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How Often Do You Bathe 2 Year Old Toddler?

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Mine started to hate the tub about 6 months ago. Before that we bathed 5-7 times per week. Now, since its an ordeal, we only wash her hair 1-2 times a week and wash her body three times a week. I use wipes to keep her buns fresh between baths.

I bath my three years old son almost everyday since he was born. Most of the time, I just let him play with water in the tub. I only use soap when it's needed, because his skin dry up so fast. He loves it too and also it's his quiet down time before his bedtime, especially he's being in preschool all day.

I do a bath every night after dinner b/c my little ones are messy! Depending on the activities of the day, though, I'll scrub harder some days than others. Also, I have a shampoo/conditioner that I only use once/week. The other days, I just rinse their hair w/the soapy water they're in. Hope this helps!

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wow, I guess just to give a different perspective- my 2 year old son gets bathed once to twice a week or if he's really dirty. This winter has been especially hard (really dry). Both my kids have really dry skin and sometimes I don't want to put them in that often. I'm not saying I don't clean them, I just don't let them sit in the tub. Last month they helped "wash dishes" at my parents house for an hour and their hands were so bad I almost couldn't touch them. I also can't' use regualar lotion on them as the alcohol burns their skin, so just putting lotion on after a bath won't work.

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My kids are under 2 (15 months) but I bathe them nightly. Not always because they are "dirty" but more because its part of our evening routine. If we are out or we have a babysitter for the evening I don't worry at all if they miss a night here or there. Like I said, I mostly do it because its part of their routine. I think, typically, children (toddlers) need to be bathed 3 or 4 times a week.

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Everyday. I'd heard the advice not to bathe everyday b/c of dry skin, but my daughter has a knack for getting her hair dirty (with food), so we started doing it daily, and it's part of her bedtime routine. As for the dry skin, that's why I go to Costco and buy bulk Aveno lotion - we all use it after our baths/showers b/c we get dry skin whether we bathe or not.

4-5 times a week depending on the activities of the day.

Wow. A lot of people do every other day. We do every day. Our daughter is 21 months old. She loves baths and it is part of her routine. When she is two I think we will stick with this especially since she will start preschool and probably get dirty. She gets pretty dirty playing around at my sisters everyday now! Like others said, I don't really WASH her every day. I let her play in the water and scrub her face/rinse her body. Every other day I do her hair. Good luck. :-)

we have always done about twice a week, my son has eczema and it usually hurts more than it helps if we do more often. actually since birth our ped. told us you shouldn't bathe babies daily, but that's a whole other can of worms. lately (he's three now, and potty trained) when he has an accident or wakes up with a damp pullup i will toss him in a bath, but i still only use soap and shampoo twice a week.

once maybe twice a week. Unless a child likes getting a bath, which mine doesn't, and she doesn't find it relaxing so we certainly aren't doing it before bed, I don't think they need a bath all that often. she gets her bottom washed every day or more often depending on situation.

Depends on how messy they get =). My son is 4 but that doesn't matter. I still hold by what happens that day. If you are worried about their skin condition, use Aveno baby lotion. It is much better for their skin than baby oil or Johnsons & Johnson's. It is more expensive but worth the money. I tried the cheap J&J on my son and it wound up irritating both my hands and his skin. I hope that helps.

We often do every other day but there are times we do two or three nights in a row and other times when we skip two nights. It just depends on how dirty she is, if she gets food in her hair, etc. The same goes for my five month old son...we do every other day for him but often once a day because he'll poop through his diaper!

Every night. Not really with soap and scrubbing, mostly to calm down and have some fun time with Daddy. I scrub him (Daddy is not so good at getting crevices on a wiggly boy) about twice each week.

Wow, I feel a lot better reading these responses. I try to bathe my daughter every night but, some evenings it's just not possible and I would feel guilty. Like it wasn't good hygiene. Now I feel if I happen to miss a bath, it's okay. Thanks all you moms for taking the pressure off. Especially, right now that it's cold out she doesn't do much to get dirty, she is mainly indoors, and she is not a messy eater. =)

I have always bathed my three once a day at night before bed

Our pediatrician agreed that once or twice per week is fine unless they are getting into something dirty. My son has eczema and it doesn't matter what we use to bath him, it breaks out. So, we wash very infrequently and then follow with hydrocortizone cream and lotion.

about every other day in the witner. summer usually evey day.
depends how rough or dirty she is.

well 2 yr olds r messy i know i have one of my own my goodness well i think 1 day a bath the next day no bath that is what i do unless really dirty then give them emergency bath :)

From about 1 week old on, every night. I just wanted to have a routine down. You don't have to wash hair every night if it doesn't need it. The only time we don't do bath time is if we go out to eat & it's late getting home. Then it gets skipped.

Twice a week unless he gets dirty on a day in between baths. While I liked the idea of the warm, cozy bedtime routine that having a bath conjures up, I subscribe to the beliefs that so much washing isn't good for the skin and wastes a lot of water. I also didn't want my child to grow dependent on the bath as a cue to wind-down for bed. We sit in the glider and read books and that winds him down pretty well.

99% of the time we did every other day unless he got really dirty in between or if he went swimming and we had to get the chlorine off. Sometimes we went 3 days if we were busy and got home late.

By the time my oldest was two he was getting baths every other day. Unless he had a particularly messy day!

Although here they say to bath only 2 times a week....we do so every night as part of bedtime routine.
We have a special baby oil for bathtub ( just a drop every time) and I use soap free wash gel. And I also use a lot of body lotion on him to give him a bedtime massage. He is almost 16 months and had no skin problem so far. He loves bath time...plays a lot..brush his teeth..and sleeps like an angel.

Mine started to hate the tub about 6 months ago. Before that we bathed 5-7 times per week. Now, since its an ordeal, we only wash her hair 1-2 times a week and wash her body three times a week. I use wipes to keep her buns fresh between baths.

I bathe my daughter every other day, she is not too fond of bathtime.... She used to love it, but, now she hears me say "bathy" and she literally runs.. lol... Im very happy to see that Im not the only one who doesnt bathe my baby everyday!!

Every other day. If she gets particularly dirty any given day she'll get a bath that day, but otherwise every other day.

Daily. Evening. Sometimes every other night.
My son does not like taking a bath though... so, we have LOTS of water toys for him, and he is allowed to take anything in the tub with him that is waterproof or can get wet.
Then he will stay in there for a long time! LOL

we were told NOT to bath everyday. to do so every 3 cuz of dry skin, especially in the winter. however, if they are playing in the sand box or are pooping in their diaper i wouldn't wait.

Depends upon the kid and the day.
Regular inside days - every other day or so.
Outside getting dirty days - every day.

I do a bath every night after dinner b/c my little ones are messy! Depending on the activities of the day, though, I'll scrub harder some days than others. Also, I have a shampoo/conditioner that I only use once/week. The other days, I just rinse their hair w/the soapy water they're in. Hope this helps!

Generally every other night. 4 nights a week in the summer and 3 in the winter. Bathes never calmed my children down so I never used it as a bedtime routine.

You wash them when they get dirty. I had one time when my toddler had diarrhea and I had to hose him off very time he did a number because I had to leave the diaper off (it was summer) and let him run naked to help clear up the massive diaper rash he had. He also liked to play in mud, sand, and roll in the grass. My boys were so much dirtier than my daughter. I say clean when necessary.

It is entirely your choice as a parent how often you would prefer to. As a mother of 2 boys and as an experienced Toddler Caregiver,
I would suggest as much as needed. The toddlers in my care would have a routine that would need them to be bathed daily. We had outside play and they would spend a lot of time in and around dirt, mud, and chalk. I would highly suggest that you take this into consideration also: children exposed to various elements in and outside of the home, how many children will your child be playing with. The more children they are exposed to, the possibility of germs being spread is greater.
Blessings, the L. family ;-)

We bathe our son just about every other night. Sometimes we skip a couple of days. It depends on how dirty he is. In the winter, the water dries out your skin so much, and they aren't outside getting as dirty. If I felt he needed it, I would do it more often. I also see it as an effort to conserve water too. We have a smaller tub that we use- he hardly ever gets the entire tub. Just trying to do our part.

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I am a child carer and always give the kids a bath everyday sometimes more if he had diarrhea, vomited, got food in his hair, etc. I would also do this for a newborn once their cord has fallen off. I think it is important to give them a bath at least once in the evening as this calms them and gets them ready for bed. Usually I give them a bath and a massage with lotion. Growing up my mum gave us a bath twice a day after breakfast and before bed time because children sweat a lot when they sleep and this can cause their head to itch.

Bathing every day does not cause skin to become dry unless you don't moisturize. It also gets the child into a routine and prepares them adulthood where personal hygiene is very important.

I started out with my daughter as a ritual to bathe her every night. However, I had a blotch on my leg and went to the dermatologist and he told me we are not suppose to bathe every day. He made comments that everyone feels they need to bathe daily and it is not necessary. In my shock and surprise, he said if I really thought that was what I needed to do, then get in and get out quickly.

Well, I do just that. I get in shower up and get out and the blotch is gone. I am not sure why I didn't get this thing sooner, but it is gone.

So, I bathe my daughter who is now 4, every other day.

BTW, I chose this doctor because of his background and certificate in dermatology. He was rather old and crotchety, but I guess he knew what he was talking about.

I bathed mine once or twice a week unless they got really dirty.

I wash my 2 y/o boy every other day or so. He suffers from excema so sometimes we skip two days if he's not too smelly! LOL!

At least every other night.

every night...part of the night time routine & to relax. Scrub & wash hair every other day

like most of the other replies, every other day. However sometimes every 2 days and sometimes every day, depending on how dirty they get. Now that I have two, they both take baths together whether they need it or not. Conserving water and time!

every night! Kids get dirty even if they are home all day. My 2 year old son just finds things to get dirty in. He's such a boy!

I give mine a bath every night, but only wash him every other night. =)

i try to everyday. Some times they need it, and sometimes it's a good way to end the day-calms them down.


When they are dirty and when they are grumpy!!
Sometimes when they are running a bit of a fever.

(short and sweet)


We Bath our 2 year old every night that is part of his bedtime rotine, we eat dinner get a bath and read book, then it is time for bed. Works very well. we have done this since he was 6 months old.

He gets wiped-down every night and bathed every-other night unless he's gotten really dirty during the day!

Everyday, sometimes twice a day.

My 2 year old gets a bath 1 sometimes 2 times each day. He has eczema but I use the Aveeno baby moisturizer that is excellent. I find that not bathing him when he gets sweaty can make him itchy so I bath and moisturize. It is a good hygiene practice also.

i give my 3 yo son a bath every nite because he NEEDS it ! :) he is a boy and loves to play outside and he plays hard!
also he is around my mom's dog everyday and we don't have any pets at our house so i gotta wash the "dog" off him before bed.

i think a bed time bath is effective for soothing a toddler and setting up good hygene

usually every other nite unless he's especially dirty.

We bathe our almost 2 year old every night, but it's more about the routine and the fun in the bath than the necessity of getting clean. Of course, there have been the busy days/nights where we've forgone the bath, but it's a nice routine for us - play time, 1/2 hour yo gabba gabba, bath time with daddy, read a story, then bedtime.

I would bathe my son everyday or every other day depending on what he did during the day.

Every other day, we all have dry skin.

Every day. People get body odor even if they don't do much. As long as you don't have hard water and you use non-harsh soaps, it should be fine. I have very dry skin, and, I'm fine with our water, my body wash, and, I slather lotion on after I'm done.

he gets "cleaned up" every night...that's at the very least a nice wash clothe cleaning and lotion...

We give him a bath tho...every other day..

It really does depend on what time of year it is and what he's done during the day. If he's outside in the dirt...every day. If he's stuck in daycare or the house and he's not covered in paint or spaghetti-o's...every other.

every other day, if we have time lol - also depends on the level of dirtiness, eg playing in the dirt will warrant a bath

every child needs to get a bath EVERYDAY!

Every night before bedtime. But we sometimes skip a bath once a week in favor of staying out somewhere late or because we have an obligation to be somewhere. I think it's a personal preference because our daughter would be fine with every other night, but I think she looks more CLEAN this way as you know toddlers get sticky hands in their hair a lot. :)

When my son was 2, usually every day. Sometimes more often. Being in a diaper, some time out of the diaper in a bath was good for his skin. Also, after day care or a day out it was good to wash away the days dirt and sweat. Sometimes if he felt sick and had a tummy ache, he'd have a bath because the warm water was comforting and if he had a stuffy nose or the croup the humidity would help with that. A couple of times he woke up throwing up in the night and we had a bath to wash off and calm down. We had a rubber ducky and little wind-up bath tub toys, and stuff to color the bath water and sometimes some bubble bath. We so enjoyed bath time and it was perfect to follow up with a story right before bedtime!

In the tub every night as part of bedtime routine. If he's super-cranky and not up for it, or we're not at home, we can skip it. We wash hair every 2-3 days.

I bath my three years old son almost everyday since he was born. Most of the time, I just let him play with water in the tub. I only use soap when it's needed, because his skin dry up so fast. He loves it too and also it's his quiet down time before his bedtime, especially he's being in preschool all day.

Whenever they are dirty - like twice a day!!

I usually do every other day

My 2 year old daughter gets one every other night. Sometimes if she plays outside and get really dirty I will give one to her two nights in a row. I had read once if you live in an area that is really dry to not bathe them everyday because it will dry out their skin. When I was living in Colorado I really did notice her skin being more dry, as I did for me own, but now that we are in California I don't worry about her getting two in a row since it's not so dry out here. I think as long as you're keeping them clean that's all that matters.

we actually shower our daughter every night as part of our routine unless we are out late and need to just put her down when we get home. We have been doing it since she was a baby when one of us showered with her holding her to now she stands and plays in the shower. she loves it and it's so much faster than a full on bath every night. we have bath toys she uses and it's a fun part of our routine. she has taken baths before and loves them too and is in swim class and loves being in the water so shower vs. bath doesn't seem to have been an issue.

i've been giving my son a bath just about every day since he was 1..rarely do i skip especially now that he goes to preschool 2 days a week i always bath him after school to try to get germs off.

Every other day. I'm a stay-at-home mom, and we don't interact with a lot of people, so I believe he's fairly clean. I give him a bath when we come home from the mall, because he plays in a play area with other kids. If he were in Day Care, I'd bathe him every day.

My mom and my sister bathed their kids every other day. My 2 yr. old son gets into everything and is a dirt and food magnet so he gets a bath every night. Plus it's Daddy bonding time for him and break time (or more likely, dish washing time) for Mommy. Daily bathing is probably a little drying for his skin, but we use Cetaphil Cleanser and Moisturizing Cream.

Everynight as part of our bedtime routine.

Bathing: From the time kiddo was even younger than 2, every night as part of bedtime... and he'd come in the shower with me in the morning as part of our wakeup routine.

Waterplay: Often 2-3 times a day for up to several hours at a time.

Everyday. To many germs. I might skip one day but he gets a bath everyday.

every night. I think it establishes "good housekeeping" habits for the future. Plus it helps get ready for night night.

Every other night unless it is needed.

We bathe the boys 2-3 times per week unles they are particularly dirty (potty incident, playing hard and sweating, etc).

It depends on the kid and the time of year. My daughter gets dirty in the summer, spring, and fall, playing outside. So she gets a bath almost every day. During the winter, when we're stuck inside most of the time and the majority of our playing is reading, coloring, etc, it's every couple of days. If your kid is more active and gets dirtier, wash him/her more often.

i do it everynight before mine goes to bed. not only to cleaned up but it relaxing them making it easy to go to bed.
but i think atleast everyother day. but it depends on how diry they get or if you leave the house. if we just stayed in all day and she didnt get dirty eating or playing and it gets too late sometimes i skip it but i try to give her a bath every night before she goes to bed. or if she really went to the bathroom in her diaper i like to rinse her off in the bath too. so it all depends. every kid is different. only their mothers know best. so its good to get advice from other as i always ask questions to but deep down inside you know what the right thing is to do!!!!
have fun and enjoy your little one!

I have always bathed my kids every night as part of the bedtime routine.

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