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Is the Dyson Vacuum Worth the Money????

We have a new dog that sheds and need a new vacuum. Is the Dyson animal really worth the expense, or would a less expensive vacuum work just as well?

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Thanks ladies for all your responses. I think I will make the investment in the Dyson! I just have to convince hubby;)

***Also, many of you mentioned using the BB&B coupons, but I noticed it excludes Dyson is the small print on the coupon. Were you still able to use it? Thanks again!!!

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Love it and they sent me a replacement part 2 years later at no charge! Great company and product...

I LOVE my Dyson and I think it is worth every penny! Just take better care of it than I do. Filter, etc.. because I know it could work better if I kept up better with maintenance.

You will love the Dyson!!! It's definetly worth the $$.

It's just amazing how much it cleans up. I have had many vaccums over the years & none come close to the Dyson.

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We have 2 golden retrievers so I definatley know dog hair! We have had our Dyson Animal for 5 yrs and adore it! I would only go with their brand!

I've had a regular one for about 3 years now, and I love it. It works great with pet hair. the only difference between the pet and regular are the attachments. Also, I believe it is on sale this week at Meijers, so check it out. YOu may also be able to find a coupon online for one. I would recommend it, it is durable and very easy to maintain. I clean mine out about every two months and it still looks brand new and works awesome. I love not having to buy belts and bags for it too!

I LOVE my Dyson and definately think it is worth the money. We have 3 kids and 1 big hairy Golden Retriever and it's amazing how much "stuff" it gets out of the carpet. We have had other bagged and bagless vacuums and all of them have broken because they were unable to handle the dog hair so the money I have spent on the other vacuums and their repair-my Dyson paid for itself. It is definately worth the money.

I love my Dyson and wouldn't trade it for the world! I would highly recommend it...so worth the money.

We have two dogs and have a Dyson Animal Vac and I wouldn't trade it for anything. We have gone through Dirt Devils, Eureka Vacs and countless others - by far I am happiest with my Dyson.


YES! The Dyson vacuum is AWESOME! In the 7 years I have been married, we have had 3 vacuums total, and the Dyson has lasted the longest. It is by far superior to the other two I had (hoover was junk, and I can't remember what the other one was)and cleans up very well after our dog - who is a black & white lab/springer spaniel/other mix. She sheds a LOT, and the Dyson helps. We also have 2 kids that make big messes.

You can usually get a good price @ Kohl's w/ one of their frequent coupons (esp if you wind up with a 30%-er!) or check Costco too, if you have a membership.


I have owned a Kirby and an Oreck and now have a Dyson pet vac . They are gods answer to pet owners. I used my Oreck first and went over the floor 2 times. Then I vacumed with my Dyson and couldn't beleive how much hair came up. I would highly recomend this vac.

I LOVE my Dyson and I think it is worth every penny! Just take better care of it than I do. Filter, etc.. because I know it could work better if I kept up better with maintenance.

We have the Dyson animal and I think it was a big waste of money to be honest. It does a good job; I haven't had any complaints with it. I just don't think it vacuums significantly better to justify the money. For what it costs, I expected to be "WOWED" by it and wasn't at all. After all, it's just a vacuum. Save your money and get the one #1 rated on consumer reports.

I bought my husband a Dyson 3-4 years ago and it's still going strong and I would spend the money again in a heartbeat. He loves it. I love it. My parents also bought one and are very happy with the purchase (and before this I could never imagine them spending $500 on a vacuum!).
Good luck.

TOTALLY 100% worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

Great for pet hair, I see you have a dog. Bagless is so much easier and you can see when it needs changing, leaving you a healthier/less junked up and prone to die vaccuum. I got the one with the ball which I love because it maneuvers AROUND the furniture, so no need to pick the vaccuum up! Great for pregnant women! LOL. And it was only 50 bucks more..that was over 5 years ago and no problems to this day!

YES!! It it HANDS DOWN the best vacuum I have every had and well worth the money!

it is absolutely worth the money! I have a shedding machine German Shepherd and a 2 year old little girl. It tackles the task with no problem. Like someone else mentioned when we first bought the Dyson I went over the carpets with my old vacuum and then again with the Dyson. It was disgusting how much stuff came out of "clean" carpet.

I have a regular Dyson, so not sure about the animal, but my regualr dyson works great with the pet hair. I say it is absolutely worth the money. I did have a bissell before and it was not as good, in my opinion.
Have fun with your new pup!

I was in the market for a vacuum for dog hair not too long ago as well. I went to Home Depot and talked with an employee in the vacuum/carpet dept. He said that Dyson was almost too good. That sometimes the suction is so good that it tears up the carpet! He talked me into a different brand that came with a pet hair attachment that I am happy with. I don't remember which one it is but it was about half the cost of the dyson.

I also love my Dyson! And quite a few of the girls I work with have one and also love it. If you go to Bed, Bath & Beyond, you can use your 20% off coupons that you get all the time. Or, I bought mine on ebay and found someone that offered free shipping...so it was cheaper than the store, and no shipping. You can't go wrong with the Dyson!

Hi K.,
I wanted one as well and when I went to United Vacuum in West Bloomfield, I mentioned to the people I was looking for one and they said it's not as great as it's cracked up to be. They told me if I have pets to stick with my Sanitaire. They demonstrated the two for me and showed me how the Dyson's suction is not as strong against the carpet as the Dyson. I would give them a call and they could explain to you further. Good luck!

I LOVE MY DYSON vaccum! It is definitely worth the money. I have had mine for 6 years and it still works great. The best two things about it are: no bags, and the attachments are on the vacuum.

Although the up front cost may be highter than others, in the long run you will save.

It really picks up the things you see and don't see.

I think Dyson should pay me for this advertisement. haha

I have a Dyson and I love it. It sucks really strongly...always, it's hearty and easy to use. I have had MANY vacuums over the years, Hoover, Bissell, etc and they all fall apart after a few years. Replacing belts, lightbulbs, wheels, bags, beater bars...what a pain. I have had my Dyson for 3 years and it still works as well as the day I got it!

You will love the Dyson!!! It's definetly worth the $$.

It's just amazing how much it cleans up. I have had many vaccums over the years & none come close to the Dyson.

I had a German Shepherd and a Great Dane. The Shep. really sheds and the Dyson is worth every penny. I vacuumed with my old vac before I picked up my Dyson Animal (love the attachments for the furniture), came home and vacuumed again, I had the whole bin full of hair from just 2 rooms! We're getting a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy in a few weeks and I'm sure it will be to the challenge :)

~C. H

I will be honest; no it is not worth it. It is really hard to admit that I spent way too much on a vacuum that I was positive would be great. All family and friends with a Dyson claim they love theirs, though they have older models. I have the Dyson Animal Ball model. I purchased it at Christmas last year and I was so excited. My vacuum before that was a hoover rewind animal vac that cost $120. I would have been smarter to keep that. The Dyson works a little better than the old vac but no where near the capabilities I thought a $550 vacuum should be. I love the ball style it is so easy to go under and around things but the suction is dismal. I keep thinking maybe there is a block somewhere in it but there isn't. It has been like this since the first time I turned it on. I thought maybe I forgot to take a piece of cardboard or packing off of it. But there is no mistake on my part it is just a less than average vacuum. Right now I saw an add in the paper for a dyson animal roller ball vac wih a free hand held dyson vac ($130 value.)

Consumer Report says there is a Sears brand vac for $450 that is fantastic. Look into that.

Okay and now that I have read everyone elses responses I am going to call Dyson because mine is terrible. Maybe something is wrong with mine. Though consumer report said it wasn't good either. But I'm going to look into it. It is so bad that I vacuum a rug and then take that same rug outside and shake it and stuff just pours off of the rug.

It seems the Dyson only sucks up good in the very middle of the path. It is very disappointing. I will never admit this to my husband.

Totally worth the money.

Love my Dyson and it's well worth the money!!! My husband had to convince me to buy it, I didn't want to spend the money but now with 2 cats we couldn't live without it:)

I love my Dyson, It works so well.
My sister in law bought one and she loves how it cleans the pet hair of her dark green carpet, she said she finally feels that it's clean. I bought mine on sale at Kohl's when I had a 30% off coupon.

I would say definatley yes, we have 2 goldens and went thru a vaccuum a year with them and bought our dyson 5 years ago we got the dyson animal I love it we have only had to replace the hepa filter once and that was because I did not realize they are washable they work wonderful, also I can reccomend the zorb beads as well it pulls the odor right out of the carpet, but test it first to make sure it does not bleach out the carpet. Good luck we just moved to gaylord and I am so glad we did I love it so far and can't wait to get to meet more people a little about me I am a paper addict, I scrap, card make, create and love crafts I also sell and hold weekly classes on scrapping, card making and other fun things. I sell stampin up as a way to support my hobby. And love the extra income it makes me.

YES! YES! YES! I have the yellow upright, not the animal, and can't be happier with it. I have a great dane who is 7 years and it has been tremendous at keeping up with his hair. I don't think that you could go wrong putting your money into one of these vacuums. I have seen other vacuums on consumer report that were better or comparable but from first hand experience I wouldn't trade my Dyson for anything.

I do not have the animal version but we do have a dog and even the regular one does a great job. Given, our old one was a bag vacuum that was about 10 years old so I can't comment on other newer brands but I love the Dyson.

we have a dalmation who sheds all the time!! i like our dyson, it is the purple one for pets, it works great on carpet and hardwood. shop around if it is cheaper at one store go to another sometimes they match the price plus a certain % off.

Buy the Dyson!! You will be amazed and disgusted with what comes out of your carpet every couple of days. I have 2 dogs and it helps tremendously!

NO!! It is not rated very high with Consumer Reports. The #1 Vacuum is the Kenmore Progressive Upright with Inteli-Clean System. The bagged vacuum is rated #1. I just bought it and it is fabulous. We decided to go back to a bag because it doesn't release anything back into the air when emptying/changing it. It also has the Hepa Filters and with an asthmatic daughter - it is the best for her. It is also rated very well when it comes to pet hair. It runs about $260 so it is cheaper than the Dyson. Go to a Sears and try it out. Good Luck!!

Yes!! Well worth it!! I never regret my decision to get one - in fact - it makes me want to vacuum all the time!! LOVE IT.

I don't have the Dyson animal; I have the regular Dyson which I was given by a Kirby representative when my credit didn't check out to be able to purchase a Kirby. I like my Dyson okay; I have 2 kids (2 and 3.5) and 2 cats .... the one thing I don't like is it clogs a lot ... I know the Kirby is more expensive, but it is a much better product and has like 7 different functions (including a shampooer) which trust me will come in handy with a puppy; I've grown up in a house with cats and dogs and my parents went out and spent 400 dollars on a shampooer in addition to the 250 dollar vacuum they had and replaced every 4 years. Good luck and enjoy your puppy!

Hi K.!
I got my Dyson a few years ago and I will NEVER get anything other than that again! It is sooo worth the money! I have a dog too-along with a daycare-I use it Every day-sometimes a couple times a day! I was worried about the price too-but it is worth every penny!

I totally would get the Dyson. We have the Purple Animal Dyson and it is great at getting up pet hair. It is by far the best vacuum I've ever owned. Great at vacuuming the sofa also :0)
Not sure about the other poster and the tearing up the carpet... I've never had that happen, but maybe if you have a 70's shag carpet the suction might be to much for it...
Go get the Dyson for sure!! Make sure you get a dreat deal. If you see it cheaper somewhere else bring your ad in and most places like best buy will give you the cheaper price and an extra 10% off. We were able to use a Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon at Best Buy on our Dyson!!!!!
Good Luck!!!
J. in Macomb :)

Hi K.,
I also have Dyson that I am very happy with. We went through 3 different vacuums before our Dyson and it is definetly worth the money. We have never had a problem with it ruining carpet.

Love it and they sent me a replacement part 2 years later at no charge! Great company and product...

I have a dyson 14, not the animal version and love it. definately worth the $$$. You'll be suprised how much dirt is in your house after the first few times you use it!!!

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