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High Chair Hijink

Okay Ladiez, I bet you have experienced or heard of this one. My 10 month old baby girl does not want anything to do with her high chair.As soon as i put her in she is trying to stand up, or twisting her body around making feeding time very difficult. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if she just wasen't hungary. But she is hungry and wearing thin on my and my husbans nerves. I have recieved suggestion that I should offer her other activities in her high chair so that she dosen't associaed it with only being feed. I'm not so sure this is a good idea, because i don't want to give her the wrong message. When i'm trying to get her to eat she may want play time. I realize she is becoming independent and wants to feed herself, so I offer her finger foods as I'm spoon feeding her. She usually covers her mouth or turns away. She is blessed with a full head of hair and thinks her hair maybe hungry also. so needless to say it becomes a very messy situation. If anyone out there has gone through this or has advise I'd love to hear it Thanx in advance~

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Thank you everyone who gave wonderful suggestions.Come to find out maybe it wasen't the highchair after all. You see I'm a first time mama, and benig so I was under the impression that my daughter would eat on some type of schedule, boy was I wrong. I cut out the snack between meals and only feed her in her highchair. If she began to squirm or cover her mouth I took her back down again. We did this little dance for a couple of day and volia she is back to her "normal" eating schedule. I completly agree with the response " kids are smart you just have to be smarter" as well as exercise you patience combined with love is paramount!

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Have you tried having her sit in a booster at the table? and letting her feed herself? that is what i would do.

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i say its time for a booster seat. see i didnt want a full size chair so i got a fisher price space saver chair (it goes from a high chair to a booster seat. at 10 months i had her sitting at the table with us. also when she eats i eat and usually we eat the same thing. try this it may help. i also agree with the other post about letting her cry while you eat if she is really hungry she will eat. good luck.

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Well, if she's covering her mouth and turning her head away, she's not hungry, mom, or seriously dislikes what you're trying to put in her mouth. Is she doing this to all the food you try and give her, or just certain ones? If it's everything, it's a pretty safe bet she's just not hungry. I promise you that she'll eat when she's hungry unless there is something physically wrong with her, which I seriously doubt. Possibly you need to evaluate your schedule---the timing of nursing, bottle, snacks with meals in the chair. They are too close together, perhaps. Space out the bottle or nursing with the solids in the chair and also try feeding her different foods. Also, experiment with a booster seat that you can strap her in as opposed to the "chair" and see if that has any impact. As moms, we are genetically wired to make sure our kids eat. Often, especially with a first, we try to overfeed them. This might be happening here??? If she turns her head away more than 2 or 3 times, say "okay, I guess you're not hungry. We'll try again later." And do it when she doesn't have a full tummy from milk or snacks. Good luck.

A couple of suggestions...and btw, I think I understand what you're going through. My 10 month old daughter stiffens up the minute she realizes I am about to put her in her booster seat!

1.) I agree with the booster seat comments - I've tried friends' high chairs, and my baby hates them (she gets swallowed up - the booster is more comfortable)

2.) I have to give her something interesting to hold in her hand. Spoons used to work - now they are just boring. So I'll give her magnets, sippy cup tops, even a piece of paper works wonders on certain days.

3.) I sit her in front of the screen door so she can look at the birds and trees in our backyard. This does wonders. I've known some moms who haul the high chair outside and feed them there.

4.) As for her covering her mouth when you try to feed her...does she do this if you feed her elsewhere? Does she do this with all types of food? How many teeth does she have? How mushy is the food?

My second child is a very "tactile eater" as well. There are 2 issues here:
1. sitting in the high chair for feeding. You just have to hang tough for a couple of days on this one - don't give her any food unless she sits in the chair (bottle, ok anywhere). Make sure she is comfy in it. My girl was so little that I had to fold up a towel in the bottom so she could eat comfortably from the tray. Use the straps. Once she knows you mean business, she will probably concede on sitting to eat. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT~!!! No little snacks here and there unless she is strapped in. (of course, if you really don't care that she sits in the chair to eat, then that is up to you, too, just be consistent with your message)

Messiness: I have no solution for you here. My daughter is four now, and it seems like she STILL always has food on her face and in her hair after every meal. She was an absolute MESS at 10 months and continued to be for a very long period of time after that. Give her a washcloth and teach her to wipe up after herself. When my daughter was 2, I saw her rubbing avocado all over her arms and she said "look mommy, I'm putting on sunscreen". Good luck.

I agree with the booster seat suggestion. And you'll get the additional bonus...it takes up less space and is easier to clean! Good luck.

once my son became really mobile, he no longer wanted to sit in his high chair. I just gave up on the high chair and fed him in my living room. I'd let him move around and then he would always come back for food. It took longer this way, but at least he ate and it was a pleasant experience for all of us. My husband and I never sit at the table to eat anyway, so it fits right in for our family. Now that he's almost two and feeds himself pretty much everything, I just have to put his food on the coffee table and he eats until he is mostly satisfied, then runs around and comes back for more until he is all full. I'm sure this may not sound appealing to everyone, but it works for us! He's happier with the freedom to move around and he eats more this way! Good luck!

My daughter hated her high chair as well, but what she used to do is use her feet to push off the tray (the tray lock was broken). We kept her in it for a while without the tray, and then finally moved her to a booster chair at the table. She still pushes herself back from the table when she's done.

My daughter is 21 months old now, and she recently figured out how to buckle herself in. So now she loves to climb up in her booster chair or carseat and buckle herself in.

Don't worry, this too shall pass! Try the booster seat at the table and see if that works. Sometimes all they need is a change in scenery.

Have you tried having her sit in a booster at the table? and letting her feed herself? that is what i would do.

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