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Driving at Speed Limit

So, I moved from TX to IN... It is a big change but where I have noticed it more is in the driving... I usually drive at the speed limit. Have 2 kids and the oldest is checking every little thing I do so, I been trying to be a good example but... what's wrong with people here? I have been passed, got naughty looks, saw some "fingers", and I can tell some have said some words I dare not to repeat... I don't go under the limit but don't go above either. Is police "softer" here and that's why people do it?

BTW.. I been driving on streets, not highways and I drive on the right lane, only moving to the left when I need to turn...

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Yep people over in this neck of the woods push the limit by at least 5 mph. I am not saying speed up, but if you feel comfy doing this you probably won't get bad looks or anything else if you speed up by 5 mph.

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Where I live, the speed limit really means nothing... In a 30, people will usually go 30. In a 55, people will usually go 60. In a 70, people will usually go 80. Lol

I'm personally a very vocal driver... And if I'm stuck behind some one whose going 70 in a 70... You can bet that I'll be mumbling profanities and banging my head on the wheel, praying that person will speed up. Lol

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Im just wondering are you driving in the left lane? I know I get impatient as all heck when someone who wants to drive the exact speed limit is in the left lane, or refuses to let anyone pass them. As long as you are driving in the right lane, and are making yourself passable dont worry about the other drivers or about speeding up.

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That is strange. People here drive fast, I drive fast but I pay no mind to the slow people unless they do stupid things, like driving slow in the fast lane. When four slow people decide the one MPH difference between them warrants each taking up one of the four lanes of the highway driving the rest of us out of our skin.

When the dam finally breaks I still don't flip off the one I pass but I surely roll my eyes.

So I guess either you drive among truly rude and impatient drivers or you are perhaps causing a bit of your own distress.

The police here only monitor the highways when there is money needed to be made. On the minor streets is where they focus, ya know, where someone or someone's child can be killed by just a bit over the limit.

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Yep people over in this neck of the woods push the limit by at least 5 mph. I am not saying speed up, but if you feel comfy doing this you probably won't get bad looks or anything else if you speed up by 5 mph.

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We have a mix of people here. Some are way over the limit, some are at the limit, and on the back roads the farm vehicles barely make it to 10 mph.
If you have a choice of lanes, the slower traffic should keep to the right as much as possible.
Let the crazy people fly by and hope a speed trap catches them later on.

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A., speaking for other concientious drivers here in Indiana, THANK YOU! <3

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Don't ever drive in California - they'll run your butt down if you're not going at least 15 over the speed limit. It's pretty bad here in Phoenix, too.

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Oh we're all crazy in Indiana lol. We get the same thing. my hubby goes 55 on the highway and people are constantly passing us. I go 60 and people still pass me. but no the police are not softer here. my husband was pulled over twice in the past 2 years for going 65 instead of 55 (which is why he now goes 55) but I will agree there are some horriable driver around. not just the speed limit, but people who pull out on the highway when you are only 100 yards away coming towards them, or people who treat 2way stops like four way, and think you should stop too even though you dont have a stop sign. we live near about an hour away from the ohio/ indiana border and we have more trouble driving around there. Like in lawerenceburg, because the speed limit changes once you hit ohio, and people don't notice the speed change from either state. the one thing I can't stand around here is all the farm equitment on the road. I respect their right to be on the road but indiana state law says that that if you have a slow moving vehicle sign and you have more then three vehicles behind you, you must pull over. Sometimes there are no places to pull over but alot of times they ignore the fact that there are 10 cars behind them.

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