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How Do I Sell a Wedding Ring?

I would like to sell a ring - it is an expensive one but I don't know the best way of selling it. Do I just take it to a place in the Loop?

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My husband is a trusted jeweler in the building at 5 South Wabash. If you want more information about him let me know.

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You are better off placing an ad or posting it online -- don't take it to a jeweler or a pawn shop because they won't give you enough money for it. I was recently looking for an engagement ring and found out a lot about it. If you take it to the jeweler you bought it from, they will take it back if you spend double or more on another piece of jewelry. A pawn shop will only give you a 1/4 of it's worth usually. Apparently jewelry stores get a 200% mark-up or more on diamond rings, so you could make a person looking to save some money very happy. I found a ring that is valued @ $6000 for about $2000. We didn't buy it (I don't think) but the guy just wanted rid of it and needed the money -- we would have paid more and he would have gotten more out of it with no problems. Good luck! I am thinking ebay, craigslist or a local newspaper.

Hi R., I would say there are two known options. First you can take it to a well known jeweler to get it appraised so you will known the exact wealth. Second maybe they jeweler can suggest a good pawn shop. Another option is put the ring on Ebay. I heard alot of people find good things there and also make good money selling things.

I sold mine on Craig's list. I got more than twice as much as I would have at a jewelry store or pawn shop. I posted a picture and all the info and then when I had someone seriously interested we met at a local jeweler so they could verify the authenticity of my info. Accept cash only and provide a receipt stating what they purchased and that it was "as is", all sales final. I know Craig's list has gotten a bad rap lately, but it has been a blessing for me and my family. I found an awesome renter there and my brother has furnished his entire home from Craig's List. Good luck!

Have you tried contacting your local jewler in town? Alot of them will consign to sell your rings for you for a small fee. Good luck!

A friend of mine will turn your ring into a beautiful piece of jewelry that wont look anything like a wedding ring. You might want to consider doing that vs selling it. If so, her email address is ____@____.com. Another firend had her re-do her old wedding ring and now its one of her favorite pieces.

My husband is a trusted jeweler in the building at 5 South Wabash. If you want more information about him let me know.

Good luck,


Most Jewelers will buy wedding rings but remember you will not get what you paid for it. If you get 1/3 of what it is worth you will be lucky. The jeweler buying it has to make money when they sell it and mark up is as much as 50%+.
If you truly want to get close to what it worth, try selling it on the open market or find a place that will sell your ring on consignment.
Another thing you may wish to consider is have another piece of jewelry made out of the gold and diamonds. The new piece of jewelry show a sign of a renewed or changed life.

Just do your homework before selling if you want top price.

Good Luck,

Hi R.,
My name is G..
I would take a pic of it and put it on E-bay. That way you can auction it off and except the highest bidder. If you have not done this before may you can find someone who will walk you through it. I haven't done it, but I'm getting ready to. I have some valuable world war 2 items. My son told me you can get much more than pawning or taking to a resale store.

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