought that maybe he was trying to "teach me" and show me how much he knows. We just need to devote time to it everyday and stick to it so that is doesn't seem that we are doing it ALL the time.

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What happens if you go on to the next letter or number? When we played the ABC game I would name and animal, fruit or object instead of repeating. "A" apple,ape. B banana, boy..etc. Hope you find something that works, have fun.

My daughter does the same thing!!! She goes to a great day care that I am happy to say helped her learn her ABC's and Numbers. What she is doing when she is getting home is taking on the role of the teacher, and she wants me to be the kid. As with anything with kids this age, all you can do is distract them or redirect them into playing something else instead.

Tell him you don't want to do that anymore and refuse to do it again. He should eventually stop, but he will probable keep asking until he realizes that you mean what you say. You are the parents and he will get over it. This is apparently a game to him. My daughter (now 17 years old) did something similar to this when she was around 2 or 3. I think this is a way of exploring the type of power they can have and how far they can go with it.

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If your son is so intelligent, it is because you have given him the attention and time to teach him. With a newborn, he may feel like a protector or 'teacher' to you now...or is just seeking the attention he once had all to himself before his sister came along. Having you repeat is rewarding to him and it also takes more of your time..for him. It sounds as though you have good communication skills...don't lose it...by the time he is 15, that will change and you will have to pull information out of him or listen harder to what he says to his friends. You don't mention your age...and 2 children are time consuming and it could be that you are overwhelmed.?? Does your husband come home every night? Or is he overseas? If you have family or a close friend in the same situation, maybe you could 'trade' a night out for just you and your husband...if only to just stay home for a quiet night together...candlelight dinner perhaps...and then return the favor. Get together with other Moms for a play day starting with an hour and building to a few hours...your son could learn socialization skills and you will have time to talk and compare notes with others. Patience and time ...
lots of hugs and kisses...they grow too fast..
By the way ..What does SAHM mean?
Good luck and take it a day at a time...phases like the "terrible two's" go away...only to be substituted by other 'charming' trials and tribulations..
S. T.

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Hey M.,
I am a kinder teacher and it is great your son is doing so well. Keep encouraging him by playing along with him. He is looking for your reaction. This is how they learn. Encourage him to learn the next number or teach him a song, etc. It may be annoying but what a great thing it is.



Hi M.. The reason kids repeat everything or ask you to say it over and over is because that is how they learn. Repetition is key when children are learning. If you notice, most kid's songs repeat the same verse over and over again. My daughter is 4 and asks to hear the same song over and over again and before I know it, she knows the words to the entire song in a few days. Be patient and so thankful that your son loves to learn. You may have a budding genius on your hands.


What happens if you go on to the next letter or number? When we played the ABC game I would name and animal, fruit or object instead of repeating. "A" apple,ape. B banana, boy..etc. Hope you find something that works, have fun.

Girl, I would just play along. It might get annoying but they are only little once and it is for such a short time. Enjoy every moment, annoying or not! I think it sounds super cute. He sounds very smart as well. You must be doing a good job. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she cannot do what you are saying your child does. Good job mama!!!

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Hi M..
It sounds like your son is pretending to be "the teacher." We always ask our children to repeat what we say to them, and then, at some point in their lives, they will want to "play teacher" and have us repeat what they say. I'm sure it is just a phase that will quickly pass.

Hi there!

Sounds to me like you have a teacher in the making. I have always believed that each of us are either leaders or followers. Your son sounds like a natural leader. While part of this is his natural instinct, he is also being taught in this way. His confidence and comfort level in this area allows him to attempt to school you in return. In the same way you possibly taught him the alphabet he is now rerturning the favor. Have you been through the, " What's that, " stage of his learning. Well you will probably remember how old that got and fast? With his mind growing leaps and bounds at this age he will soon move on to other things. Remember you are his first teacher and as you move on to teaching him others things, his interests will change. However tiresome it feels, I say good job mom!!! You should be very proud.

Keep repeating! I know you are getting annoyed, but believe it or not, you are building both your son's reading skills and vocabulary. When you say it, he compares how it sounds to when he says it and is getting reinforcement for what he knows. He is also getting reassurance that what he is saying is correct. Now that he knows the letters, move on to the sounds each letter makes or get flash cards and ask him to tell you colors, numbers, animals etc. This will change it up a bit for you and will prepare him to become a reader very soon. Keep talking and repeating new words...make him say words after you (turn the tables) and increase their difficulty...it bothers me when adults say "I can't pronounce that word." I make sure my kids can say anything..just break down the word into syllables. \

Pteridactyl = "Terry" then "Dack" then "Tull" and have him repeat those. Then say them together a little faster each time until he can say Pteridactyl! I did this with my daughter who was reading by three and who skipped kindergarten, so it worked for my kids. There is nothing my 2 1/2 year old can't say now and everyone compliments how smart he is...it is the difference between not talking to them unless you have to, and being there constantly talking to them (or repeating to them). You got a smart one there Mama, make the most of it!

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