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How Often Do You Bathe 2 Year Old Toddler?

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Mine started to hate the tub about 6 months ago. Before that we bathed 5-7 times per week. Now, since its an ordeal, we only wash her hair 1-2 times a week and wash her body three times a week. I use wipes to keep her buns fresh between baths.

I bath my three years old son almost everyday since he was born. Most of the time, I just let him play with water in the tub. I only use soap when it's needed, because his skin dry up so fast. He loves it too and also it's his quiet down time before his bedtime, especially he's being in preschool all day.

I do a bath every night after dinner b/c my little ones are messy! Depending on the activities of the day, though, I'll scrub harder some days than others. Also, I have a shampoo/conditioner that I only use once/week. The other days, I just rinse their hair w/the soapy water they're in. Hope this helps!

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wow, I guess just to give a different perspective- my 2 year old son gets bathed once to twice a week or if he's really dirty. This winter has been especially hard (really dry). Both my kids have really dry skin and sometimes I don't want to put them in that often. I'm not saying I don't clean them, I just don't let them sit in the tub. Last month they helped "wash dishes" at my parents house for an hour and their hands were so bad I almost couldn't touch them. I also can't' use regualar lotion on them as the alcohol burns their skin, so just putting lotion on after a bath won't work.

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My kids are under 2 (15 months) but I bathe them nightly. Not always because they are "dirty" but more because its part of our evening routine. If we are out or we have a babysitter for the evening I don't worry at all if they miss a night here or there. Like I said, I mostly do it because its part of their routine. I think, typically, children (toddlers) need to be bathed 3 or 4 times a week.

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Everyday. I'd heard the advice not to bathe everyday b/c of dry skin, but my daughter has a knack for getting her hair dirty (with food), so we started doing it daily, and it's part of her bedtime routine. As for the dry skin, that's why I go to Costco and buy bulk Aveno lotion - we all use it after our baths/showers b/c we get dry skin whether we bathe or not.

4-5 times a week depending on the activities of the day.

Wow. A lot of people do every other day. We do every day. Our daughter is 21 months old. She loves baths and it is part of her routine. When she is two I think we will stick with this especially since she will start preschool and probably get dirty. She gets pretty dirty playing around at my sisters everyday now! Like others said, I don't really WASH her every day. I let her play in the water and scrub her face/rinse her body. Every other day I do her hair. Good luck. :-)

we have always done about twice a week, my son has eczema and it usually hurts more than it helps if we do more often. actually since birth our ped. told us you shouldn't bathe babies daily, but that's a whole other can of worms. lately (he's three now, and potty trained) when he has an accident or wakes up with a damp pullup i will toss him in a bath, but i still only use soap and shampoo twice a week.

once maybe twice a week. Unless a child likes getting a bath, which mine doesn't, and she doesn't find it relaxing so we certainly aren't doing it before bed, I don't think they need a bath all that often. she gets her bottom washed every day or more often depending on situation.

Depends on how messy they get =). My son is 4 but that doesn't matter. I still hold by what happens that day. If you are worried about their skin condition, use Aveno baby lotion. It is much better for their skin than baby oil or Johnsons & Johnson's. It is more expensive but worth the money. I tried the cheap J&J on my son and it wound up irritating both my hands and his skin. I hope that helps.

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