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My Menstrual Cycle Is Not Consistent

For the last few years my mentruation is unpredictable. I might have it every other month or sometimes I skip two months. First I thought it's kinda nice not to have on a regular basis, less hessle you know especially with little ones. But now I'm starting to think it may not such a good idea. Does/Did anyone have the same problem as me? Do/Did you take any medication to regulate menstrual cycle? Do you think taking birth control pill is the answer? Please share your thoughts with me...

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There are low-dose hormones given through the pill that can be prescribed. Some do not prevent pregnancy and others do. I really like taking Yasmin because it regulates me, lightens cramps and bleeding. There's another drug called Yazmin, and that one is supposed to help with PMDD syptoms such as PMS, bloating, cycle, bleeding, etc.

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You definately have to see a doctor. You don't say how old you are, but you are probably too young for menopause, since you didn't mention it. I'm 51 now, but my regular periods stopped around 38-40. Occassionally I will have some very light spotting about once a year. I've had tests for everything and I'm not in menopause and there's nothing wrong. If there were, surely I would have died by now, 13 years later. It didn't stop all at once, it just kept getting more irregular with periods farther apart until they stopped altogether.

There are low-dose hormones given through the pill that can be prescribed. Some do not prevent pregnancy and others do. I really like taking Yasmin because it regulates me, lightens cramps and bleeding. There's another drug called Yazmin, and that one is supposed to help with PMDD syptoms such as PMS, bloating, cycle, bleeding, etc.

I had the same problem for many years. It ended up that my Thyroid was not working properly. Once I got that taken care of (with a very cheap daily med) my cycles regulated themselves again - and I got pregnant after 8 years of trying!

My period has not been consistent either. I had a baby in December of 2007. Shortly after I started having my period. I had a period up until August of 2008. July was the last time I have a period. I had my tubes tied after my second daughter so Im pretty sure that I am not pregnant. I had this problem when I was younger and went to the doctor and started on a low dose of birth control to regulate it. It did help me. I hope everthing works out for you.

M. R

I think that you should talk to your doctor about this. It could mean so many different things. My cycle is not normal since I had my miscarriage. I was having it every 2 weeks and now it is every 3. I am still not sure what is causing it. My doctor thinks it might be because of my hypothyroidism. I really don't know why you would only have it every 2-3 months.

You might check into PCOS. That's why my cycle is unpredictable (usually long, like yours). I never took any meds for it, but a low Glycemic Index diet helped me lose a little weight, which helped regulate my period and get pregnant! With PCOS, this can help even if you are only a little overweight. Good luck. IMHO taking the pill for this reason will just cover a problem if there is one, and if there isn't, enjoy fewer periods.

My cycle was irregular for almost 20 years. I discussed it with my dr on and off but it was never anything to worry about. I did try to use the pill but it made me so sick that I had to stop using it. Definitely discuss it w/your OB/GYN.

I went through this my self for several years and even thought twice I was pregnant. I was jus so obese I would not ovalate. I lost a butt load of weight due to becoming diabetic and after many years 7.5 of wanting another child I conceived right away. Had regular periods while my weight was down but have now gotten menopause so no tother issues with periods.

Hi C.,
It wouldn't hurt to get it checked out. My cycle had stopped for a while, would hit and miss for a while. Once I got checked out they found a problem with my pituitary gland causing my prolactin hormone to be sky high. It's been an interesting road with meds and tests. Now I'm on nothing but occasionally have to take a pill to start my cycle if it goes more than 2-3 months without starting itself. I've learned to live with it, but I am sure glad to know why it is happening. My old gyn told me at 33 that I was "about THAT age" so I got a second opinion.
I'd talk to your OB/GYN about it.

I would talk to my doctor about my concerns. Yes, the pill can regulate you, it might be best.

Hey C.! My menstrual cycle is totally inconsistent. Has been ever since I went off birth control. Birth control never worked well for my body, so I was glad to have a tubal ligation and be able to stop taking it. However, I hear you about your period being unpredictable. It doesn't bother me though. Maybe at first it did, because I was paranoid a few times that I was pregnant, but it's been almost 5 years now, and I really don't even pay attention to it anymore. I have mine about once every 4-6 weeks. I personally don't think you should take birth control pills unless you actually need it for birth control, but if it's something that's bothering you, it may be your only option.

Hello! Having an unpredictable cycle is a signal that something in your body is 'out of whack'. Your hormones are not working properly, or the amounts are not quite right. There are many different things that can cause this, even stress. I know of many women who've been able to get their bodies back into rythym (hormones in balance, etc.) simply through nutrition. Our bodies are meant to work properly, but when even a small substance is missing or out of balance, our entire system can be effected. Let me know if you're interested in learning more, as I'm with a natural food-science company that has over 30 years of research and development, and has been able to help women get back into balance (I know several women who've tried to conceive for years, some never even had a period, but after this company, their bodies balanced out naturally and they conceived almost immediately!)

I'd say as long as you aren't TTC or using natural family planning, you don't have a problem!

Most of my life I have had inconsistent cycles. I noticed that my periods would stop for months at a time when I gained a lot of weight. When I started losing weight, my cycles would become normal again.

Taking birth control pills helped, but then I gained 60 pounds in 90 days. And still have trouble getting the weight back off and it's been over a decade ago since I have taken birth control pills.

However, a couple of years ago, my cycle started and didn't stop for over 3 months. I had consistent heavy bleeding every day...ugh!

My doctor diagnosed me with Endo and I had laproscopy (misspelled...sorry) done. The procedure made my cycles regular again, but I still have the endo pain.

The only option my doctor gave me for ending the pain is have a hysterectomy, but I'm trying homeopathic remedies...

The inconsistency of my periods mainly affected my ability to have children. After I had my second daughter, I wasn't concerned about it any longer.

Hope this helps.

I know how you feel. After the birth of my 4th child my cycle was CrAzY!!! I would have it for 2 weeks, off for 2 weeks on for a week off for 3. Finally when I had a HEAVY cycle for 6 weeks straight during the summer I had enough! My Ob/Gyn put me on the pill for about 6 months & It straightened it right out. I was concerned because we wanted to have another baby but almost as soon as I stopped taking the pill we conceived. Good luck, I know how frustrating our bodies can be sometimes but it beats the alternative, I sure wouldn't want to be a dude!!! L.O.L have a great day!

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