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Help Please Hardwood Floor- Huge Scratch

I was moving my couch and didnt realize the leg must've had a screw hanging low and it scrached a huge deep scratch about 15 inches long. Does anyone know a product that can repair this?It is real wood not the faux wood type.Thanks for listening

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Nothing is going to get rid of the scratch, but you can hide it somewhat. I would try one of the wax crayon-type sticks made for wood floors and stained in different colors. Or, they have marker-like pens for wood floors also in different stain colors. Check out the hardware store to see what they have. Good Luck!

I would talk to someone in a flooring center. Even home depot maybe, but I would want to talk to a flooring specialist, someone who installs it for a living. I believe that you would use wood filler and reseal it, but that wouldn't be the best look unless you found just the right stuff.

Last year my sisters son pushed a box that had just been delivered from UPS from the front door down the hallway. The box had one of those staples on it sticking out and left a long scratch. She did much research, and I'm sorry to say that she was told the only way to make it right was to sand it and refinish it again.

Depending on how deep you can use wood putty to fill in the gauge. You can by color matched wood putty from Home Depot and Lowes or you can buy 'stainable' wood putty.
light sand and maybe a seal depending on the kind.
Go to the paint department and I'm sure they can help.

Sometimes if it is shallow it can be as simple as buying the Old English scratch cover for dark woods. Apply a small amount on a cotton rag and gently rub in. It naturally has stain in it. the more coats you apply, the darker it will go.

Hope that helps!

2 suggestions: 1) you can try one of those crayon like sticks that are made for scratched wood. YOu buy the color that matches your wood and apply it directly, like a crayon. YOu mkght ahve to buy 2 colors to match, but it works. YOu can get them at hardware, paitn stores, anywhere they sell stains. 2) If it is too deep, sand it a ltitle bit, add wood putty, also found at the same places, then stain over that, with a matching stain. With a little patience you can get it right without having to redo the entire floor.

That's a tough one! You may have to pull up the affected pieces and replace them. Did you keep any extra? Being that it is faux wood I don't know that there is much you can do. Maybe google for help!

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