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Frequent Menstruation

As I get older, my periods get more and more frequent. I just turned 44, have one child, and am now getting a period every 17-19 days. My gynecologist sends me for a pelvic ultrasound every year with no unusual findings (THANK GOD!). Is any one else experiencing frequent periods like this? I thought they'd get less frequent as I get older. I'm pretty tired of constantly being affected by this. I get all the cravings, bloating, cramps, headaches and fatigue ...just more often now. I used birth control pills for about 3 years, but not since I had my child about 8 years ago. Any input would be appreciated.

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Hi J.,
I will be 50 this year, and I had always been "regular" like clock work. When I turned 45 a lot of things went wack-o. I would have periods that lasted 7 days, and lingered 7 more. This went on until I had 3 months without a period and then I was back to regular period for about 6 months. then I had what I called predictable chaos. I got adolescent pimples (that I never had as an adolescent) and all that kookie pre-menstural stuff. My pds could last 3-10 days could be heavy or light accompanied by pain or not....There were a couple of times I had to go home from work, because I felt like I had narcolepsy!!!! and then 24 hrs later I would have my period....I's a crazy time. Just keep in touch with your ob-gyn and fasten your seat belt...it could be a bumpy ride!

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are you stressed out about things?
stress has a direct result on hormonal fluctuations.
have you considered acupunture?

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Hi J.,
You may want to consider that your what is called Peri-Menopause which is the begining stages. I too was experience this and it was suggested that I try bio-identical hormone replacement. They use your saliva which is which test your homormone level at the cellular level verses what is free in the blood that filters through the liver not always giving you correct result, plus in order for blood work to work it needs to be done on the correct day. The place I was referred to an now I refer all my members to is called Profilehealth they accept insurance and everything can be done the the mail or you can go into a facility. I am just always so busy the mail works great for me. There website is at http://www.profilehealth.com and you can call J. ###-###-#### who is the billing manager to see if your insurance will take care of not only the test but also the prescribed compounded creams.

When I first took the test I found I was not producing hardly any hormones, so when the Dr. told me it was not all in my head that was great since I was suffering from, anxiety, foggy head, frequent periods just to name a few. After about 7 months I retook the test and I had asymulated the hormones really well and was taken off everything except for progestrone. Another great thing is I lost about 15 lbs that I had not been able to lose. So obviously this is just one suggestion and I know others will have some great ones for you too, however should you have any question please feel free to call me at ###-###-#### and of course J. at ProfileHealth. Best Health to You! D.

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Hi J. - I am experiencing the same thing you are. I have one child and am 46 and my periods are coming about every 20 to 21 days with all the usual symptoms. I am very healthy overall so I try not to worry about it, but it is a bummer! As long as your doctor can't find anything wrong then I wouldn't worry about it. I am accepting it as a part of getting older... what else can you do? Take care and know you are not the only one.


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Hi J. H,

Unfortunitely sounds like the beginnings of menopause, have you tried taking calcium tablets that has always worked for me when the cramps started coming on I never got cramps till I hit my 40's, and the periods got longer and longer. I'm 47 now and have't seen any less frequent periods yet. Hang in there.

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I had that happen before I stopped flowing, peri-menopause, at 55. It was exhausting along with other life changes!! Have you looked into nutrition, mineral balancing and vitamins, especially since you are losing so much blood. I was told to purify my diet also, eliminate red meats(these days very high in added animal hormones),sugar and processed foods. Do some detox and colon cleansing. Maybe Dr. Christiana Northrup's book on Womens Health will have some answers.

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Dear J.,

I know how troubling that can be! I am your age, but started menopause early--possibly due to a lot of physical challenges. Nonetheless, a few years ago my periods (always painful but regular) began to be much more frequent. Sometimes I had period symptoms nearly every week, with bleeding not always correlating as anticipated. They were miserable; sometimes I bled heavier than usual, sometimes much lighter.

After a while, they seemed to "level" back out a little bit, but I would sometimes skip (bleeding, not symptoms). Later on everything would skip--up to several months at a time. During all of this I had the menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, hormonal fluxuations, etc., all very frustrating.

It has now been well over a year since my last period and the hormones seem to be settling out. I do not do any HRT, but am reasonably tuned to nutritional needs and supplements that the body seems to want.

Good luck! I know that every woman is different, but I hope that this helps a little bit.

C. A. (working at home & home school mother to two sons, 11 & 15)

I would get a different dr for a second opinion.
Your doctor should at least have put you back on BCPs.
There is obviously a reason for your problem and you should not let your doctor tell you there is nothing wrong.
Of course, I'm only 32, and it sounds like the others are saying this is normal, so what do I know?

hi J.,

I am 51 years old and a SAHM of 5, (2 high school age, 2 college age and one married daughter who is out of state) About 3 years ago I noticed that my periods were starting to get more infrequent, (about every 2-3 months and flow was very light). I assumed that I was beginning menopause and they would gradually just trail off to nothing. Well, this went on for about a year. The next year I had no periods at all and I figured that they had stopped for good. Not so! About 6 months ago, I started getting them again and now they come about every 21 days and are extremely heavy. I see my doctor in July and if the flow isn't lighter by then, I will be asking him what my options are. Sometimes it is so heavy that I have to use a pad and tampon together and change twice as often as I used too.

B. S.
Rio Rancho, NM

Hi J.,

Since your GYN visits check out okay, maybe its a hormonal issue. There are 80 known women's health issues related to hormonal imbalance. The medical field is only just beginning to understand hormonal imbalance, especially estrogen dominance in women and its effect, some minor, some life threatening. If you're thinking of additional testing, blood tests are not accurate, only saliva test are truly accurate. However, both are expensive. Natural hormonal creams are by far a safer choice over synthetic HRTs. Natural hormonal creams are also an affordable, effective alternative and may be the only treatment you need. If you would like more information on the safest and purest creams available, plus a list of articles about this topic in general, email me at ____@____.com. I also have a CD by a female OB-GYN in Scottsdale that I find very informative and offer to friends and clients.

Warm regards,
P. C (Phoenix mom of 3, soon to be 50 and fabulous!)

I used to have those too , 10-15 days heavy for 3 yrs . I am now 50 yrs young and not having those issues any more . I now work from home , I love it , I am helping people have qulaity of life . My huhsband survived cancer with out chemo ....love to share how we did it thru nutrition . Contact me via email or phone ..###-###-#### . I live in Glendale

I have a couple of friends who have both had uterine ablation, and have both said it was the best decision EVER! They were both in similar situations. It's a fairly simple outpatient procedure. It's something you might want to consider! Try this link for more info.

YES! I'm almost 41 (have 4 kids) and was up to every other week for my cycles before I became pregnant with my daughter, now I'm up to two weeks of freedom between. I've been told by older female relatives this is completely normal and welcome to early menopause (as they smile knowingly). Not much smiling whilst enduring it. I have severe endometriosis and a prolapsed uterus, which makes it even more fun! I've tried to alter my diet using Jack LaLanne's mentor (bragg.com), yoga or tai-chi, and using the herb lobelia for cramps (can't get my vicadin here). This seems to help. Good luck, and feel free to contact me!

I can't give you advise (other than to see your Dr. to make sure that all is normal), but I can tell you that this is pretty much normal.

I haven't been able to take birth control since my 1st child was born 29 years ago. While it stops (or lessens) everybody else, it just increased my flow (3+ weeks) and I would have to go on supplements........

I just turned 50 (feel 25), and at about the same age, I started getting really bad cycles. The 1st one I remember was when we were on our way back to the East Coast for my Mother's memorial service (I was 43), and I figured that it was just stress - I've always had long & heavy cycles (5-7 days), but on my last round, I went thru 4 super plus tampons & overnight pads in 3 hours (not easy when you're at work). Check "Web M.D." and other sites that confront peri-menopause. I can't tell you what to watch out for (except for things that are not normal for you), because I get it all - I get cramps for about 3 days prior (Aleve saves me) and I flow anywhere from 7 days to 3 weeks now (heavy flow).

Please don't feel alone - See your Dr. (maybe Hormones will help you). Make sure that all is well. Best of luck!!

It sounds like you may have a hormone imbalance. Has anyone checked your hormone levels? Are you ovulating?

This is a very common problem and I'm surprised your gynecologist hasn't suggested further work up! Depending on your labwork, acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, lifestyle changes or possibly bioidentical hormones may be indicated to return your cycles to normal.

Dr. Weeshoff

Oh J.! Have I got some great news for you!!!

Have you ever heard of Estrogene Dominance?
Check out Dr John Lee's website. www.johnleemd.com
If you can relate to what he is talking about, I can help you get the Progestrone Cream that will change your life!!

I am an Independant Consultant with Arbonne International and they have a Progestrone cream that is bio-identical and will balance your system. I am a walking testimony for it.


ps if you would like me to send you more info, please let me know :)

Your cycle is controlled basically by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Perhaps these are out of balance. I would recommend seeking the assistance of an herbalist. Desert Sage Herbs in Chandler would be a good place to start.

Hi J.,

Your body is out of balance. This is typically a simple fix; but not one that's easy for all people. I am a Holistic Health & Nutritional Consultant and am happy to help you (having been there myself, too), if you're interested. If yes, please contact me directly at ###-###-#### or ____@____.com

Warm Regards,

Go see Steven Komadina, M.D. He is wonderful and can do lab work and sit with you to review options. You can improve your situation! His number is ###-###-#### and website is healthhorizonsusa.com. Good Luck, A.

You are probably in the early stages of menopause. My doctor ordered a blood test to confirm. You ought to have it done.

I started doing the same thing and it turned out my hormones were all but depleted. I take them everyday and no periods. Maybe you are going through menopause, which turned out why I started this. Usually start menopause about the same time your Mom did.
Good luck, and keep taking care of yourself.

I had the same problem. I am 39 and definitely done having children so my doctor recommended a procedure called Novasure. It is an entrometrial (sp?) abelation. It basically burns the lining in your uterus and prevents future periods. I had it done on Friday before Labor Day and was back on my feet by Tuesday. I had spotting for about a month afterwards and have not had a period since. You still have the monthly symptoms of a period but mine have decreased in intensity. It also doesn't mess things up when it comes to menopause. It is the best thing that I could have done. I hope this helps. Good Luck

Hi J.-
I'm not sure if you are done having children, but if you are... there is a procedure you might consider. I had it done last fall and I'm very happy with the results. It is called novasure... you can look it up to read more about it online.www.novasure.com.
Anyway, my periods have been heavy for years, 5-8 days of bleeding, and 2-3 days of that was very heavy, like super duper tampon plus pad, change it every hour, type of heavy! Also, as I got older (I'm 38), the frequency started getting closer and closer, so I didn't have much time to recover from the last one! The last year was terrible. I couldn't even go to the park with my sons because I had to be close to a bathroom.
Anway, now my periods are 2-3 days of VERY light bleeding (like a pantiliner)... much better! and they have been coming about once a month again.
It's only for those who are done having children, because it destroys the uterine lining. I hope some of this info helps... something to think about anyway. My insurance paid all but $25... it was great!
Take care,
Toni in Gilbert

Dear J.,

I am 44 and had the same issues you described after the birth of my second (and last) at the age of 37. It started gradual, but by the time I was 42 my periods were as close as every 14 days for 7 to 10 LONG days. I also had a pelvic ultrasound with no unusual findings. The OB I saw recommended birth control pills for just three months to get my system back on track. It worked very well. I did not want to go on the pill but was willing to try anything at that point and since it was only for three months I thought I would give it a try. I am very glad I did. I had some nurse friends who confirmed the OB's recommendation, so that made my decision a bit easier. Hope you can find a solution as well. It has now been almost 2 years and my periods have been "regular" and actually starting to slow down now it seems. C.

I had the same thing that also started when I was 45.At that time I too had not used the pill for 7 years. And it contuined off and on until I was 46 and a half with the periods being so heavy I would change a pad an hour all day and night for as long as 18 to 20 days.And now I will be 48 in Oct and have not had a period for 16 months. The two doctors I seen for this said it was what the change of life for me was going to be.I did take more vitms during this time to try to manage the problem of being tired all the time. I have two children one that will be 28 this month and my son that is going to be ten in may.

I am also 44 and have had what you are explaining, as well as excessive bleeding (as if it were my first period) and then I skip a month here and there. I had my last child only 2 years ago and I first thought that was why my cycle was so weird when it started back up but I have had no consistancy this entire past year. I talked to some of my school friends from back home only to find out they are experiencing similar things with their periods. I have to believe that are bodies are preparing in some ways for the "change". I am not on any birth control (tubes tied). I hope this information can be some sort of comfort for you. It was for me when I found out it wasn't just me.

Could be wrong but this sounds like you might be entering "menopause". Have you ever taken hormones? ie Premarin or something of that nature. Because I have a history of blood clots my dr. would only let me take them for three years but they "regulated" my periods while I got through menopause. I ended my periods completely at age 47. I am now 58 and haven't missed the menstrual cycles at all. Good luck.

Hi J.:
I have had great relief using our hormone balancing cream from Arbonne. It's called Prolief. If you read any of Dr Lee's books on Pre menapause "What your doctors don't tell you" it will help you understand. If you want more information please call me.
C. Wojtowicz, ERVP
Independent Consultant

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