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Help! My 4 Week Old Wont Poop!

Hello Moms, I need some advice as to how to get my 4 week old little boy to poop regularly. It's so strange, because he was pooping fine in the first few days he was home from the hospital, and then he just stopped! I am breastfeeding but supplementing with formula due to a low milk supply. The formula he got at the hospital was Similac Advance Early Shield. He seemed to be doing fine on it at first, then he got really gassy and seemed to be in pain while trying to go poop. Then he just stopped pooping all together! I then changed his formula to Similac Sensitive, which is what I did when my first son had that issue, but it still doesn't seem to be working (by the way, my first son did fine after I switched him to Similac Sensitive) Anyways, he did go poop once day before yesterday, but that's it. He still grunts a lot and looks to be in pain while trying to go poop. Do any of you know anything else I can try or give him to make his bowels move? I know pears and prune juice work on older babies, but what about a 4wk old? I am desperate..I feel so bad for the little guy! :( Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Karo syrup. That is what I had to use for all my babies. use a hlaf teaspoon and mix it with his milk. He will start to get regular after a couple feedings.

My suggestion is that if that formula has iron in it then find another one. It will make him SO constipated!

Good Luck!

My pedetrician said it is ok for a baby to go 2-3 days without pooping. So try not to assist with his pooping, using therm in butt or laxatives. Good Luck!

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I would be leary of giving him anything (food/juice/medicine) at 4 weeks without talking to the dr. But, sometimes I found that if I took my baby's temperature, rectally, it seemed to make them go poop. So, on occassion, if I thought they were a little constipated, I would insert the rectal thermometer like I was taking a temp, in fact, you can actually take the temp to give you a time frame to leave it in, and then just wait and mine usually would go within a few hours of doing that.

Dear G.,
What I did with my children and granchildren. Put a little bit of karo syrup in the formula,start out with a few drops if it don't work add a little more .But keep track of how much you use.If they go to often and to loose back off. good luck.
J. G

My daughter was having the same problem with her 4 week old baby. While she was on breast milk fulltime, the baby did fine, but when she started to supplement with formula, the baby became constipated and seemed to be in pain. She is now on formula full time, and seems to be doing fine. While she was having the problem, she asked the doctor and he also told her to use the thermometer and vaseline. I guess the switching back and forth from breast to formula is upsetting to the tummy.

My pedetrician said it is ok for a baby to go 2-3 days without pooping. So try not to assist with his pooping, using therm in butt or laxatives. Good Luck!

Never do anything without your pediatrician's approval, but there are suppositories for infants that can help. I had to use them occasionally with my baby until her system got adjusted.

This is a very common problem with supplementation as you never know how a baby will react to different formulas. I would suggest that you breastfeed as often as possible which will help your milk supply come in more readily. Mom's that have a low milk supply is usually due to them being given formula at the hospital and not allowing mom to breastfeed moments after birth. Breastfeed every 1 1/2 hrs even if your baby doesn't seem hungry, they just may want to suckle which will stimulate lactation. If that's not possible pump for 5-10mins every hour or in between feedings. You will most likely only have to do this for a couple of days. Start drinking Traditional Medicinals Mother's Milk Tea. This will not only help increase healthy lactation, but contains herbs to help with colic and bowel movements. Stay away from foods containing partially hydrogentated oils (trans fats) as they decrease your milk production. Drink plenty of water. Also, stay away from antihistamins and caffeine which will dehydrate you and reduce milk supply. As you do all this, your milk supply will increase and you can slowly wean him off the formula. It sounds like a lot, but I'm sure that even now you have more milk than you think. Breastfed babies tend to grow longer first instead of chunkier like formula fed babies. Formula fed babies receive a lot of corn syrup (part of the formula) and that decreases leptin in the brain which initiates the feeling of being full. Formula fed babies eat more because they don't feel full right away. Breastfed babies will eat just what they need at the time. So, at four weeks, your baby should only be eating around 2-3 oz at a time with breast milk. Just give your body the chance it needs to increase the supply. You can do it!!! Congrats on your little one! My little girl is just 4 wks older than yours---it's quite a journey huh? God Bless!

My second baby would go days without pooping starting around 4 weeks until about 3 months. He was only breast fed at that point. I made my pediatrician nuts. He kept telling me as long as the stool was soft when it finally came out that my baby was fine. The stool was always soft, but would be a lot for such a little baby! I bascially camped out at the doctors office for a couple of weeks until I was convinced. My pediatrican said that breast milk is truly such perfect food (we did not discuss formula since it was not relevant) that there is not much waste.
If your little guy's stool isn't hard and he is thrivng, there probably isn't anything to worry about. Of course it is always best to talk to your doctor. Good luck!
PS, My baby started pooping daily when I gave him cereal at 5 mos. He is now five years and regular. :)

Hello G.,

you may need to change formulas and/or remove dairy from your diet. talk to the doctor. rub his tummy. figure out what's constipating him. Good luck! ~C.~

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