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How Soon Do You Start Brushing a Baby's Teeth?

My son is almost 9 months old and has two bottom teeth--do I brush them now? And if so, what do I use? I noticed "baby" toothpaste and toobrushes before...any suggestions? His teeth look really good right now, but (of all things), he has bad breath in the morning...Thanks!

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We are brushing! Thanks everyone! I bought the "baby" toothpaste, toothbrush, and the rubber "finger brush" for the gums. He had a blast playing with the toothbrush after dinner tonight. As for his breath, he is just getting over being sick, and I only noticed it yesterday morning...perhaps it is from his cold. He goes in for his 9-month check next week, so I will see then. Thank you!

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I waited until my son was 1 before I started brushing his teeth. I used to wipe his mouth with a warm wash cloth several times a day and first thing in the morning to keep his mouth clean and fresh.

I have 11 month old twins and we've been "brushing" since about 9 months. I simply give them a toothbrush (no paste) and let them chew on it afer each meal.

I thought it would be a good way to introduce them to brushing their teeth and create a good habit.

They love it!!

My daughter started brushing her own at about 16 to 17 months. She would stand on a stool at the sink and we would put winnie the pooh toothpaste on it and she would brush them herself. Every once in a while we would take the brush and kind of brush it back and forth for her but we want her to be little miss independent because we had her at an older age so we let her hand most of it most of the time. The dentist said that as long as she was getting the paste in her mouth, she was doing fine at this age.

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The finger toothbrush and baby toothpaste (comes with the finger toothbrush) work great for the teeth and gums and feels good to the little teethers. And has no flouride so is safe to swallow. My 7 month old has 2 teeth and I brush hers and started to as soon as they came in. I also do the gums. She likes it! Good luck!

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Hi B.,

We started brushing the kids teeth as soon as they got them. We started with the baby toothpaste and the finger brush. It felt good to the kids, so they didn't mind us doing it. Then, the transition to a "real" tooth brush was no big deal. We used training toothpaste (no flouride) until they were old enough to understand they had to spit it out without swallowing it (around 4 years old, give or take).

Good luck!!

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I have 11 month old twins and we've been "brushing" since about 9 months. I simply give them a toothbrush (no paste) and let them chew on it afer each meal.

I thought it would be a good way to introduce them to brushing their teeth and create a good habit.

They love it!!

I have a 18 month baby boy, and the dentist told me that as soon as they get the first teeth you should start cleaning them. I used a wet wash cloth, until he got on to brushing. I always go to the bathroon with my 7 year old and wee really make a deal out of teeth brushing. Walmart has little 'stubby' toothbrushes with characters on them and also Oragel has a tooth cleansing tube. Now, for him, we use the training toothpaste. He loves the idea of brushing his teeth! However, he too, has bad breath in the morning sometimes, probably the milk, if he has had any through the night. Best of luck! Make it fun, and he will catch on!

Yes use the baby toothpaste! It's great and teaches them. It's a good habit to stick in with his bedtime routine. I always let my kids watch me and then they do theirs after my "turn" is over.

Hey I hope this helps I work for a pediatric dentist... They have finger toothbrushes that you can use and if not that use a wet baby wash cloth and clean not only the teeth but his gums. Milk and juice have a lot of sugar and can effect the teeth that have not come in yet so its good to try to do it after they eat or drink. I don't think you need to use toothpaste right now but if you do make sure it is the little bear toothpaste or something that has no Fluoride in it. I hope that helps

Orajel makes a great little soft toothbrush/toothpaste combo that you put on your finger and add the toothpaste on it and just rub it on their teeth and gums. The toothbrush is all soft plastic and has little bitty soft bristles. I have used it with both of my kids and it seems to clean their teeth well and they both loved it. (My 10 month old giggles through the entire process)It also gets them used to having their teeth "brushed".

Hi. My name is T.. I was a dental assistant for 3 years. My answer is: you start brushing as soon as there is a tooth to prevent plaque build-up and decay. I suggest a small, soft toothbrush. You can find these at Wal-Mart that are perfect for little ones. Also, I would use a toothpaste designed for children learning to brush that is safe to be swallowed. There are some toothpastes that look like they are for children, but if you read the directions, it will tell you it can't be swallowed. So, read the labels and find a toothpaste for little ones that is safe just incase some is swallowed because at first all children swallow some of it. There is no way around that. Brush at least twice a day - morning and night. Never put your child to bed with a bottle or a sippy cup of milk or juice. It should only be water if they MUST have something. The reason for this is because the sugar and acids from the juice and other drinks sits on the teeth over night and can cause decay which leads to "baby-bottle syndrome". This is just the name given to the badly decayed front teeth of small children due to going to sleep with their cup or bottle in their mouth. It is not pretty. The child usually ends up with a mouth full of silver caps if this happens, which doesn't make a pretty smile. So, this is my advice to you and I hope it helped you and wasn't too lengthy.

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