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How Long Does It Take for Your Period to Get Back to Normal After ....

How long does it take for your period to get back on track after having a baby? My son is 9 months old and I just got my first period Sept. 4 since I had him (I've been nursing and still am just at night and in the morning) Today is day 30 and I still haven't seen my period. Does it usually take a few months to get back on track afterwards? If so, how long typically? Thanks a bunch!!

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It took me a few months to get my period back to normal with both my kids. The longer you nurse the longer you can go with out it. The hormones released when your nursing stops your period so you can nurse longer b/c the hormones that start your period stops your breast milk. It also depends on if your doctor gave you birth control with progestrin in it. It also stop your period and keeps your milk flowing. If you decide to get birth control and you still want to nurse ask your dr. about a progestrin only pill (pop. it will protect you from getting pregnant again but wont stop your milk. Dont worry it'll be back to normal soon enough and you'll miss not having it.

My body's standard was 6 months. I nursed for 12 months (1st child), 13 months (2nd child) and 11 months (3rd child) and my period always came back after 6 months. It all depends on your own body chemistry.

usually you don't have a period, or a normal one anyway, when you're breastfeeding. that's why some say you can't get pregnant, but be careful, because you actually still can. i believe you still ovulate, and if you're not breastfeeding much anymore, that's probably why you're starting to have one again.

I think that it depends on if you are breasfeeding or not and how often if you are. I have a little girl that is almost 6 months old and I nursed for 3 weeks and had to stop because of postpartum depression. They put me on antidepressents. After that at my six week check up they put me on a birth control that I hadn't been on before and my cycle went hay wire to say the least. I had three periods in July and in August. The DR. switched me to something else and now it is back to normal.

Good Luck!!!!

Usually while breastfeeding you won't have a period or a normal cycle at all. Definitely ask dr. for birth control. Once you stop breast feeding you will start your periods like normal but until then it is sporatic if at all.


I agree with the other moms- while you are nursing, you will not much of a cycle if any at all.
When talking to your doctor about birth control, make sure you tell him/her if you wish to continue to nurse. Once you go back on birth control pills, that will decrease your milk production. I have heard the mini-pill does not affect it as significantly.

With my first daughter, I had enough milk for 3 babies- but as soon as I went back on birth control, it practically went away!

I breastfed both of my children for 10 months or so and did not have a regular period for about that long and then it tooka while to get regular after that. I would advise birth control if you aren't planning on any more kids now, though! That will also help regulate your period.


Hey S. this is S.. I always heard that if your breastfeeding you wont have one so just talk to your doctor if you are worried. It might take months for your period to kick in.

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