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Graduation Party Time!!! How Much to Give?

My husband and I along with our two daughters have been invited to 3 Graduation Parties in the next 2 weeks. One is my first cousin, one is a friends daughter and the other is a little girl (all grown up) that I used to babysit. My question is how much money is a good amount to put in. A little FYI my husband has been laid off for 3 months and I babysit to help pay the bills. Thank you in advance for your answers.

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I think that you have a lot of ideas for $ amounts. what about hitting the clearance racks and finding things like bedding, towels, toiletries, or any of the other stuff that they need when they go to college or start their own home.

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We usually give $100 to family and $50 to friends, etc, but in these economic times I will probably have to lower that.

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I think I would try and come up with a creative gift that way the amount wouldn't be so obvious. For a student going away in the fall, how about a laundry bag/basket with detergent, Bounce and roll of quarters. Or a magnetic memo board with markers,an eraser, and magnets. Or a variety of basic office supplies: stapler with staples, 3-hole punch, pens, pencils, scissors, notebooks, etc. First aid kit, small tool kit, etc. Have fun!

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I think that you have a lot of ideas for $ amounts. what about hitting the clearance racks and finding things like bedding, towels, toiletries, or any of the other stuff that they need when they go to college or start their own home.

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As much as you can afford and feel is reasonable. While it might be nice to walk out of a grad party with $5000, if the people coming can't afford it, do you think any grad worthy of a gift feels it's reasonable to take food out of their friends' and family's mouths?

Thoughtful, meaningful gifts are so much more important to recipients than buckets of cash, anyhow -- no matter how much they love the money. A carefully composed note describing what it's been like for you to watch this young person blossom would be a keepsake, rather than satisfying momentary greed.

When the money's gone, and it will be gone, wouldn't it be nice to know that your gift is still treasured?

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I think $50 is more than appropriate for those closest to you (family, baby sitter, dear family friend...basically those that are extra special); $25 - $35 for those that are distant relatives/not so close.

Of course, don't feel you have to give this much. Plenty of people max out at $25 or give $10. Graduation season can be expensive, that's for sure!!

Great question!!! I have a son that is graduating this year so we have many (friends) parties to go to. Some of them have even partnered up and are having one party for 2 or more kids to save money. This left my husband and I to rethink our gifts. For a family member we would give $$ - what we can. But for a friend of the family - we were looking into those small plug in vaccumes that can be used to clean out a car or dorm room. I have seen them for $14.99 and up. I heard once that this was the gift that many seniors went for at a senior all night party a few years ago by someone who worked it.

I would do what you can afford to give. If that is $10.00 great. I usually give 50-100, but I am working. You might also think of creative gifts, if you don't want them to know how much you are spending. Kohls has a lot of great frames...or if they are going to college, a nice monogramed towel is a nice gift as well. I went to UM and got this wonderful navy towel with my name in maize.... I loved it!

Hubby is the finance guy in our family and he set the Tier at
Relatives (direct blood links- sister, brother, neice, nephew) $100.-
distant relations (cousins etc) $50.-
friends - $25-$50.- depending on how well you actually know them...

If you know that the child REALLY had a difficult time AND excelled or over came an obsticle($100.- no matter what relation to you)

Give what you can afford... Do not try to live up to what others give and put yourself in a hole...


I am a SAHM with 5 young children, so we are also very conscious of money issues here. What we usually do is if the graduate is an acquaintance or the child of an acquaintance we usually only give $10.00, if the graduate is an immediate family member- cousin, 2nd cousin etc. we give $20.00, however there are always those special people that we WANT To recognize or to show special appreciation or affection for and then we will give $50.00.

One note if we attend the party we always give at least $20.00. I figure with my bunch of kids we are at least eating that much in food, cake, and pop or punch.

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