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How to Transition to Whole Milk?

I am seeking advice on when and how to switch my now one-year old to whole milk? I know I can ask my doctor but I'd rather have advice from moms who have done it already! He is exactly one year old today! I don't know if you have to mix the two (formula & milk) or just go straight to whole milk. I need all the advice I can get. He still drinks from a bottle, but I've started putting formula in a sippy cup a couple of times throughout the day.

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I had the easiest time transitioning my son to whole milk. The day his pediatrician gave the go ahead to switch from formula to milk, I went home and hid all of his bottles (never used them again) and introduced milk with the sippy cup. He handled it VERY well. Never made a fuss about the milk or the bottle. He was a little hesitant at first about the milk, so we would put a very small amount of either chocolate or strawberry syrup to flavor it to his liking. In no time he would drink his milk with no syrup.
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My daughter was on goat's milk and I tried switching her to whole milk and she was allergic to it.I just switched her straight to whole milk.

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Hello, D. here, I have a 6 year old and you need to just put him on "whole" milk, no need to mix it.....plus "if" he even notices, he can give up the bottle & tell him now that he's a BIG BOY now, he has to use a sippy cup, my daughter preferred it and she even thought it was cool drinking what I was drinking and was so proud, I also have just the one child, I hope that helps, you don't need anymore formula or bottles, just give him the milk, and you don't even need to tell him......hope that helps....
D. Groves, Tx

Just watch for reactions. Give a full dose of regular milk (milk tastes better than formula so kids usually go for it right away). Do that for a few days.

Be sure to do this when the kids are healthy and not sick. You want to watch for excessive gas, mucus or constipation. If you see any of these signs your child may not be able to digest the milk well. If thats the case try rice or soy milk, its still cheaper than formula.

My oldest was lactose intolerant. He was on Soy formula until he was three. We didn't make it full strength like for an infant. When he was three we tried milk again and slowly mixed it in with the formula. By then though he didn't drink as much maybe 1 or 2 glasses a day or just in cereal so it wasn't a big deal. He still isn't a big dairy fan and doesn't eat much cheese, yougurt or milk. I think thats ok as long as you are sure to give vitamins. I found these great kid vitamins that are gummy bears and the kids love taking them every day.

I also suggest taking the bottle completely away by 18 months at the latest. My youngest had some issues with the bottle and we finally just packed them all up and gave them away. We got one of those non-spill sippy cups that you sorta have to suck on to get it to let the contents out and he took that to bed, during the day he got a regular sippy cup. After a few months all the special sippy cups got "broken" and were regular cups too.

Good luck.


I hope that your transition is as easy as the experiences the other moms shared. My boys transitioned very well, but my daughter did not. If your Jody is like she is, I would like to offer my advice.

My daughter put up a huge protest at age 1 when I tried to give her cow's milk - mostly because I was weaning her from the breast so I could get pregnant again. She had drank from a sippy cup for 6 months with no problem, but when she realized I was trying to make her change, she put up a huge fight.

Other moms suggested giving her flavored milk - chocolate or strawberry. (That is the last thing a 12 month old baby needs, so I wouldn't advise it.) I finally just cut her off cold turkey. She didn't drink a sip of anything for three days. I was worried about her health and gave her lots of moist foods and dairy products to compensate. After three days she gave up the fight and didn't give me any more trouble. No adverse affects. Just be strong.

Best of luck,

What worked for my kids is to put 1/2 and 1/2 (or 1/4 3/4 if they wouldn't drink it) mixed until they got used to that and then 3/4, 1/4 until they got used to that and then all milk. At this point I also did the sippy cup only at the 1/2 and 1/2 stage they will drink it if that is all that is offered, and they don't really need the sucking sensation any more at this point.

my daughter went from breast to formula to eventually cows milk by 9 months, but i mixed organic milk with water 3/4 milk 1/4 filtered water, i would not suggest not buying regular milk that has added hormones, horizon is good

When my son was about 10 months old, my mother and my husband's grandmother told me to get him off the bottle and off formula, you know how older moms can be when it comes to their grandchildren and great grandchildren (they know it ALL). SO I gave Riley a little bottle of whole milk and he got the FUNNIEST look on his face. So I warmed it up like I did his bottles with formula and he took it no problem. So the next day I did the same thing. He took it no problem. I also was told that you need to give your child vitamins when you start whole milk because they don't get all the nutritin (spelling might be wrong on that) they need like they get from the formula. So, that is how I did it. I just gave it to him. Amd with the bottle weening, I gave him a bottle in the morning and at night, but during the day I gave him a sippy sup still with more milk. Then after he could control the cup a little better I took the bottle completely away. Just a little advice from a young mother. Hope that you have as easy of a time as I did. Good luck!

Hi I had this same situation but both of my kids were on soy milk formula...i switched to the 2% milk first for a couple of weeks, and when I was confident that they were doing ok with it i moved to whole milk, my husband is mildly lactose intollerant and can only drink 2% so that is what we all drink now...but dont mix the formula and the milk together the milk now is for a drink when they are one they are not drinking the milk to get full...babyfood should do this trick...well good luck and hope you get it all figured out

Just go straight to it, it won't be a big deal to him unless you make it one, meaning, don't offer a choice, just do it.

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