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Jumperoo vs Exersaucer ??

Jumperoo's are new since I had my daughter almost 6 years ago. Are they similar enough to exersaucers that you could use one vs the other? And if so, which one is better? Or is it helpful to have both?
It's amazing how much new "gear" has come out over the past 6 years!
Thank you!

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Thank you for such great advice!! In asking around, I found out my sister in law has an exersaucer still from her 2 little ones that she is going to give us. I think we may still get a jumperoo, but wait to use it until he is age appropriate. Thank you again!!

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Hi K.,

As a person who had the exersaucer first and then decided to buy a jumperoo used, I think you get sooo much more use out of the exersuacer. My son stayed a lot more busy in it. Just my 2 cents.

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exersacuer gets my vote. I've had both, and it depends on which have the toys that you think you child will play with the most, but I'd go with exersaucer. Just my personal opinion.

the exersauser is good for them when they're just starting to support themselves sitting up and standing. the jumperoo is definitely for when they're a bit older and want to jump! i had both and i really recommend both if you can, but you really won't need either for quite a few months afterwords.

My Name is K. and my Children are 15 and 18 and in my day my peditrian siad that to put a infant in a " Jolly Jumper" which is ecuivalant to a Jumperoo, to early before they are walking can have lasting effect on the delevlopemnt of thier legs and hips. Also walkers or anything ther alike always be careful if you have stairs or a step.They need to be gated off. Walkers and such have the most injuries do to tipping.

My triplets are 4 1/2 and had two Jumperoos. I loved those things! I never had an exersaucer for any of my 5 kids. I just bought one for my granddaughter for Christmas. They're totally "apples and oranges". They each offer they're own thing. Exersaucers can rotate with toys all around. Jumperoos are one sided with less toys but the jumping is great addictive fun. I think if a person can afford both to do so. (used if possible) If not, I guess I'd lean towards the exersaucer since there's more to do on it.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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My son is 2 1/2 and an only child, so as a first time Mom I registered for so many things. But I have to say, we had both the Jumperoo and the exersaucer and they were completely different, but my son liked both alot. Some of them may be similar, but his jumperoo was really just for him to jump a little, whereas the exersaucer could spin around and have lots of fun things for him to play with. If you can get both, then I think your baby will like them, but if I only had to pick one...I would've gone with the exersaucer. I think he got more use out of it.

we bought our son a jumperoo the one we got him spin round and everything he loves it we bought it for christmas and he still gets in it everyday at least once a day. he is now 5 months old and can reach the floor no problems at all.

Honestly, I think it depends on the baby. Our little girl who was born last May is an active one. She craves stimulation and activity, so we have both. The Evenflo ABC exersaucer is sort of a jumper too in that it has springs so they can jump, but not as much as an actual jumperoo. We have the Evenflo in the family room and a Fisher Price horse jumperoo in her bedroom, so it's not overcrowded. Good luck!

Congrats on your new little one.

Stuff sure has changed since my older ones were born. My littlest 7 months oldest soon to be 8.
we have the jumperoo and she loves it and so do I. I think that having both is too much but that is just me. they both do the same thing basically. But I never used mine for the kids to eat in.

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