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Has Anyone Had Mono as an Adult?

I just found out that I have mono. How am I supposed to rest with 2 small children at home? I would appreciate if anyone has any tips for me or can tell me what to expect with this. Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much for all the advice. My husband and I reviewed all the responses and are trying to put together a schedule of helpers for me. I want to get over this as quickly as possible! Thank you again for all the advice and well wishes.

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I feel for you - children that age just don't understand when Mama is sick. I had it a few years ago, when my son was about 2 years old. I was lucky; it was a mild case. I had a bad sore throat, but I didn't feel that tired. It was more that I tired out easily. I pushed it, and, next thing I know, my doctor says my spleen is enlarged and insists I go onto full disability from work for several weeks.

Fortunately, my Mom came and stayed for a couple of weeks and my husband, in addition to his job, took care of my son completely when he was home. Between them, I was able to rest and get better.

Good luck!

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Yes, I had it under same circumstances as you, and it was horrible, tired all time spent alot of time on the couch. It seems like the first few weeks were the worst with sore throat and fever, being tired all the time, it will be hard to do, if you have family that could help u that would be great for u I did not have that. Just hang in there the effects can linger on for several months as they did for me but be strong no matter what BS some may say o u should be over that already not so for many... just get lots of rest eat good foods and drink lots of fluids...AND TELL YOUR PARTNER TO CHILL OUT YOU CAN GET THIS FROM BEING RUN DOWN AND NO HELP. ITS NOT ALWAYS THE KISSING DISEASE...

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you HAVE to get help!!whether its a nighbor to do the laundry, grandma's for dinner, whatever. yu will never get over it if you don't take it easy. it also enlarges your spleen to dangerous sizes. too much activity can be dangerous. every few years i get a mild case of it because i didn't take care of myself the first time i got it. be careful and good luck!

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Expect to be even more tired than usual (running around after 2 small children is exhausting enough). Expect your throat to hurt and for you to only be able to do things in short spurts. You'll feel completely wiped out doing the simplest of tasks! If you have a sitter- utilize it for the 2 two weeks and rest every chance you get. Feel better soon!

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I had mono as an adult and I have 3 boys ages 10,7 and 4. I was not able to rest at all. Then again I had kidney stones at the same time. I would suggest resting as much as possible when your husband is home. Just make sure to do whatever the doctor says because when I had mono my spleen was quite swollen and I ended up in the hospital and they thought I was going to end up needing surgery to have it removed. If you have to, ask neighbors to come over and help out as well. My husband works second shift so even with the mono and kidney stones I had to take care of the boys while he was at work and it was no fun. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids too. Good luck and I hope you get well soon. D.

Mono is nothing to joke about. It can seriously mess you up for the rest of your life. I got it at 16 and it took a very long time (I am talking years) to get my health back in order. My friend got it at 30 and had to be hospitalized because he didn't take it seriously. It can lead to permanent organ damage (like your liver and kidneys). You mention you are married, so your husband is just going to have to handle things, or you are going to have to find someone to care for the kids, at least during the day. You need to get plenty of rest and this virus can last up to 6 weeks, but you can recover sooner IF you take care of this now. You may start out with mild symptoms, but you will feel worse before you begin to feel better. The symptoms are usually a severe sore throat, swollen lympth nodes, and extreme fatigue. I am sure you already know, but it is very contagious, so just be careful. Your spleen actually swells regardless with this virus, so make sure no lifting and drink plenty of fluids. After 10 days or so, they symptoms should start to ease up, if not, call your dr. Now, go to bed! :)

I have had mono twice within one year. Find someone who is able to stay at your house to watch the children. I was not able to watch my children during the time I had it. The medicine knocks you out.

Hope you feel better soon!
Meanwhile Noggin.com and PBS kids are your friend. Treat it like you did when you first bring the baby home sleep when they sleep. Plan activities like coloring and reading stories, finger painting that will allow you to at least sit if not indeed lay down. Check around your neighborhood to find a high school or jr high kid to come play with the kids for a couple of hours after school and perhaps do some light housewok on the weekends. Also try to get as much prepared meal wise on the weekend as possible. Or invest in the meals available at grocery stores these days.
Good luck

Find family, friends, neighbors - anyone who can help as much as possible. I got it when I was 20, I'm 34 now. I had it for 8 months and my health was permanently damaged from it b/c I was a single parent with NO help working a fulltime job to barely survive. I never rested and I never recovered. I might be an extreme case but I can only speak from personal experience. You have to give in to your body, stay under close Drs. care and take total care of yourself foremost the best you can right now. For me, it was the start of a downward spiral that I will never fully recover from, Fibro, Chronic Fatigue and so much more. You HAVE to take of you first or else you will never be able to take of anyone else....

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