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Moving to Chicago

My husband and I will be moving to the Chicago area in the fall. I am from Texas and currently have a swimming pool in my back yard, so I am sure to be in for a change of lifestyles! Anyway, could anyone recommend an area or neighborhood that is family friendly (for parents in their forties) and still easy for my husband to commute downtown? Any advice will be appreciated!

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Thanks for all of the advice. We are not moving until the fall, so please keep the neighborhood suggestions coming!

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I know you've got tons of responses but I just wanted to say that I am from TX too and I absolutely love it here (after two years: one "easy" winter and one more "normal" a.k.a. ridiculously cold and long one! but I made it and you will too)... and I wanted to give yet another vote for Oak Park. We absolutely love it. Good luck and feel free to get in touch with any questions. --Steph

D. -

I live in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with my husband and 20-month-old son. We love the neighborhood because it is so family friendly and public transportation really is very close to most parts of the area. Welcome to the city and good luck!

C. L

I live in West Ridge, also known as West Rogers Park. Lovely community with transportation, diversity and lovely parks, not far from the Lake and downtown.


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Hi! First, welcome to Chicago! It will definitely be a big change for you weather wise, at least half of the year, but this is a great city. You will love it!

As for neighborhoods, I've been living in the city for the past 6 years (my husband for the past 10). We loved our condo until our child was born. As a result, we just recently moved from the South Loop to an area called Bridgeport. We are essentially at Halsted/31st St. My husband's work is in the city (I am a SAHM) and we wanted a home with a yard someplace close that would limit his commuting time. Plus we wanted all of the benefits of the So. Loop area we were leaving. Brideport was the answer!

Initially when we started looking and our broker recommended here, we were not completely interested. Bridgeport does have somewhat of a "blue collar" reputation. But once we started investigating it, we learned that all of this is changing. Over the last 10 years, the So. Loop has gone through some serious renovations to become the greatest Lakefront neighborhood in the city. What was once a run down area is now becoming over-saturated with development. As a result, developers are moving south to its nextdoor neighbor -Bridgeport.

I will say this area is still considered up-and-coming, but there is a ton of development slated here. Retail areas are being revamped and old buildings and houses are being torn down and rebuilt. There is new construction on every street. We couldn't believe the beautiful homes that were to be found here. It is not like the Bridgeport of yesterday. We live in a fabulous new construction home across the street from a beautiful church. And we have a yard - hooray! Something that is not easy to find in the city but seemed to be found here more than anywhere else that we looked.

We took several months to make our choice and looked at every neighborhood you can think of, from the So. Loop to Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Ukranian Village...you name it. In the end, we couldn't deny that Bridgeport had everything we wanted and more. No wonder tons of young families like ours are moving here! And with all the development under way and slated for the future, we've been told to expect our home value to increase anywhere from 25-50% in the next 7-10 years. We were sold! And now we are living happily in a beautiful home with a neighborhood feel, church across the street, parks close by, and families everywhere. All this and we are only 10 minutes from downtown. You can't beat it!

Hope this helps! Good luck with the move! And feel free to let me know if you'd like any further info on the city or its neighborhoods.

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Welcome to Chicago! It will be a big adjustment at first, but your son is going to love it here, with all the parks, museums, the aqaurium, the shows, plays, zoos. There will be lots to do. If you are up for an older community with charm and older homes you can't beat Oak Park. It is only a 25 minute commute into the loop (downtown). We moved there from the city 2 years ago and the kids love it. Lots of kids and families and the schools are great.

If you want new construction any of the suburbs West and Northwest are great. Your husband can take METRA trains downtown, but he communte might be an 45 minutes to an hour.

Good luck !

Hi D.,

We live in Skokie. The commute is easy. The community is wonderfully diverse. The park district has won many national awards for excellence. The services are great (2-day/week garbage pick-up, recycling, snow removal, sidewalk plowing, etc..). The taxes are much lower than Evanston (another great and popular town just east of us). We are a ten-minute drive to the lakefront. The community pools are excellent. Skokie schools are top notch-- some of the schools are part of Evanston's district 65 (as is the ones my children attend, Walker and Chute schools) and these schools are excellent as well.

There are many outstanding communities around Chicago and many outstanding neighborhoods in Chicago. Anywhere you look you'll be choosing between good, good and good!

Best of Luck!

My family and I live in the Beverly/Morgan Park Area. I would have to agree with one of the previous responders, the neighborhood is in the city but it has a suburban feel. I love the area and my neighbors are great. We are in walking distance to the Metra train for transportation to the downtown area. You can check out www.bapa.org for more info about the community. Good Luck!

D. -

I live in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with my husband and 20-month-old son. We love the neighborhood because it is so family friendly and public transportation really is very close to most parts of the area. Welcome to the city and good luck!

C. L

Hi D.,

We live in Roscoe Village/West Lakeview area (Ashland & Addison). It's about a mile away from Wrigley Field. We love it. We do live in an apartment because the homes are sooo expensive and we cannot afford it. The schools, from what I understand (my daughter is only 18 months), are great. We haven't gotten to that point yet. I work in the Loop and take the Brown Line in. It's about 15 minutes from the Addison stop to the Merchandise Mart. I am home on Friday's and cannot beleive all the babies I see throughout the day. I think it's a great spot. I see allot of homes for sale as well.

Good luck...welcome to the Windy City. Make sure you buy a nice heavy winter coat :D Chicago is awesome though!!! You can still have a pool, just not use it as often.

The prefect area for your family are either Oak Park, River Forest, or Lombard. From the Oak Park/ River Forest area, your husband can commute downtown on the Ell or Metra trains. The Ell trian is far less expensive but the Metra trains are more relaxing. The only ways to commute downtown are via car or the Metra train from Lombard.

Both train stations have ample parking lots.

All three areas are somewhat pricy but it is worth every penny. :)

I hope this helps.

Many many neighborhoods are family friendly. I am on the southside, and Hyde Park seems to be one of the most family friendly and easily accessible to downtown. It is also a bit more expensive than some (for buying), but it's worth looking into.

i really love lincoln square/ravenswood. the brown line is located at several locations throughout as well as a metra stop. there are also buses on every main road (western, damen, ashland, lawrence etc.) you could look at chicago cta online.
there are plenty of parks, old town school of music has kids music/dance along classes and i see kids at certain restaurants pretty frequently. lots and lots of strollers!!

I live in West Ridge, also known as West Rogers Park. Lovely community with transportation, diversity and lovely parks, not far from the Lake and downtown.


The Lincoln Square neighborhood is really family friendly and the brown line "el" runs right through it -


Hi D.,

Welcome to Chicago! There are several areas were you could move. I live in Oak Park which is the first suburb west of Chicago and has to CTA trains and a metra train that run through it. Also the Eisenhower (290) runs through the south end of the town. It has wonderful public and parochial schools and great neighborhoods which plenty of SAHM.
If you want to live in the city Beverly on the south side is like being in a suburb but you are in the city. It has convenient Metra trains and a less convenient CTA route. It is close to the Dan Ryan (90/94) and the Bishop Ford (57). The school system is CPS and not as good, but there are a few alternative school (Magnet schools?). Very family friendly.
If you are interested in the North suburbs Evanston is wonderful community right on the lake front. It has a great community feel. The school system is fine as far as I know. There are Metra and CTA trains and the Edens that run through for transport to Chicago.

I am very biased toward Oak Park, but it is by no means the only place to live. If you want to know more about what is here you can read a local paper at wednesdayjournalonline.com or go to the village web stie at oak-park.us.

These communities have a very similar feel and they are very diverse. Also they had a very good housing market. I do not think that prices are dropping!

Lots of luck!

D., I lived in Wilmette for 20 years where my former husband and I raise our two children. They still talk about how much they enjoyed their childhood and have kept some of their childhood friends into adulthood. There are many homes that are walking distance to the RTA train as well as the Metra train. Most of the professionals take the Metra unless their job is closer to the RTA train tracks. And they have excellent public schools including the New Trier public high school which is nationally famous as being between #1 and 3 in the nation. If you want to send your child to private elementary school, National Louis Children's School is excellent, but the public school is also excellent. The park district (which is where most of the kids engage in outside activities) is terrific with a wide variety of choices). You can choose a home walking distance to the beach or the Park district outside pool / skating rink. Gilson Park runs along the beach and is across the magnificent B'Hai Temple (I am not a member but it is the only B'Hai that allows you to come into the sanctuary in the world). The Park District holds free concerts during the summer and many musicians who play in the orchestra also are members of the Chicago Symphony. The downtown section of Wilmette is quaint and easily accessible. I could go on and on about Wilmette - it is a wonderful bedroom community to raise your son. And you would be comfortable as a 40 year old couple.

Anywhere you move on the North Shore is expensive. They all run along the Metra trains that go downtown and there are many parents that commute to work.

Other communities along the Metra are Winnetka (even more expensive), Kennilworth (which I don't know if it would be as friendly), Glencoe and Highland Park, each one being a little further away from Chicago.

If you want to send your child to a public school I would not recommend Evanston, which is the 1st suburb north of Chicago. The other suburbs have better schools. Lots of gang activity here. Their high school is divided into academic levels but still housed in the same building.


As a Chicago native, I would strongly suggest Andersonville, Lincoln Square, Edgewater, and Ravenswoodif you want to live north. On the Southside, I would recommend Hyde Park. There are trains and/or buses that would take your husband downtown. Lincoln Park has younger couples but is still nice. Good Luck with your search.

Not to overwhelm you with yet ANOTHER response, but I currently live in Roscoe Village and absolutely love it. It is still definitely in the city, so the homes have small yards and lots, but it is a fantastic family neighborhood with tons of kids and really friendly neighbors - it doesn't feel like the city at all! But you still have the benefits of being walkable to tons of great shops and restaurants and a short drive or el ride to the loop, museums, zoo, etc. Unfortunately, we are going to be making a move soon out to the suburbs to be closer to my mom but I would highly recommend this neighborhood if you want to be in the city. And if you decide to move here, I have a great house for sale! :)

Oak Park is a vibrant, family-friendly, wonderful place to live. Oak Park has great public and private schools, lots of activities for children and is close enough to Chicago that you can hop on the commuter train or in your car and be downtown in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend it, especially if you are used to having trees, a yard, a little space and some quiet!

We are in the same boat. My husband is being relocated to Texas come August and we are in the process of selling our home here in Chicago and trying to buy in Texas. We are looking in the DWF area as that is were his job will be. This is going to take some adjusting since I have lived all my life in Chicago. All I can tell you is that it will be a big adjustment for you, life in the big city can be stressful at times. But you will never run out of things to do with he kids. If your husband is commuting downtown, you might want to look into houses in the Wicker Park area. They have a lot of new houses, lofts, condos. It's the latest up and coming neighborhood in Chicago. I hear the Lincoln Park area is very nice too. Of course, that all comes with a higher price tag. You are going to find tat you get less for your money here as far as living space goes. You get some much more in Texas from what I have seen plus a pool. Anyway, best of luck to you.

Depending on your price range for homes, La Grange, Western Springs, and Hinsdale all have excellent schools and are FULL of families in their 30's and 40's (and young 50's). La Grange is probably the most affordable of the 3 communities with a 4bd/3ba home starting around $500,00-$600,000, although you may be able to find something for less if you're up for a rehab. All three communities have cute "downtowns" along the train. The train commute to the city is about 20 minutes. Driving with minimal traffic is about 30-35 minutes.

Good luck!

Hi D.,
I am a realtor in the area & I've worked from downtown all the way out to Aurora, Plainfield area (far west suburbs.) Are looking for suburban living or city? Also, are you comfortable telling me your price range? That would help because of course different areas are different prices. I've worked with clients from out of town & if you're interested, I can send you e-mails with properties to fit your criteria so you can get a headstart now. I know a lot of people mentioned Oak Park & that is a great place to live but so are so many other places. Knowing a little more would really help to get you what you're looking for. You can call me if you like ....###-###-#### & we can chat & see what particulars you're looking for because blurting out a town is not what I do. It takes a little more than that.
By the way, my name is L. Clemente & I am a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker out of LaGrange.
I hope to hear from you! Maybe we can even get started by e-mails.
L. Clemente ###-###-####

Hello D.,

I the owner of a personal concierge company, Chocolates on MY Pillow. I think Ravenswood is a great area. I assist newcomers all the time in getting settled. If you have more questions concerning the neighborhoods or anything regarding moving to Chicago, feel free to contact me at ____@____.com Luck,

Tisha Littlejohn

We live in the Norwood Park area and we love it. We are close to downtown - driving 20-45 minutes depending on traffic or you have both city and Metra trains available. The public schools are top notch and you will also have plenty of private schools to select from. Plus this area is abundant with properties that offer huge back yards where you can add your pool!! Other areas that fit your profile are Edgebrook, and Edison Park. Local suburbs that are very family oriented and within close proximity to the city are Oak Park, Niles, and Park Ridge. I hope this helps and welcome to Chicago.

I'm not sure what your looking for in an area, but I live in Hyde Park Chicago it is about 10 mintues from downtown I live here with my husband and 3 year old daughter and we love it. Hyde Park does scare some people it scared me a little when we first moved here from little town Michigan, but now We really love it it is so culturaly diverse and it has great parks.

Housing is a bit expensive, but over all it really nice. I would recommend googling Hyde Park Chicago, but I'm afraid it may scare you off the University of Chicago is in Hyde Park so you get a lot of different types of people.

Another couple nice ares but again are really expensive to live is Lakeview on the northside still really close to downtown and Lincoln Park which is pretty much downtown. These are also to great places to live. Their is a book you should get I believe it is called Chicago moms it tells alot about Chicago and things for you and your baby to do.

Good luck with your move, and I really think you are going to like Chicago other than the winters it gets pretty cold here.

feel free to contact me if you would like more info ____@____.com

full time working mom of 3 year old daughter married going on 8years.

Hi D.!

I'm from Houston originally and currently live in Evanston. I LOVE it here! Very kid, family friendly, tons of programs through the city park district and community t-ball, soccer, etc. We're the home of Northwestern University so it has all a college town has to offer, great restaurants, shopping, culture. Plus we're on both the Metra commuter rail and CTA El lines so getting to the city is a breeze. It takes my husband 40 minutes door to door to get to work downtown on the Metra and he gets a good walk in on each end and reads the paper, checks email, etc.

Good luck and welcome to the beauty and wonder of four real seasons!


another vote for Edison Park or Norwood park. Big yards, clost to blue line CTA for an easy downtown commute, VERY family friendly. Great neighbors. True Chicago!

Hi D.-

I live in Park Ridge - about 20 min to downtown. The metra and cta trains are both very close and schools are great. Beautiful community however homes are a bit expensive. It is a mix of younger families and older.

Best of Luck, S.

Hi D. -

Welcome! I'm another mom who thinks the Northwest Side (Norwood Park, Jefferson Park, Edison Park, etc.) is a great option to consider. It's a really nice area with great public schools. Also, I'm a 40-something mom of a little one (19 months), so I can attest that there is at least one set of parents in their 40s up here! :) Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Try Oak Park!
Oak Park is the first suburb west of the city, so we're about 10 miles from the center of Chicago ["the Loop"]. Our village is serviced by both the local subway system [called "the L" in Chicago; the Blue and Green lines both make stops in Oak Park] as well as the high-speed passenger trains [Metra]. The village has a very urban, sophisticated feel, is very family friendly and is racially diverse. Parents tend to be more mature [didn't want to call myself "old"!], probably because it can be pricey. The schools are excellent. Good luck with the move... you will LOVE Chicago!

There are lots of really great Chicago neighborhoods. Check out this link for info on them.


They all have a different feel - different class of people, different demographics. It all depends on what you want!

Lincoln Park - upper class, yuppies, clean and pretty, near the lake

Lincoln Square - one of the best neighborhoods for kids, good community, mid-upper class

Bucktown/Wicker Park - (where I live) - retains a bit of attitude; under some gentrification. Right now a good mix of ages and income levels and races (which I hope we can retain). lots of kids. completely walkable and close to downtown.

Roscoe Village - similar to lincoln park area, just smaller and more relaxed

South Loop - 'newer' hip area to move to, starting to be more residential and family-oriented, but isn't as walkable as some other neighborhoods

West Loop - similar feel to South Loop, but west instead of south and lower density

Beverly/Hyde Park/Ravenswood/Albany Park .. there are so many! Good luck with your hunting!

I know you've got tons of responses but I just wanted to say that I am from TX too and I absolutely love it here (after two years: one "easy" winter and one more "normal" a.k.a. ridiculously cold and long one! but I made it and you will too)... and I wanted to give yet another vote for Oak Park. We absolutely love it. Good luck and feel free to get in touch with any questions. --Steph

Hi D.:

I live in Riverside, which is about 10 miles west of the city. It's a "train town", so many people commute via train (easier than traffic!!) I've lived here my whole life (I'm 41 now). The public schools are great here. It's a suburb, but close enough to the city that we are always downtown. It's extremely family friendly!!

Good luck!

Welcome to Chicago. It is the greatest city in the world ( though winter is a challenge). I live on the south side of Chicago in South Shore- Jackson Park Highlands. I have lived in South SHore most of my life and love it. I recently moved into the Jackson Park Highlands area, and it has been great. Lot's of families, 10 minutes from down town, minutes from the lake, golf courses, the beach, etc. The south side gets a bad rap, but there are great areas through out the south side, just like there are through out the rest of the city. I also love Hyde Park, the south loop, and Lincoln park. Beverly is nice, but being more than 15 minutes from down town or the lake is too far for me :).

Good luck on your journey.


The biggest question is are you going to rent or purchase a home. Secondly, how much money do you want to spend on a home.
Third, how much money and time do you want to spend on the commute from wherever you choose to live and the downtown area of Chicago.

From there you can begin to look at neighborhoods and home sizes.

Check out the metra lines website to see how much the current commuter fares are.
Also check out the CTA website to see what "L" trains serve these areas as well.
The CTA, for example, serves Oak Park, as mentioned in one of the responses, and some of the North Shore suburbs...
A big determinant of where you move would be schools I imagine, as well as other people you know and/or family...and ethnicities. Some places are more diverse than others, and some places are less diverse.
Typically, living close to the lake is more expensive.
And, the lake does moderate weather considerably.
Typically if you live within one mile of the lake, summer temperatures can be moderated by the cooler lake breezes... at times a lot, on the order of 20 degrees or so, but not if there is a strong western or southern wind. The reverse can hold true in the winter, when temperatures can be warmer near the lake, again depending on wind. And finally, the lake front can also have more snow and rain than other parts of the area.
Finally,expressway commutes can be beastly and time consuming. Chicago is one of the worst commute time cities in the country. If you're commuting a distance of 15 miles from a suburb to the city core, figure on spending an hour or so. and if you go further out, figure on more time. plus city parking rates are outrageous, and the city is in the process of selling it's parking meters and garages to independent companies so the costs will only increase.
Also eating lunch and snacks in the loop is really expensive, fast food lunches will cost between $5 and $10 and aren't all that healthy either. Starbucks tall coffees are $1.65 and up, so the little treat amenities can start to add up.
Finally, gasoline in the Chicago area is one of the highest in the nation, regular is currently going for $3.80 plus in the suburbs and is at $4.00 and above in the city.

Of course on the plus side we have the lake which pretty much assures a plentiful water supply, at least for now. And being in the center of the country does allow for air travel to be more convenient, with more connections and more direct flights from two airports.

If you like getting to nature, then also figure spending at least an hour getting away from the city.

Take a look at Google Maps and you will see that Chicago and the surrounding areas are humongous.

Finally, a bit of advice about suburbs. Oak Park is sort of landlocked between a poorer section of Chicago and other suburbs.
For better or worse, the history of Chicago is that the more "upscale" suburbs have been located along the north lakeshore, and to some degree have spread out a bit west of the lake as well.
Small towns that used to be removed from the city have become part of the exurbia and there are actually people who commute 50 plus miles each day one way. Commute times, one way, are in the two hour range. And these small towns now have residents that commute to other small towns, sometimes at distances of 50 plus miles also, so at rush hour you have people going in all directions simultaneously.
Rush hour begins at 5:30 or 6 AM and lasts through 9:30 to 10AM, and then begins in earnest at 3:30 PM and lasts through 7PM or later...
If you like driving, the best time is early Sunday morning, when the Freeways are, well, actually free.

Finally, while Chicago has museums, they too have become expensive (figure on spending at least $100 for a family of 4) and theatre (it's possible to get tickets for $20 a seat, but unlikely), movies are now about $10 a ticket.

Choose where you live not for the glitz, but for the home feel that you prefer, and figure in the costs of getting around, and while we're on energy, electricity and natural gas need to be considered as well. Older homes are heating hogs in the winter and it's easy to spend $1500 to $2000 or more heating a 1800 square foot home.

Welcome to the Chicago!

R. Katz

We live on the Northwest side of Chicago in Jefferson Park. It is a safe area and the schools are great. Your husband could commute using the "L" - Blue Line or the Metra Train. My husband drives to work on the southwest side where he works as a principal. The neighborhood is mixed with older people and young people with kids. We are close to several suburbs- and stores such as Walmart, Costco. Norwood Park and Edison Park are also great Chicago neighborhoods to raise kids. They are close to Jefferson Park. There is a great wealth of info on Wikipedia about all of the Chicago neighborhoods.

Hi D.- I recommend Hyde Park. It's completely family friendly and it provides a great assortment of school options both public and private- including the Lab School which is rated as one of the top schools in the country. The neighborhood attracts both interesting and educated people mainly because it's home to the University of Chicago. The parents that I have met are all super involved and informed. It's also where Barack Obama and his family live! HP offers access to a lot of parks, it's on Lake Michigan, and it's where the Museum of Science and Industry is- a great place for kids & adults. The Metra train can take you downtown in minutes but there are plenty of restaurants, shops and book stores, etc. to find in the neighborhood too. Finally, the University of Chicago's Children's Hospital is one of the best and it's right here. My husband and I moved here before having kids by pure luck and now, I wouldn't live anywhere else in the city.

Good luck!

I also live on the Northwwest side of Chicago & love it!

We lived in the Roscoe Village neighborhood (North side) and loved it!!! Our son had a ton of friends and we had the most wonderful neighbors. We are also in our 40s with little ones and had an incredible experience living there. It's a great location with a wonderful neighborhood feel. Welcome to Chicago! I am sure you will love it. It's a fantastic place to live.

Hi D. J

Chicago is a great place to live. There are a few very family freindly places I suggest. (1) St.Bens area (2) Roscoe village (3) Lincoln Square (4) Ravenswood gardens area. I myself live in ST. Bens area and its loaded with 40 something parents, me included. There are good schools ( Alexander Graham Bell, ST. Bens, Lane Tech, DeVry, Gordon Tech. There are parks and we are close to Cubs park and the lakefront. Chicago Is a very freindly place, Im sure youll love it. If you need more suggestions, send me a note.

G. c

I have lived in Chicago my whole life and know the Lincoln Square is definately all about family, but a bit north. Right now I live in Ukranian Village, which is surrounded by Chicago Ave and August and going from California to about Ashland. You can take the Chicago bus downtown in less than 20 minutes. It is super quiet, super friendly and just very homey. I say if you are looking into suburbs, than Oak Park is amazing. My favorite toy store is there. Good luck!

D.- Hi--I moved from Michigan last year and was worried because I did not know a soul. One other person mentioned Park Ridge and that is where I live and love it. She was right about the expense..Chicago and surrounding cities are a bit of a sticker shock but well worth it. Everything is in walking distance (I turned in my car last year and love it!!) and the schools are incredible. We are in the Washington elementary school district which is across the street, the middle school is on the corner and the high school is only .5 miles.

I know of a great Realtor and have many other connections in the community, so if you need any help at all please let me know.


Lincoln Square is a wonderful family friendly neighborhood. Good school, close to trains, diverse parents community, shops and restaurants all in walking distance.

Hi D.,
You're going to love Chicago.

We live in Beverly (south side). We chose the area because it is very family friendly, has a "suburban" feel to it and it very accessible to getting downtown (driving or train).

Its a great place to live and raise children!

I think you should look at Wilmette, IL. although it is hard to say since I do not know your budget. The suburbs on the shore (north of Chicago) are very nice, but you DO get more house if you go further west into the north suburbs like Glen View. Either area is an easy commute and VERY family friendly.
There are also people who love the northwest and west, though. Consider ALL your options.

D., we live in Lincoln Square, a neighborhood of Chicago, and my husband and I both grew up in suburbs of Chicago - he in Elmhurst and and myself in Palatine. We would never trade the city for either one. Our son is 2 and we have one on the way. Our block has 17 children on it under the age of 9, 7 of which are 4 or under!! It is amazing. Good luck.

The Jefferson Park area is a great place to live as well...
There is a moms group you can also join in this area and there are some great moms and kids to hang out with also.... Jeff Park is not far at all from downtown... You can take the train or driving distance is only about 15 min...
Its a great area to live in.

I just moved to Elmhurst and love it! tons of kids and families! the park district is amazing! and its right off the expressway that will take you anywhere you want to go! Good luck! and welcome to chicago!

We live in Oak Park and we love it. It is the first suburb outside of Chicago so it is so close to the city. I can get downtown Chicago in less than 10 minutes and my husband takes the "el" downtown. It is a town filled with hundreds of beautiful homes-victorians and bungalows, tree lined streets and fantastic parks. The schools are excellent, the people are diverse, and it has a real community feel to it. It is less than four miles by four miles so you can get around easily and quickly. It has tons to offer so come check it out. Welcome to Chicago.

We moved here from Omaha. At the suggestion of my cousin, who has raised two sons here, we investigated and ultimately chose Roscoe Village. It's a very family-oriented neighborhood, with two of the best public elementary schools (Bell and Audubon) in the city. On our block alone, there are six or seven families with kids in the 3-6 age range (our son is 5), so he has a ton of playmates, and we all keep a collective eye on the kids when they're playing together. Plus, there are great restaurants and shops on Roscoe Avenue between Damen and Western. I used to work in the Loop, and I took the train, since I prefer not to drive and park downtown - but it's an easy commute either way.

Hopefully you will not be turned off right away when I tell you I am an OU alum:) We moved to Oak Park and are thrilled with the community. My husband is 68 and I am 43 and we have two 3 year olds. Oak Park is the first town west of the city. We are about 15 minutes from downtown and close to both the blue and the green lines for the CTA trains and also have the metra train heading into downtown. Oak Park is a very open community and has families of all shapes sizes colors etc. There is a great mom's mail group that gets together once a month for "women who wine" and there are tons of things for the kids. Brookfield Zoo is fifteen minutes away and the schools are fantastic. We live on a block with 30 kids, 10 of which are under the age of 3. We have block parties twice a year and close the street off for Halloween. It is a fabulous community and I would encourage you to check it out. Any q's feel free to email me back.
A little about me:
full time teacher and small business owner - mother of two beautiful adopted chldren and wife of the worlds most terrific dad

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