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Large Rash on Body

Hello moms! i have been having problems with a rash for almost a week. It looks like poison ivy but it does not act like it. there is no weeping and i have not been in contact with anything that could have given it to me. It started on my arms around my armpits. then it was on the backs of my legs, behind my knees. now it is spreading down the rest of my arms and legs. It itches like crazy!!!!!!!!!! i have tried to put poison ivy creams and stuff on it but nothing helps. i cannot go to a doctor b/c of no insurance. my hubby has been talking about going to the hospital on Monday if it continues. I DON'T WANT TO GO!!!!!! please help! Thanks in advance!

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Have you recently changed detergent or fabric softener? Sounds like it could be an allergic reaction. Try to use cortizone cream on the effected areas 2 or 3 times a day. Also, aveeno has several products that help.

If you have ever had the chicken pox, you might be getting shingles. You will need to go to the doctor of some medication. I hope you feel better soon!

When I was young, I developed a rash like that. Behind my knee's, on the inside of my arms (where my elbows are) and it spread and got bigger and bigger - my dad finally took me to a dermatologist and said it was an allergic reaction.

Are you eating something new? New lotion? New perfume? New detergent?

We pinpointed mine to be a new detergent my mom had been using./ We had to rewash ALL of my clothes and linens and my rash started getting better and better, until it cleared up.

Aveeno works wonders too.
I even use it on my kids. My 7mo old DD just had a rash on her leg last week and I used the aveeno wash and then the aveeno lotion and it cleared it up!


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I think you might need something over the counter for allergies.I could be something you ate or drank.Don't wait too long before going to the hospital.If you have to go don't worry about the bill there are things that can not be helped or put off and this might be one of those times.We will all have bills but your health is not something to put off.Most hospitals will work something with you in order to pay your bill.If you need to make money to pay that bill please check my website at www.irenecandles.candlebizfromhome.com

Please let me know how it works out for you.


I would definitely go to a clinic and get it checked out. Without more detail, it sounds a lot like numular (sp) eczema, with can strike in adulthood. I use baby oh baby oil on the areas. Since it has not perfumes or additives, it is very soothing. I also had to switch to unscented laundry soaps, and bath gels without sodium laurel sulfate (target has them). It's pretty much under control at this point, just flares up if I'm under too much stress or overdo alcohol or caffeine.


Try calling one of the Ask a Nurse phone lines provided by hospitals. They can't diagnose you, but they may be able to give you a direction for what to do.

Have you changed detergents recently? Soaps? Shampoos? Maybe it's a reaction to one of those. Those sound like the sensitive areas that would be susceptible to break out due to clothing rubbing. Any new clothes with excessive dyes in them that were worn before being washed? If it keeps up, you really do need to get it looked at! You may want to inquire about Fifths Disease? (rash... not a "disease" per say.)

Try an old fashioned oatmeal bath... warm water and dump Quaker Oats in. It helped my daughter's itching from hives more than anything else.

Blessings and I hope you feel better soon,

Maybe it's eczema; I've had it off and on since childhood. It's largely hereditary (but not always) and can be triggered by an allergy, and also by stress. I've also had it when I could not pinpoint the cause. My husband gets it under his arms, too. My youngest son gets it all over (mostly on his back).
If it is eczema, moisturize your skin frequently (we use Eucerin cream), and apply hydrocortisone cream for the itch.
I hope you're feeling better soon. Go to a walk-in clinic if possible.

Since it's under your arms and behind your knees it sounds like it could be a heat rash. Make sure you keep yourself as dry as possible in those areas. I burned my forehead with my curling iron a few months ago and developed a rash from that. I was told by a pharmacist to put aloe vera on it. You might try that if nothing else works for you. God bless!

I would like to advise you to go to a Pro-Med Clinic. When I didn't have insurance I would go there and be seen and it was around 60 bucks. If you go to the hospital you will wait for around 2 hours or more because its not an emergency and they will charge you closer to 100 bucks or more. They have pro-med clinics all over town. You shouldn't have to wait very long.

If you have ever had the chicken pox, you might be getting shingles. You will need to go to the doctor of some medication. I hope you feel better soon!

It could be hives. My daughter who is not allergic to strawberries - ate a ton of strawberries a few years ago and got hives from them. She could not wear clothes. We went to a demotologist and he gave us some prescription allergy meds. We bought tons of anti itch lotion and she soaked in an almost cool bath tub with aveeno anti itch stuff for the bath tub. Any thing hot seemed to make it worse. good luck. ( I have heard eating alot of tomatoes will also cause this)

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