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Ideas on Gifts for Daycare Workers

I want to get my daughter's daycare workers something as a 'thank you' for taking such good care of my girl. The only problem is that there are at least 10+ people to buy for and I don't want to spend a fortune! Any ideas on gifts I can get the people who take care of my daughter all day while I work??

I'm not crafty at all, so something that we would make together for them is not an option. I want it to be easy and simple. And I would like for it to be something they could actually use. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much!!

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WOW......what GREAT ideas you guys have. I was hoping that there would be some daycare employees pitching in ideas....since they know first hand what is needed/liked the most. I especially liked Amanda P's 'Thanks a Latte', Dina H's candy poem, and Kerry L's 'Hugs and Kisses' idea. I plan to use them all in the future! ; ) Thanks everyone so much for taking the time to help me with ideas. And hand written notes will definitely be added to the gifts.

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This is easy...especially if they are all women. Go get some coffee mugs (as low as .50 ea at Walmart and Garden Ridge) and fill with a variety of things.....chocolates, small lotions/bath fizzes (Ulta), flavored tea bags, individual serve hot cocoa, granola bars, etc... Wrap in a clear cello with a lovely bow made of Tulle (also cheap and lovely)

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Once a parent brought me a coffee mug filled with candy and a $5 giftcard to Starbucks and the card read, "Thanks a Latte!" - I just thought that was too cute!

Bring in doughnuts, kolaches, etc (or lunch, or a cake, you get the idea) for the whole gang and leave a sweet note with it. Food is always a nice treat.

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My favorites were:
a CD (places like the dollar store often have cd greeting cards)

gift cards (starbucks or a local FF place for $5.)

A handwritten note. :)

S., daycare worker for several years, now mom to five!

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I owned a daycare for 4 1/2 years and have received tons of items, but one of my favorite was a candy basket with a teachers poem. The nice thing about this is its realtively inexpensive because you can make a bunch of baskets with a few bags of candy. I did this for our student council reps at my sons school last year and they loved it! Here's the copy of the poem. You can edit it to suit your candy choices.
Thank you, teachers!
You are all Sweet Tarts for everything you teach our children.
You deserve 100 Grand every PayDay.
We know sometimes our kids act like Air Heads and Nerds or like they’re from somewhere beyond the Milky Way. (Us parents, too!)
You bring such Almond Joy when you teach about the Whatchamacallit and ignore their Whoppers.
It must be hard to contain your Snickers when those little Sugar Babies tell you Mounds of stories.
Sometimes it must seem that all you do is Skor papers.
Most days you probably want to make like Baby Ruth and just run home.
Thanks teachers! You are the Riesen our kids are Smarties instead of Dum Dums.
You are LifeSavers.
With Hugs and Kisses!

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When I use to work in day care, one of the nicest gifts you could get was hand lotion. We washed our hands HUNDREDS of times each day (it was also timed, so we aren't talking just getting them wet) and it was with anti-bacterial soap on top of that. Not to mention we washed the hands of the little ones before and after each diaper change. The first couple months I worked there, my hands were so chapped, my fingers would crack and bleed between them without constant lotion!!

HAND LOTION was the best and we couldn't keep it around long enough! If you want to put a special touch on it, make it some nice feminine lotion (sale racks at BBand Beyond) or something and put a ribbon around it.

The gals are going to understand that you can't afford a bunch of money, Heck, daycare is expensive enough!! It's the thought that counts.

No money for all that lotion?? Get some card stock and poster paints and make homemade cards with your little one's hand and foot prints on them. We love special made stuff for us that we get to keep!!

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As a teacher-turned-SAHM, I can tell you that I didn't like little knick-knacks nor lotions, bath sets, and candles (people's taste in scents is VERY different). What I really enjoyed were hand-written notes from parents to show me their appreciation. I also really liked framed pics of their little ones (esp. ones taken with me on the first day of school, or some other momentous day).

Is this some special occasion, or just a random thank you? At Christmas time you are going to want to give them something, so if this is a thank you, I would bake a large batch of brownies or cookies or something. It says thank you to EVERYONE without spending a whole lot, and it's something they'll enjoy. A lot of people might advise you to go to the dollar store or something like that because "it's the thought that counts" but really, don't waste your money. I would say bake bake bake and bring them a set of plates and napkins to use while eating your goodies! And a note of appreciation to tell them just why you are doing it. That would be an awesome gift to this former teacher!

As a side note, one of the things that I really liked was getting gift cards (book stores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.) from my students. It can get expensive, so that would be something that you could do for a main teacher. With 10+, you can't do that!!!

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Hi S.:

I'm not creative at all either! But my sister goes and buys the girls Starbucks or Smoothies about once a month or so. There are two girls that take care of the room the twins are in...but she purchases for the whole daycare center so no one is left out.
I know you said you wanted to get them something they can use...but my sister says they are all so appreciative when she brings them a little something.
The cutest thing I got was a notepad with a Reeses logo on the cover, a KING sized Reeses and a Reeses pen. I constantly have to have a pen and notepad close by, so this was perfect for me...and the KING sized Reeses didn't hurt either!
I'm anxious to see other ideas as your post gets answered.


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How thoughtful of u! I would check out www.etsy.com they have the cutest crafts etc. etc. and such an assortment. Everyone please check out if you haven't already.

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When I was a preschool teacher at a montessori I received all kinds of creative gifts. We got everything from coffee cups filled with candy to handmade picture frames and pins. We also got a lot of gifts that were "one for all" sort of things like big boxes of cookies or candies. I'm sure whatever you do for the teachers, they will love the thoughtfulness of you getting them something :)

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Once a parent brought me a coffee mug filled with candy and a $5 giftcard to Starbucks and the card read, "Thanks a Latte!" - I just thought that was too cute!

Bring in doughnuts, kolaches, etc (or lunch, or a cake, you get the idea) for the whole gang and leave a sweet note with it. Food is always a nice treat.

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Some of my favorite things that I received from my kids in my class that I've hung onto are a cactus in a terra cotta pot and she decorated it with her handprints and painted it, a recipe book with the families favorite recipes in it and blank pages to add my own, a scrapbook from the class where every kid did a page, and of course food and coffee! Our parents used to do a sign up sheet to have one family bring us lunch each month (there were 2 of us) and it was either homemade or they would bring us a menu from a restraunt that they would be around. Just remember that whatever you do, make it a little extra special for your daughter's teachers that are with her most of the day. It's nice to appreciate the people behind the scenes also, but it was always a bummer to see the office people having lunch from my parents and we got nothing (not trying to be ungrateful for what I did get, just remember who is on the forefront everyday). And teachers don't get paid alot, preschool teachers even less so a gas card or HEB or Wal-Mart, if you can afford it, would probably help alot! It's nice of you think of them.

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