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House Making Me Sick?

I have been almost constantly sick since we moved into our "new" (older) home. I tend to have problems with allergies and asthma anyway, but it seems since living here, I am never well! I keep getting a major sinus infection that turns into bronchitis. My asthma acts up all the time (I'm back under a doctor's care now, though). My oldest daughter constantly sniffs with a dry, stuff nose. I'm beginning to wonder if we have problems with something inside our home. If so, how do we figure out what and where it is? I appreciate any advice! Need to get well enough long enough to have some orthopedic surgery, which has already been cancelled once.

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I know this is not a fun idea, but you may need to remove all carpeting, and opt for tile, linoleum or wood instead. Carpeting is terrible, because it is impossible to get it clean enough for a person with allergies or asthma.

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I'd call Bob Morris with Armstrong Forensic Laboratory. He is an industrial hygienist and can test your home for mold spores, etc. ###-###-####.

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This happened to a friend of mine. Her and her 2 girls were sick. They found out it was from mold. They did a home-based mold test. I'm not sure where you get these, I would check online.

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I have helped many families with asthma and allergies get relief by switching to safer home and personal care alternative products that do not contain bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde(quaternium 15) preservatives, etc. Also many of these products can be put on your air filters to even further reduce your indoor air toxins.
Many older homes do not have adequate air flow and the toxins in your products build up in the home and create very poor indoor air quality. Most people don't realize our indoor air is more likely to cause chronic health problems than outdoor pollution.
Email me if you would like to see some research and try some safer products. M.

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Are you new to this area? I know alot of people that move here and have a very hard time getting used to of the air. If not then it could be your "older" home that's got you sick. You'll need to have your vents/ducts cleaned out. Make sure that you get someone that sweeps the inside of the duct and not just the vent area. That should help alot. Also you might want to do some serious cleaning of the windows. If they are older windows they might have some mold on them from sweating in colder weather. Be sure to use a mask when doing this. If you don't want to do this yourself or if you want to check your home for mold there are companies that can do this work for you.
If you have carpet it can hold all kinds of ugly stuff. You might want to get them cleaned if they haven't allready before you moved in. Or you could just pull the carpet up and replace with smooth flooring.
Also if you suffer from allergies you might think that keeping you home sealed up is good for you but it's not. You should try and air out your home as much as the weather permits. It lets you home breath and keeps it from being damp and stag nit.
Usually it's going to be dust and mold that's going to bug you in a older home.
Hope you get well soon.

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That sounds like me recently. Mold has been VERY high. Maybe you have mold in your house, because you just described all the mold allergy symptoms.

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Maybe you need to have your air ducts cleaned. My friend recently had similar problems and just by coincidence she received a coupon for a free carpet cleaning with a duct cleaning service. She had it done and they discovered she had mold in them from the moisture build up from the a/c. They recomended a special air filter that lasts for years, and is washable. After her ducts were cleaned all the sinus problems subsided. About every 2 years they should be cleaned, and you should use a better quality filter especially if you have allergies. The people who lived there might not have done it or they had pets or something that you are not accustmed to that is causing the irritation. hope this helps.

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Hi. I hope you do not mind me saying but I have a feeling you have a mold problem. There are companies out there that can come and tell you if you have mold in your home. Your insurance may pay for it too. I hope you all feel better soon.

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Sounds like black mold to me or you need to have your air ducts cleaned. Might want to have someone come out and check.

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