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Infant Outgrowing Baby Car Seat??

This may sound sort of silly, but I really am not sure what my options are. My almost 8-month old son is on the verge (literally) of outgrowing his infant car seat, both length-wise and weight-wise. What are my options for the "next size up"? I don't want to buy yet another one when he becomes a toddler, and so on. Can anyone recommend a good car seat that will work for a 20 lb. baby all the way up to when he is a toddler?

Also, if you are in the Watertown area, anyone know of any good places to shop for these things? We have a serious lack of baby equipment around here!

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Thanks SO much to everyone for their advice and help...I knew I came to the right place!! I looked at the Britax and really liked it; unfortunately that amount of money is not at all in our budget right now. So, I took some others' advice and went with the Cosco Scenera...it's a convertible car seat that goes up to 30 (I think?) lbs. rear-facing and then turns forward up to 40 lbs.

So it will last us a little longer...once we finally figured out how to install it my son loved it! He seems much happier and more comfortable in this one.

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I went BJ brought convertable that grow with child
3 in 1 Infant,toddler to 80lbs....only $77.00 dollar at other stores nearly $300.00

I took my daughter out of her infant car seat at 3 months and put her into a Britax it goes up to 65 lbs.

The Britax Roundabout ($200) the evenflo Triumph (which I use , $120) and the cosco Alpha omega (I used for my now 6 yr old, $160) are the three highest rated in safety. I would not recommend using a used carseat like one that can be found on freecycle or ebay unless it is new in a sealed box. you won't know if that seat was previously in an accident or any defects in it. There are a ton of sites online that you can get these seats from.

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A few months ago I went through the same exact problem. My son was literally busting out of his infact car seat. I ended up going to a store called Buy Buy Baby and bought a new carseat from Britax (I believe its called the boulvard) its one of those seats that grows with your child. The weight goes up to 65 pounds. Which then once he outgrows that, then he will just go into a car booster seat.

As expensive as they are, we have to spend the money on them. I was dreading it months ago when I had to spend the 300 on it. But if you read most child safety books, its normal and very common for parents to go through at least two car seats with their children.

I don't live in your area but can recommend a great seat. By the time my little guy was 6 months he had outgrown the infant seat both weight wise and length wise. I bought the Britax Roundabout, top rated seat by consumer reports. It is in the rear facing position and can be till the child weighs 33 pounds. Then turn around at 1 year and you have your toddler seat. I have the same seat for my 18 month old. Very comfy and safe. Around here they sell for a little over 200.00. Great investment in my opinion!

Good luck.

Hi if money isn't an option I've heard very good things about the Britex brand of car seats. They can hold a baby rearfacing for longer (pound wise.) Rear facing is the safest, even after they hit a year. I don't think anywhere in Watertown sells them, I know that Babies-r-us in Syracuse sells them, and you could always buy one off the internet. If you go to babiesrus.com they have a bunch of seat and they will tell you more info on them. However if you don't want to pay a lot then wal-mart has a cosco seat (http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4083774) its only $40 and can sit a baby rear facing up to 35lbs. Whatever you get dont got one that has the bar that comes down in the front, the 5 point seats are much safer. Go to some websites (babiesrus, walmart, kmart, target, amazon) and look at diffrent convertable seats to see what would work well with your budget and would fit in your car. Then you can google the seat and see how they are rated safty wise. But I think the Britex brand is the best, but they are pricey. We'll probably get the cosco one when we need a bigger seat, a girl I talk to online is registered in carseat safty and said its the best you can get for that cheap. Hope that helps.

Are you from Watertown originaly?

Hi A.,

I understand your dilema and can offer one suggestion for finding a carseat and that is www.freecycle.com if you register you can literally obtain many children's items for free. Good luck and happy Parenting!!


It looks like everyone has recommended Britax so far. If a Britax is not within your budget, I recommend the Century 1500 STE. It was recommended by the NTSB and it only costs $60!


I cnat remember the name.. but i think its cosco.. (i just gave mine away) it goes from infant to toddlar to high back booster.. they do have thme when i remember the name ill let you know.

the britax, i forget if the roundabout or the marathon lasts longer, one has a considerably higher weight limit... dont buy it yet, there is a website where we got ours and saved a lot of money, i will post it as soon as dh gets home and lets me know what it is.


I have this car seat, it is from Cosco, it is the Alpha Omega Elite, it works all the way from infant to 100lbs, it turns into a backless booster seat. It is great! My daughter likes it, it seems really comfy..we love it too as parents. It is a bit tricky to 1st get in your car right and adjust it, but once you do it a few times you get used to it (we have taken ours out a few times).

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