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Dumb Mistake

I backed my car into my girlfriends car in my driveway. I am so upset at myself for not paying attention. Now we are trying to figure out the best way to handle the claim. Do we claim it on her insurance or mine? We don't want to call the insurance company until we think about it a little more. Has this happened to any of you, and if so, how did you handle it. Thanks for any help.

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I would get estimates first. You will have to pay the deductable for you claim, and she will too, if the damage is less than your deductables, don't involve the insurance companies....it will only increase your insurance.
Some insurance companies have the ability to have the deductable waived if a police report shows an at fault driver, but since no report was made, most likely both deducts will need to be paid.
The right thing to do would be to offer to pay her deductable, since it was your fault....accidents happen, and you guys are good friends, maybe she'll accept, maybe she won't...but offer none the less

I did this also , i backed in to my best friend new car. I just turned it to my insurance since it was my fault. The only thing that bother me was that use it also to rent a car at my insurance expense and didnot push the repair .when other family cars were in repair she wouldn't think of paying for a rental, but this is how it went down . We are still friends.
Hopes this helps
about me, when this happen all my 3 children were 12 and under, single and trying to make ends meet but i recouped. I have to look at it no was was hurt , and the car can be replaced. Hope this helps
S. h

Hey There!

Don't get too down on yourself. It happens every day - trust me (I work at an insurance company and see it alot).

If you are in Michigan, if her car was parked your insurance company will be paying for the damages sooner or later. If she turns in a claim to her insurance company they will subrogate your insurance carrier. The way the Michigan No-Fault Law is written states the Insurer (your insurance company) of the at fault vehicle is responsible for the damges. It will be considered an at fault accident. So, if you don't want to make a claim, you may want to have her get an estimate from a reputable body shop and then decide on whether to submit it to your carrier or pay it out of pocket. If you have a good agent, they should be able to tell you the pros and cons of turning it in. FOr example, if it is a $500 hit they could possibly tell you how much, if any, your insurance would increase if you turned in the claim. Then, you can make a decision.

Hope this helps!



I backed into our neighbors car while they were on vacation. When the owner returned we got recommendations for a good body shop and I repaired the car out of pocket...it was far less money than involving the insurance companies and damage was repaired and looked great. We are now good friends with this neighbor :oP

Good luck!

get a quote and possibly pay on your own .... I have done that before and if you could afford it would be the best.

Yes Michigan is a no fault state and you each file with your own companies...then depending on the type of collision your friend has she may have to pay it and then get it reimbursed from your company..........

Here is my advice ( I was backed into the house...so don't feel too bad)...get an estimate to fix it first. You are at fault, so if the estimate to fix it is more than her deductible, you will probably need to report it. Here is how it will work, she will pay her deductible aand then her insruance company will pay to fix her car and because she was not at fault, her insurance should not increase. She can make a claim to your insurance company for her deductible up to $500 (this is referred to as a mini tort claim). Your insurance company will pay this mini tort claim and your insurance will go up-- probably a lot. You are probably better off just paying for her repair and not reporting it at all.

Everyone makes mistakes. I know it might sound overboard but usually you have to have a police report to submit to the insurance companies, then I would suggest contacting both companies. You'll be found at fault and depending on your state law if you're in a No-Fault state (like Mchigan) then your insurance companies will both cover the damage on your own cars depending on your coverage. If you do live in a No-Fault state then that's where the police report comes in handy she will be able to submit it to your insurance company to get about $500 to help cover the cost of her deductable unless she only has PLPD, then that will be all she will get to fix her car. I wasn't hit by a friend but that's what I ran into in Michigan when I was hit. Personally I think that both of you need to sumbit if only to preserve your friendship.

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