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My 9 Month Old Doesn't Sleep Through the Night Anymore! Any Reasons Why?

Hi I have a 9 month old who has been sleeping through the night since she was 6 weeks old. Now she cries when we try to put her down for the night and she wakes up 2 or 3 times a night and will literally cry all night until we come and rock her to sleep. She has also started crawling and pulling herself up, could any of this be related?

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Well, thank you for all the wonderful advice and ideas! I was so relieved to know this is a normal thing for some children. Bella is doing better-my husband rocks her to sleep (this seems to work better than just putting her in her crib at bedtime-she sleeps better over all) and like clock work-she wakes up an hour and half later so I give her a bottle and she goes back to sleep for the rest of the night. She wakes up about 6 am though. I know I probably shouldn't give her a bottle in her crib but there is nothing else that soothes her and perhaps she is hungry again?

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Do you leave a small light on if not try it. Sometimes music will help they feel alone and want some comfort this might help plus it will relax her. She might be cutting teeth and that might be bothering her. If this is the case it will get better when the teeth come in. Good luck sleep is nice to have.

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my son had bad ear infections. we got tubes this week and he has sleept threw the night. he would sleep threw before but he would wake up and fuss for a min or so then fall back asleep. i saw on cnn morning show how to get your baby to sleep threw the night....use black out shades over the window, white noise, only enough light to see to walk in the room with, they also said to keep the tempature pretty cool 68-72 ( who can afford that one? ) espically for south texas but we dont do that. we tried all the other things and he started sleeping threw the night. best of luck to you.

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Just an idea: I wonder if her appetite has increased, and she's just hungry? My daughter has a 10-month-old boy, and that happened to him recently. She put him to bed, and he woke up crying about 30 minutes later. She patted him and put him back down, all the while the thought in her head, wondering if he was hungry. He went back to sleep, but again woke up 30 minutes later. So, she fed him, and he gobbled it down! So she determined to feed him more the next day. I think that has helped.
Hope you get your sleep soon!

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Both of my daughters who were great sleepers went through a period around 9 months of waking up numerous times during the night. Our pediatrician said it's normal around the time that they get more active and are able to get around on their own better. And when babies first start pulling up, they don't always know how to get back down without falling, so they cry for help! Rest assured it's a phase and your baby will soon be sleeping through the night again.

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It could also be her teeth bothering her? I wouldn't worry over it too much.

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My daughter did that when she started crawling and pulling up as well. Its just a phase and she will get over it. I would just try to be consistent and do the same bedtime routine and she will adjust. I definitely think its related to the crawling and pulling up.

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She may be having a growth spurt and be hungry more often or have some growing pains, have ear infections that hurt her after being in reclined position and having drainage for awhile, she may be teething and that causes her pain after awhile, or any number of reasons. I hope she starts sleeping again soon! Good luck.


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If she's not going through a growth spurt - then she is just going through a phase. Which is what it sounds like since she is crying when you put her down. You have to be firm with her if you want her to develop good habits.

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They go through phases. G. is correct about new skills causing a change in schedule for your child.

When she wakes up at night, give her a few minutes to calm herself. If you decide to check on her, do not pick her up, do not turn on any lights, just check to make sure she is ok. Use very low tones, hand her her "lovey" and Binky if she uses one. She will cry, but she will need to learn to put herself back to sleep. Hang in there mom.

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