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Is There a Bedroom Fan to Fit with Bunk Beds?

Hi, Moms! Our 2 daughters share a small bedroom. We just got them bunkbeds, and now the ceiling fan doesn't fit with the room. The blades come out to perhaps and inch or two past the top bed railing. So, we can no longer put the fan on, for fear of it hitting our daughter. Has anyone had this problem? What did you do? Is there a fan on the market with safety blades, or shorter ones for use in this kind of situation?

Thanks for your help!

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Look at Lowe's, they have a ton of ceiling fans, and what they don't carry, you can special order. I remember seeing ones that were short and wide, which might work better for you.
Another possibility... it won't look quite as nice, but you could move the fan over, it won't be centered, but it won't be dangerous anymore.
Good luck!

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We are faced with the same problem in my girls' room. I have resorted to a floor fan for them, because I don't think I'd ever be comfortable with the fan so close to her head! They do make ceiling fans in all different sizes. I know we have a relatively small one in our bedroom that we got at Home Depot. I think you'll probably have to replace the whole fan, not just the blades. Good Luck!

There are ceiling fans that have shorter blades. There isn't a "safety blade" to my knowledge, but there was a company that was experimenting with a foam type blade a few years back, but I don't think it made it into production. You can get a 30" blade span. Call Pat at Marshall Electric Supply and tell her J. referred you (you'll get 50% off), my husband is co-owner, their # is ###-###-#### and they are in Rogers Park (Chicago). There are several catalogs to look at and they have a few on display and in-stock. Fans do not take as long as fixtures when ordering out of a catalog. (about 2 weeks (unless a holiday week) Good luck and contact me with any questions, as I have been in the lighting industry myself for nearly 20 years (that's how I met my husband!). That being said I DO NOT recommend buying a fan from a home improvement store, if you need replacement parts or have issues with noise or wobbleing, the store will tell you to contact the manufacturer, whereas an electrical suppy company can usually diagnose the problem on the spot, and will save you money.


In my kitchen I have a white ceiling fan by Hunter with shorter blades that we got at Menards or Home Depot. Even with shorter blades you might consider if your kids can reach the blades from the bed. They may stick out their hand and get hurt. Ikea has some cute "chandeliers" that would be fun in a kids room and safer too.

When our children shared a room and had their beds bunked we ran into the same problem. Definitely something we hadn't thought about until after we put the beds together.

We ended up removing our fan/light fixture and replacing it with a regular ceiling light. The room was SO small that a fan to circulate air was really not necessary. We figured IF we needed air, we would use a window fan.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

I think you should also consider the safety. My aunt removed her fan because she was concerned her son would sit up in the middle of the night and get hit by it. Make sure it is far enough to ensure they can get down and sit up while its going. Want to keep em safe right? By the way, I don't allow jump ropes in any room with a ceiling fan. Another safety precaution- even if they don't jump, kids can find things to do with jump ropes that have to be monitored.

I know that Hampton Bay has one with half-sized blades, as there is one in my kitchen that the prior owners put in. I would look online for their web site and see what they have. I would also consider putting some sort of bedrail/guard on that side of the bunk bed too, until they get a little older, so that they don't make a game of tossing toys into it from atop the bed...my five-year-old would probably think of something like that, so I thought I'd mention it. hehe.


Assuming there is appropriate clearance for your needs, we put in a "low profile" ceiling fan in one of our smaller bedrooms. The blades are smaller and shorter than a traditional ceiling fans and the base is shorter hanging from the ceiling. Thanks.

Hello! I am a handy-gal and love to fix and work on our house with my husband, so I know a little bit about handi-work. First measure the fan to see how big it is (52", etc) and then measure a few inches back where you would feel comfortable putting the fan on. You can go to the store and see what they have for the new size (current size minus the number of inches back you would feel comfortable). Also, make sure the fan is a dual-mount or flush mount capable - what it means is that the mount/hardware will sit flush with the ceiling which will give more vertical clearance. Some fans have small blades but are made so they can circulate air in a large room. Once you have your measurements, I would go to a hardware store to the ceiling fan department and talk to someone about your requirements and they will help you pick the right one for you. Hope the info helps!

Look at Lowe's, they have a ton of ceiling fans, and what they don't carry, you can special order. I remember seeing ones that were short and wide, which might work better for you.
Another possibility... it won't look quite as nice, but you could move the fan over, it won't be centered, but it won't be dangerous anymore.
Good luck!

Remove the fan completely. Once the little oned figure how to turn it on, they're in trouble.

they do sell short blade fans (menards, home depot, etc.) and they are geared for kids rooms (primary colors); they also have very good floor fans now that stand about 3-4 feet tall, are narrow, come in a variety of colors and require no installation which may be a better option.

We're about to make the switch ourselves and will probably go with the floor fan option since they could still throw things into the blades, try to jump for them, etc. I've got boys though (identical twin boys and what one doesn't think of the other will) - girls may not be so excited to see something splat against a wall!

If the bedroom has windows on two different walls, you could also try a fan in each window--one to blow hot air out, and the other to bring cool air in. If that's not feasible (due to pollution, etc), someone did patent ceiling fan cages/guards, so I'm sure they are available somewhere.

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