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Hard-soled Baby Shoes Recommended by Pediatrician

Hi Moms,

I'm back with yet another question. I don't know what I'd do without this site!

My pediatrician told me that since my 5 month old daughter's feet have a tendancy to roll out to the outsides, I should get her some hard-soled shoes for when she's in her exersaucer or jumper. When I left her office, I had in mind those old-school white bootie type shoes from a generation or two ago. But, I don't think they even make those anymore. Has anyone else out there had their pediatrician recommend a hard-soled shoe for the same problem? If so, what kind of shoe did you buy? Did it also have ankle support? I'm planning to call the doctor back, but I'd like to hear from any moms who've had babies with the same problem.

BTW, I know that no shoes/soft-soled shoes are best for babies with normal feet -- my son was barefoot in the Florida heat until he was walking, so I'm not looking to debate soft sole versus hard sole. I'm looking for info specific to babies with the same physical problem that my daughter has.

Thanks so much!!

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You hit the nail on the head yet again. I called my pediatrician and she told me to go to a specific store here in Chico that carries a line of Stride Rite shoes, explain the issue with my daughter's feet, and they would put her into the appropriate shoe. The people at this store are trained specially for this. Thanks again moms!

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I would like to recommend a shoe from "Stride Rite" it's a white hard sole with a lace. My kids wore them from the day they started walking until they ran out of shoe size for them.

I would get a second or third opinion! From another pediatircian in a different office!
good luck!

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Hi N.,

I am a physical therapist who works with babies especially ones who are having breastfeeding problems.
I don't like to have babies in postures they wouldn't assume by themselves. The exersaucer and jumper put a baby in a position they wouldn't normally assume at this age. I like to keep babies on the floor so they develop muscles in a proper sequence. As she rolls over, then pushes up to hands and knees she will develop her muscles. Her foot rolling to the outsides might resolve if she were on the floor moving under her own power.

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We bought "high top" walking shoes made by Stride Rite from a neighborhood store in SF that has since gone out of business.
And although they looked like traditional "baby" shoes, the soles were rubber. I wonder if in so many words your pediatrician is trying to suggest having your daughter wear shoes that support her ankles more. Sorry to send a response so late, but better than never :)

I would like to recommend a shoe from "Stride Rite" it's a white hard sole with a lace. My kids wore them from the day they started walking until they ran out of shoe size for them.

Stride Rite makes those old fashioned white bootie shoes you were looking for. I just saw some a couple weeks ago. Don't know if they make them small enough for a 5 month old though.

Stride Right!!! They are expensive, but excatly what your little one needs. Thank you for mentioning the whole debate thing. Sometimes I feel like people go off on a bandwagon without realizing some children have special needs.

I always started my children with Stride Rite shoes, they are really good. Even the people working at the stores are excellent, they can help you with whatever you need.
Good Luck, A.!

Hi N.,

I like the way you worded your question & I have definitely seen hard soled baby shoes at WalMart in the regular shoe section- not in the baby section- there's only soft soled shoes there.

Try Stride-Rite brand.

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