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My 6 Yr Child Keeps Getting Sick for over 8 Weeks

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this happen or has any opinion on it.

My daughter is 6 yrs old and for about 8 weeks now, she keeps getting sick with really high fevers. Here is a little history on what the doctors have said.

First tested positive for Strep along with another two children in her class.
After the meds, she was fine and went back to school on Thursday. The Friday of this same week, she got another high fever. It spiked high and fast. Trip to the baylor urgent care. She was on Tylenol and motrin, but fever still spiked from 102.8 to 105.2 in the matter of 15 minutes. Said she tested positive for the flu

After a week of "all" of us having the flu, she got better and a week and a half later she had a fever again. (OH NO! Not again! ) Very high temps 105 again spiking really fast so we ran her to the emergency room again (during the weekend). The doctor said she had an right ear infection (but my daughter had NO PAIN) The doc said that happends sometimes. "no pain" ?? I have never heard of a no pain ear infection,

He put her on meds for ear infection - she got better after a few days on that. (finished the bottle) went back to school. A week later she got yet another high fever. Took her back to the pediatrician and he did a urine analysis- said it looked suspicious so he put her on some meds and sent it off for a culture. He also told me that there are many doctors in E.R's that are over misdiagnosing ear infections in children. The don't see kids as often. The meds the E.R gave her would have helped but not gotten rid of the infection which is why it probably came back. I told him that I was very concerned that she keeps getting sick like this. Something else going on? He said well since the first two times are diagnosed illnesses he is not worried and no further tests need to be done right now. He said it is very common for children to get back-to-back illnesses and viral infections. I told him, thats not like my daugter. She gets sick but not like this.

Anyway, he said he would call me when the cultures came in to see if we need to continue the antibiotic. I got a call and said the found nothing and discontinue the anitbiotic. However we had already used all of the bottle by the time we got the message to discontinue . Plus Cerys was getting better with it anyway.

She got better once again and then a week later another high temp. This weekend it was not as high 102 Temp. I took her to the pediatric office (same doc to follow up) and told him what was going on. He said well, she probably has viral infection since her last urine culture came back negative.

I said all due respect thats not ok to send us off with that without doing any kind of blood work, or tests. So he wrote me a script for labcorp to get some blood work done.
They did a strep and flu in the office=negative and urine test in the office = that came up suspicious but would need to do cultures on it to be sure. We left w/no prescription for possible urine infection.

We got into the parking lot of labcorp and my daughter just looked awful. Pale, dark circles, throwing up a bile type stuff, fever, chills and anything I gave her as far as fluids she was throwing up. I was feeling desperate to get my baby healthy and was so very concerned by the way she looked. Baylor emergency was right next door so I went ahead and took her in. I was thinking they could do the tests that the doctor has ordered while we are there. They did a cbc - (white blood cell?) and it was ELEVATED. The the nurse said throwing up can cause them to go up. They did another UI test and it came back negative. They did it again for some reason and it came back positive. They said it was a "3 out of 5" (what ever that means) so its not a huge infection. They gave her some bactrum and a shot on her bum/hip. She was totally traumatized here with the nurse trying to get some blood. She was really sweet and trying to be careful but she could not seem to get the vein and line in correctly like she did not know what she was doing. My baby screamed for about 5 minutes while she was trying to get it right and even then, the line into the vein did not work. (sorry I am venting a little here!) It was hard to watch. Eventually a pediatric lab person came and took blood with the butterfly technique. They were quick and got all the blood they needed. She was great. Again as stated, they did the cbc (white blood count) and UI but thats it. They did not do the three tests that the doctor sent me to get from labcorp. The said they are an "emergency room" and do not do those type of tests.
They were tests such as mono, a blood culture and a screening for certain types of viruses.

She has already showed some improvement today. But I am just afraid that once again next week we are going to go through this again.

I called the office today to see what we should do. Finish the bactrum or get those others tests? I am trying avoid traumatizing her again if it's not necessary. Now we are going wait and see how she does on this bactrum and wait until the Urine culture comes in before we decide to do the other three test.

Any suggestions or ideas or experiences ? I am at a loss on what to do.
Sorry this is so long. I wanted to give the whole picture and not part of it.
Please let me know if any of this is not clear because I have not had much sleep :)

Thank you so much in advance!

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Update: The docs office confirmed a bladder infection. We are just trying to find out which kind now so we can treat it w/the right medication. I am still going to get the mono test done since she's had so many things in the last two months.

Thank you all so much for the great advice. I will try the immune system boosters and no sugars and all the other wonderful advice we have received. If this next round of bactrum (spelling?) does not work or the UTI cultures come back negative again, I will get the other tests done for sure. I just want to avoid putting her through another round of trauma with needles if I can. She has been on multi-vite gummies for over a year now and before that, USANA kids vitamins.

But her diet is not good as hard as I try to get her to eat right. I discovered the v-8 v-fusion drink which is a "God Sent" because it has a serving of veggies and a serving of fruit in it. We have gotten a lot stricter on making her eat some veggies but she loves the v-8 since it tastes like strawberry-banana. I am sure that her constant accidents don't help. But this maybe related to her UTI. (if that is what she has)

Sorry to hear about all the experiences that you had with your children too. We love our kids so much, we wish we could do this for them. Give me the shots instead! :-)
Yes, this does sound a bit like "house" doesn't it. I was actually thinking, I wish we had a real Dr. House in all of this.

I will keep you all posted on the results in case anyone else goes through this for reference.

Thanks again


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In a word...have her tested for mono.
It's been years ago, but my daughter was in K or 1st grade and was sick, we'd keep her home and quiet for a few days, she would get better, go back to school and come the weekend, she was sick again. We did the same routine for I don't know how many weeks. Finally had a Dr that tested for mono and she was positive. She was "resting" just enough on the weekends to be feeling better by Monday or Tuesday...go back to school and activities and be worn out and sick again by Friday. My Mother-in-law came and stayed with us for a month so we could keep her home while my husband and I continued to work. Once diagnosed and treated, all better. Mono weakens everything so the patient is subceptable to every little thing that comes along. Good luck.

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Just one more comment to add to your collection.

I've been going through the same sort of cycle of problems since this November. My brother who lives 1000 miles away also has. We've concluded that it is a bad year for respiratory problems.

I had a URI diagnosed as viral. Flu test negative. No antibiotics, but the doc gave me decongestants and cough suppressant. The next week I was back in with a UTI. (The decongestants dry you out and I had neglected to keep myself hydrated to keep my urinary tract flushed out.) Antibiotics for the UTI.

Several weeks later, I still had a cough and felt badly, so I went to the doctor. Chest x-ray. Touch of pneumonia. Antibiotics for that.

Then I thought I was coming down with a cold and it turned into a sinus infection. More antibiotics, but I never did really start feeling 100% again. After two weeks, I decided it must have been the flu after all that time.

This week I finally went back to the doctor after two weeks of laryngitis, that I thought might be because of a reflux problem with which I've been recently diagnosed, and almost a week of a sore throat. Diagnosed with tonsilitis and infections in both ears. The side with tonsilitis has hurt, but the doctor said the other side which did not actually looked worse.

Bottom line: some years are just like this for illness. There's a lot of stuff going around.

I am curious if you work outside the home. I did, and I went through one episode that was similar with one daughter than drove me nuts. It lasted for a couple of months, and we had no real diagnosis. I'd keep her home a couple of days and she'd get better. I'd take her to school and I'd have a call by afternoon that she was sick and needed to be picked up. It went on for weeks. I was trying to be a working professional and my husband was taking off time to stay with her so I could go to work semi-regularly. In short, it was emotionally exhausting.

Now we're into the spring allergy season to which I can attribute some of my current problems. I also know that my immune system has taken a beating with all the illness and the medications.

Something I always did with my kids when they were sick and went to the doctor was to afterwards stop for a hearty meal (even if it was a Wendyburger and some fries) on the way home. It just seemed to me that they needed the food to get on the road to healing faster, and it worked.

At six, your daughter is probably just entering school and it's a well known fact that the first couple of years kids come down with everything under the sun and pass things between each other like crazy. Be thankful that modern moms don't have to deal with chicken pox and measles and German measles and mumps. I had all of them as a kid. By the time I had kids, they had vaccines for everything except chicken pox. In my mom's day, my grandmother had to deal with yearly outbreaks of polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, smallpox, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever ...

Chances are your darling doesn't have something catastrophic that is compromising her immune system. I'd suspect that she's going through one of the rites of passage that goes with growing up and going to school. Even though my kids were in day care from an early age, they still went through this phase when they entered school.

Back then, we kept them out a day or so and didn't want them to miss too much school. Nowadays I'm finding that the wisdom at school and at work is that you should keep them home or stay home if you are sick. Not just one or two days until the medicine starts to work, but maybe three or four until the medicine has kicked in and you have recovered enough of your strength and your health to not experience a relapse or to be reinfected or infected with something else.

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OK, first of all, take a deep breath and a nice hot bath!! I know just how you feel, and I know how tired you are when you have been caring for a sick one!! Now, that said, yes, she really can get back to back viruses or infections that would cause her to have those fevers. Since strep, the flu, and a stomach bug have been running around here like crazy, it is possible that she just keeps picking things up..esp with the number of times she is in the dr. office or emergency room (or germ central as I call it!) Her immune system could be weak from fighting one infection, so it is not preventing the next one as readily! That said, I also say, GO WITH YOUR GUT! We moms are rarely wrong, so if you really feel like they are missing something, then fight for her. Will it require more testing, yes, but you need to go in with the knowledge that she will not be an "easy stick" and ask for the best from the start. If she is dehydrated at all, which is very likely, it is hard to get a good vein, but it can be done. She is old enough for you to explain to her why this blood work needs to be done, and then, a little bit of bribery will help. A trip to target for a new toy can work wonders on a 6 year old, even giving her some money to hold onto before will help remind her of the end result. Is it horrible, yes!! We had my 21 month old son in the hospital recently and they had to give him a new IV 3 times, draw blodd about 6 times, prick his finger about 6 times, and even do a spinal tap!! Yet, we successfully lived through it, and appreciated the opportunity to rule things out. So, with all of that said, just do what you feel is right, but be assured that it really is possible that she has had back to back illnesses! Try to get some rest!! ~A.~

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In a word...have her tested for mono.
It's been years ago, but my daughter was in K or 1st grade and was sick, we'd keep her home and quiet for a few days, she would get better, go back to school and come the weekend, she was sick again. We did the same routine for I don't know how many weeks. Finally had a Dr that tested for mono and she was positive. She was "resting" just enough on the weekends to be feeling better by Monday or Tuesday...go back to school and activities and be worn out and sick again by Friday. My Mother-in-law came and stayed with us for a month so we could keep her home while my husband and I continued to work. Once diagnosed and treated, all better. Mono weakens everything so the patient is subceptable to every little thing that comes along. Good luck.

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I am wondering if your daughter has lost weight? My daughter went through this when she was younger. She was sick constantly but had never been sick before. She was eventually diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes--I am not suggesting this is what is happening to your daughter-but I am suggesting to go with your "mommy gut". I knew something else was wrong with my baby and she was very sick beofore she was diagnosed correctly. She had been sick with ear infections, strep throat, asthma, etc--but no doctor looked for an underlying cause. I would continue to take her to the doctor each time she is sick and insist that they keep looking for the root problem.

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Has the doctor considered that your daughter might have a yeast infection from all the antibiotics she has been given? Another sign is that she keeps wetting her pants which can also harbor a yeast infection. She keeps getting sick because her immune system weakened from her illnesses. Try not to give her antibiotics unless it is a diganosed bacterial infection. Antibiotics will not work on viral infections. Also, have her start taking a multivitamin everyday to boost her immunity. Hope she gets better soon!

WOW, This story is very sad for you and your poor little girl. Maybe considering a specialist, Urologist or a childrens hospital. She obviously has something that is less detectible than an average illness. The doctor may be great but is missing the mark and the hospital visits to ER... just reading about your strugle, seems to me they need to stick to broken bones or bullet wounds. I with your feeling to still be apprehensive this is resolved at all. A Urologist for children would be my next trip. I will think of you both and wish her well.


Wow! That's a lot to deal with. I really don't have experience with repeated illness, my daughter is only 8 months old, but my heart go's out to you and your daughter. The part about the nurse having to draw blood, and not getting a good vein on your daughter, broke my heart. I know that had to be very upsetting for you. My daughter has seen her share of E.R. and I tell them, you get one chance to stick her, make it work. This is very frustrating for you, and I'm sure pretty scary as well. Stay strong for your daughter, as this will make her brave through all the testing she has to endure. Good Luck, I hope this gets squashed, and y'all can get back to normal life. Not to be funny, but this almost reminds me of "House" episode.

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