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Healthy Snacks - North Aurora,IL

My first daughter is finally going to preschool, and I just learned that we have to take the snacks every other week. Iím not sure if why I think is a good snack will be good also for the teacher and other students.
Any suggestions?
I was born and raised in Mexico so everything is new for me; I have a lot to learn also!

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Hi, good luck.. and enjoy..
goldfish crackers... carrots, apples sliced.. (ask first, if how they would prefer) cheese slices, bagels with cream cheese?~applesauce...ask the teacher.. also, I betcha she already has a list made up!
have fun!

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Hi Christina,
Some suggestions for a healthy snack could be: yogurt, cut up fruit or cheese, organic type graham crackers, cut up veggies with Ranch dressing. I hope some of this helps.

As a teacher, the type of snacks I allow my kids to have include Goldfish, pretzels, applesauce, yogart, fruit slices, graham crackers, jello, things like that, just make sure you find out about allergies! Food allergies are so dangerous these days. If you need anymore ideas, let me know

Hi C.. I've read through the responses to your request and everyone pretty much has it covered. However, I would add this one noteworthy item. Even though a snack food does not have nuts, i.e., fruit bites in a bag or something, it may still be processed along side nuts. If that's the case, the package is supposed to have a warning label, but it's not always obvious, so look closely. The label may say something to the effect, "Warning, this product is packaged in the same facility as nuts." The reason for this is because the oils and nut dust, if you will, can get on the other food items being processed.

Good luck,

I always send bananas - very easy to bring and they're cheap. Good luck!

Hi, good luck.. and enjoy..
goldfish crackers... carrots, apples sliced.. (ask first, if how they would prefer) cheese slices, bagels with cream cheese?~applesauce...ask the teacher.. also, I betcha she already has a list made up!
have fun!


Whatever snacks you usually make or buy for your own children would probably be fine. Even if they are different from everyone elses snacks that would be a welcome addition. We get apple slices, teddy grahams, goldfish crackers and raisins. Ask the teacher if there is anyone in class with a nut or peanut allergy before you bring any of these snacks.

My son's preschool provided the snacks and this is what they rotated: Cheez It's, Pretzels, Graham Cracker Cookies, Animal Crackers, Rice Cakes, String Cheese...

Hope this helps!

-Sliced Apples with Cheese (american or cheddar)
-graham crackers (regular or teddy grahams, or the new graham sticks)
-fruit (avoid strawberries), mixed fruit (my son likes the Dole tropical mixed fruit), bananas, oranges, pears, peaches
-Goldfish, Cheeze-Its (or Cheese Nips), saltines w/cheese, Ritz crackers with cheese (avoid peanut butter - cream cheese is a tasty alternative to regular cheese).
-carrot sticks, celery sticks
-animal crackers

Hi C.,

Pretzels,animal crackers, fruit & grain bars, granola bars, all of these would be good ideas. One thing I would do is ask if there are any kids with allergies. Homemade snacks, if allowed, could be a jar of peanut butter and some apple slices.

Just a few to get you started.

Cheese Crackers (THEY COME IN A BOX)

Yogurt (my son thought it was icecream when he was preschool age)

Raisins (they come in individual boxes)

Hope this helps.

I would agree--pretzels, granola bars and fruit bars are good. I would also say Goldfish crackers, graham crackers, Ritz Bitz. Things that aren't too messy and most kids like these types of things. What about a trail mix with things like pretzels and raisins, and Chex if they will let you make things(leave out the nuts in case of allergies)?
Don't worry too much about it--whatever you send will be fine!

Hi Christina,

I would probably stay away from the granola bars and peanut and peanut butter based products just because some food allergies are first discovered at this age.

Goldfish crackers, pretzles, carrot sticks and apple slices are a big hit in our house. Trader Joes also carries little mini pita breads and bagles in their bread section and kids LOVE those!!


I have been through preschool with both of my daughters.

Gold fish crackers
gogourt (yougurt in a tube)
popcorn no butter
teddy grahms or regular grahm crackers.

Check with you teacher but most don't allow anything with peanuts because alot of kids have nut allergies

hope this helps

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