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Legally Required Vaccines for Child to Attend School

I'm in a dilemma. I've read a very compelling source, "Vaccination is not Immunization" that makes a whole lot of sense. I am moving toward not vaccinating my second child, except what would be legally required for public school attendance. My first son had all the vaccines, but my second (the one in question) seems to be more sickly, and I suspect he'd be a risky candidate especially with some of the vaccines' side affects. Can anyone tell me what the law requires? Thanks so much!

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print out the waiver from from the link above. it is 2-sided from. print both sides on one sheet. leave the front empty, sign at the back. submit with other paperwork to school. i did that with both private Montessori and public in Redondo Beach. none questioned it, just asked me where i got the form : ) - they only give one-sided verstion that makes you feel like you have to vaccinate.
Good Luck

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Good morning S., you are so right, My kids are all in their 20's and the shots they got, are so few compared to what they are given kids today, think about the commercials, every other commercial is about some disease and medication that we never heard of before, all with side affects. every year they come out with new shots for kids, it's crazy, I say get them what they need for school, even in my daycare with licensing all these shots are not required, just what I call the old school shots. In my daughter's heath any students who got a TB test done or the Garnacil shot got extra credit, they did the shots right there at the college, I'm glad my daughter called me, because I told her no about the Garnacil shot, taking a TB test was fine. One more thing. Autisium is children is linked to Immunization's, their not born with it, in didn't know this, but my son and daughter in law worked with autsitic children, and in their training this is what was taught. I agree with you 100 percent. J. L.

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In order to attend public school a child must have on file either their shot record, kept up to date or they can also have a waiver that the school has or you can get from the health department. It must be signed and in the child's school file and that takes the place of the shot record. I have worked in both the medical field, we are used to seeing the waivers and in the education field. School offices are supposed to have the waivers in the office and provide them if a parent asks.

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Vaccines are mandated, not mandatory. I LOVE that book, and Dr. O'Shea pointed that out as well. You do not have to give ANY of them to your child. I chased his sources down like he suggests and I've seen him speak in person. I cringe every time I hear a parent to set on vaccinating that they aren't even open to the other side.

The side effects are only small if you consider things like encephalitis, seizures and possible death as being small! This DOES come straight from the PDR and I have spoken to one mother who even waited until her child was older (age 16) who then chose to vaccinate and her son died. I think I'd rather risk measles and treat it with antibiotics than risk losing my son or having him turn in to a vegetable. There are currently close to 2000 lawsuits pending against the FDA and vaccine manufacturers, but those are never shared ... and those are only the ones who have come forward.

All you need to do is sign an exemption form. That's it! Just like they can't not let a student in who doesn't speak English or who wears a head covering for their religious beliefs... your child can't be denied for not being vaccinated.

Congrats on your choice and remain strong. Feel free to email if you ever need some support. You'll get some very nasty people who feel just as strongly the other way.

If you are interested in supporting your son's immune system... check out the benefits of Immuplex by standard process and probiotics. I have my son on both of these... he's 18 months NOT one ear infection and only ONE minor cold which he kicked after one day.

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print out the waiver from from the link above. it is 2-sided from. print both sides on one sheet. leave the front empty, sign at the back. submit with other paperwork to school. i did that with both private Montessori and public in Redondo Beach. none questioned it, just asked me where i got the form : ) - they only give one-sided verstion that makes you feel like you have to vaccinate.
Good Luck

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Hi S.,

Good thing questioning anything and everything about vaccines. If you have a sickly child, the last thing you should be doing is vaccinating them as that is a good chance that the vaccines that they already received caused or contributed to the problem and YES you have a choice of three different reasons to sign in the state of CA: philosophical, medical, religion.

Does your child have frequent ear infections, fevers, eczema? Have there ever been any high pitched screams within two days of any vaccinations? Diarrhea? Rashes? These are all symptoms of vaccine injury and the immune system having problems dealing with it. On top of this, did you ever use Tylenol before, during, after vaccinations? The immune system and glutathione production gets put on hold for two days if so. This makes a vaccine must more suptible of passing the blood/brain barrier and injury to the brain can happen, such as autism and seizures.

Please make sure YOU have done the research on vaccinations for YOUR child. The AAP recommended schedule of shots for children is too many, too soon. Here are sites and books that I always recommend for people to start their research:

www.tacanow.org (go to Medical and see the whole section on vaccines and studies)

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders, by Dr. Kenneth Bock

The Vaccine Book, by Dr. Robert Sears

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Childhood Vaccinations, by Dr. Stephanie Cave

Evidence of Harm, by David Kirby

BTW - don't let the doctor's office or the school bully you into thinking you are doing something wrong or say to you "why do you want your child to die" or he can't come to school unless he has his shots". I have another soap box here I want to stand on but won't at this time. You are doing what you think is best for your child at this time. Stand tough.

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Some states do require vaccinations. Luckily, California is not one of them. You do NOT have to vaccinate your child at all or you can pick and choose which vaccines you'd like for your child. You can sign a waiver for public and private schools. No one can force you to vaccinate.

They do have side effects, so it is important for you to weigh the pros and cons. There are ways to help your child recover from some of the damage that they can cause, should you decide to vaccinate. Dr. Feder is an MD homeopath in Los Angeles who frequently lectures one ways to minimize the damage. She does well baby visits etc. Chiropratic also helps.

Here's her website:

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Hello, I am a stay at home mom with a boy who is just entering kindergarden. I had him get all vaccinations and he was a sickly child (as you say yours is) and the dr's didn't seem to think that was of any concern. I didn'tknow what I know now.

As far as the school - children are required to take certain vaccinations before kinder and they are very strict about it - and it is very hard to get around this requirement. However, since your son is a "sickly" child and if you decide to vaccinate him. Make sure - he isn't sick when the dr's give him the vaccinations and only do one at a time stay clear of the cocktails/more than one at a time. I know it hurts to see needles go into their skin and see them cry and not be able to help them understand why you are letting these people do this. My son has regressive autism. After the MMR at age 2 1/2 he started regressing and at 3 he was fully regressed.
I don't know if it was the immunizations but what a coincidence.??? He was one of the kids who got the cocktail immunizations - dr's thought it would be great for him... If you do decide to get him immunized do them as seperately as possible and make sure he isn't ill - not even a runny nose. Some immunizations could be given at 5 but dr's want to give it to them at the earliest possible... get very familiar with what you are letting them put inside your kid. Ask allot of questions - do the research before letting your kid be immunized.

Why is your kid sickly? Mine has life-threatening allergies and other ailements, skin and such...

Hope this helps. Best to you. It is surely a scary time - when not even the dr's know if the immunizations are to much for our kids....

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You are a very smart mom!!!! Don't do it! Vaccines are not legally required to attend school, at least not in CA. They strongly encourage them, but they are not required by law. There are plenty of reasons you can sign the exemption, and "personal beliefs" are one of them I believe. Fully vaccinated our first son, who ended up with some "sprinkling" of autism, in that he had some signs but not enough to warrant a full blown diagnosis. We have worked long and hard to recover him and get the overload of heavy metals out of his system and fortunately have been successful. Not something I wish on anyone and we had it easy with him as he only had very few signs and was never distinguishable in public. Second son only vaccinated until 6 mos and he developed severe eczema and food allergies that lead to eczema. LUCKILY we stopped at 6 mos with him and he is fine neurologically. Third son, one year old, not vaccinated at all and the healthiest baby ever. Happy, content, no issues whatsoever. TOTALLY the best route to go in my opinion. You can ALWAYS vaccinate later if you are so inclined. No reason to vaccinate before 2 years old. If your son is somewhat sickly already and has immune issues, I WOULD NOT allow any shots to enter his body. Heal his immune system!! Good luck and I commend you on doing your homework. Wish I had 7 years ago instead of allowing my oldest to "take the bullet" for his younger brothers.

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you're silly to not vaccinate. why not? fears something could go wrong. its such a ridiculous percentage of kids who have side effects. lets weight the options. vaccinate with very very tiny side effects or potentially die of a completely preventable disease? hummmmm, seems like a pretty simple choice. or lets see, you could do like the person down in carmel valley who chose to travel abroad with kids who wern't vaccinated, have them bring measles back to their schools and get lots of kids sick (who also wern't vaccinated). hummmmmm, again, pretty simple choice.
sorry to be harsh. i am a scientist who was really torn, but then the thought occurred to me that what if my kid got terribly sick or died from some disease I could have prevented. choice became simple.

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My older daughter starts kindergarten next month, and maybe I should find out if there are any kids in her class who aren't vaccinated. I also have 5 month old twins who were preemies and I certainly don't want them getting something beause a kid in my daughter's class didn't get vaccinated. My daughter got all of her vaccinations on schedule, and the twins are also getting them on schedule. Some people will give them to preemies age-adjusted, but that gives them more chance to get the diseases.

Interesting what Jennie V. said:

"Schools should maintain an up-to-date list of pupils with exemptions, so they can be excluded quickly if an outbreak occurs..."

So you ARE worried that your children might be exposed to some potentially harmful diseases? Gosh, I just hope they have the lists correct and up-to-date. Seems like all of those kids should then be in the same class, play on a separate playground, and eat in a separate area to lessen the chance of exposure. God-forbid an unvaccinated child touches the same monkey bars that a child exposed to measles touched...but didn't get sick because they were vaccinated.

Just interesting to think about, and yes, I would be very angry if someone were to get my twins sick (or worse, as another poster pointed out) because they hadn't yet reached the point for a certain vaccination. It is an avoidable thing, yet many diseases are on the rise and will continue to put those with compromised immune systems (and people don't have a choice about THAT) at risk. Think of the long-ranging impact it could have. Thank goodness we didn't expose my dad to something on our recent visit. He's dealing with his latest bout of cancer and definitely has a compromised immune system.

To each his own, but when it impacts others, it's not really to each his own, is it?

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