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My Son's Swollen Ear

I noticed yesterday my son's right ear seemed a little swollen, which I attributed to heat. This morning it still seemed larger than the left, and by the afternoon it was enormous. It's stemming from the top of the ear, not the lobe. He's fiddled with it a little but otherwise doesn't seem bothered. I can't figure out what caused it. Maybe a sting from a bee? They're outside all the time. When I ask what happened to your ear, he answers "Cline" (his brother's name)....but I don't think a bite would do this. He can't really communicate what I'm looking for. (They are 21 mo twins). Any suggestions? Should I take him to the pediatrician in the morning if it's still swollen?

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Ok, I took him to the pedi this am and her best guess was also a bug bite/sting of some sort, and offered benadryl. The ear was much smaller, almost normal, compared to yesterday so I'm not nearly as concerned as I was last night. Thanks for the responses. I just didn't want to ignore it, it become infected, and have blood poisoning or something!

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Gosh, please take this baby to the doctor or at least call them and ask them what you should do. Swelling is an indication of something going on. It may be minor or it may be an infection.

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YES, please take him to the doctor.

could be a mosquito bite a bee sting he would have screamed about. Have you tried soem oral benadryl and a topical benadryl on it. I am affraid that may be all the doc suggest if you can not see an actual injurt. He could just have it very irritated because at first the itch now the swelling.

If it was me I would call the Doctor. We live by the rule in our house if its not better by Friday, call the Doctor. You don't want to go through the weekend worrying about it. Or have to wait until Monday. Blessings

Have you given him benedryl. I would try that as well as a topical hydrocortisone. Here's a little trick - keep the hydrocortisone in the refrigerator, it goes on cold and feels so much better. I would put a call into the nurse just in case (I tend to be a tad overprotective.) it is Friday after all.

My Son's ears turn red at times. Not particularly swollen. It could be a possible ear infection that you don't know about. My Son had 4 ear infections and I never really the ears bright red, however he was itching them and I could tell it bothered him. It could be a bee sting or even a wasp. Bee sting usually has the stinger in it. Do you see a stinger in his ear? A wasp bite doesn't have the stinger. When I got bit by a wasp last week, my left arm was swollen and red for one whole week. I put ice on it, took antihistimines, ibuprofin and massaged it also. I didn't see relief until the 3rd or 4th day. I almost got to the point of getting Benadryl. I put ointment on it, the cortisone and it helped a little bit. You could try calling your Dr. and see what the nurse says. You may want to try Benadryl first to see if it is allergies or the wasp sting. Sounds like to me it is more the wasp sting. I still have a bite mark that is crusted over from that. It took me a week to week and a half to recooperate. I don't think I've ever been bitten by a wasp before. I believe I've been bitten by a bee when I was younger. I had a lot of itching with my wasp bite on my left wrist. Let us know what you decide to do and what the Dr. says if you take him in. I decided against going to the Dr. for me. I waited it out and keep putting the ice and cortisone, aloe, resting and taking Ibuprofin for pain. I wouldn't necessarily take him immediately, if there isn't any other symptoms. I would call your Nurse at the Dr.'s office and talk to her over the phone and see what they say. They may be able to tell you to do some things at home first and then if it doesn't get better, you can go in if that doesn't work.

Yes, first thing in the morning. Take a picture of what it looks like now in case it's different in the morning and show it to the pediatrician.

Sounds to me like some sort of insect bite, possibly mosquito. If it were an injury, you would likely see bruising or some discoloration. I would in fact take him to the pedi, just to rule out any kind of allergy to bee's, wasp, etc. which could be very dangerous. Poor little guy, hope he feels better soon! :)

My first thought was ear infection... they don't always have major signs showing you they have one. Beleive me my son had 7 ear infection by the time he was 7 months old. Even though your baby is 21 months they can still get ear infections. My best suggestion would be to take him to the doctor. The last thing you would want is for his ear drum to brust which is VERY painful for them.
Good Luck

Most definitely! Better safe than sorry. :)

Gosh, please take this baby to the doctor or at least call them and ask them what you should do. Swelling is an indication of something going on. It may be minor or it may be an infection.

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