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Does Allergy Pills Really Help Sinus Pain?

Just wondering if I take claritin or another allergy pill if it will help with all my sinus issues or at least help with the pain and pressure? Thanks

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I used to get chronic sinus infections, and no type of allergy pill ever helped. My doctor finally prescribed the generic form of Nasonex and that did the trick. It's a nasal spray, which is really annoying at first, but I got used to it after a couple weeks. Also it doesn't make me drowsy like most allergy pills.

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Our doctors say mucinex ( maybe spelled wrong ) helps and I have used it but take Zyrtec and that helps once you get it cleared up and helps to not get it again. Zyrtec is also a good drug, over other allergy medications, if you have itching or hives, etc. I also use a prescription nose spray like Nasonex. I would advise having a sinus x-ray or check from the doctor to be sure it's just sinus and not infection that does need cleared up first. Then use the other medications to keep it from coming back.

Hello. Have you been to the doctor yet? If not, please go. I tried to treat my minor sinus infection myself (it started around Halloween) and it would never fully go away. I had the horrible headaches, green snot, etc... that comes with the classic sinus infection. To make a long story short, i have had 6 rounds of antibiotics, a shot in the booty, and a CT scan all because i let my sinus infection go too long. It turns out it turned into staph infection in my face and has caused so much pain!!! I just found out (on 2-12-10) that i will most likely have to have the surgery that drills out my sinus's! So learn from me... i tried to save money in the beginning by not going to the dr. but it has cost me so much more in the end! I hope yours clears up!

It depends on the source of your sinus pain.

Allergy medications work differently - but all aim to prevent your body from responding to the allergan. For me, when I get hayfever and have severe congestion, I have to have the pseudoephedrine as well as a decongestant.

If you're having pain, look for a product that combines allergy medication + ibuprofen or acetominophen to reduce the swelling and pressure.

Your best bet is to ask your doctor to determine the cause and the pharmacist for a recommended product. As an FYI - all Tylenol and Advil PM are is Benadryl + the respective pain reliever. The Benadryl helps you sleep because of its sedative qualities and the pain relievers help to reduce inflammation/pain.

If you have a sinus infection, you're going to need antibiotics.

You can also try a Neti Pot to see if that helps clean some of the gunk out. I personally haven't tried one, but I hear great things about them.

I have good luck with Zrytec D and no luck with claritin.

I have bad sinus issues and Claritin did seem to work for me. I have both of my girl's on Singulair and it seems to be helping with their allergies as well. Try Claritin....if you are on a budget try a cheaper decongestant and some tylenol. That's what I have to do sometimes when money is tight. I stay on them every four hours until the symptoms are gone. If none of this works then see your doctor. There are much stronger ones you can take as well. But he will need to prescribe them. Good Luck!

I think you need a little more information from a dr., but in general things that have worked for me:
Claritin D - daily, mild sinus congestion from allergies
Mucinex D - heavy-duty, sinus infection congestion
nasal rinse - This is a good option when you feel like you are about to get an infection. Combined with gargling with salt water, it helps eliminate bacteria, and is a helpful preventative measure.
Good luck!

I use the Equate generic for Zyrtec...it works for me, but I have to take it daily as a maintenance drug. I also take Singular daily.

Between these two drugs, I am usually symptom-free. For the odd occasions (for example- this weekend I'm dogsitting my sister's dog & he sheds more than my two hypoallergenic dogs), I will have to use my inhaler. Oh, & then once/twice a year, I have to use a nasal spray....whatever the dr has free samples of.

I try to keep the house as allergy-free as possible, but with running a wood-burning stove for heat.....it's almost impossible!

I'm also a fan of the Neti Pot, you pour it in one side of the nose and it drains out the other taking all the congestion with it. If you're really stuffed up it might be hard to pour through at first, but will eventually make it through. Just read the instructions to do it right and it works great. In fact I have a headache today and might just go try to see if that's my problem first.

It really depends on whether or not the sinus issues is being caused by environmental allergies. That sort of thing used to help me. But eventually it all stopped. I've been to many doctors and tried many meds. The only thing that has ever given me relief is nasal spray. I'm told that I am just addicted to that. But they are whacked. I was in pain and always getting a sinus infection long before I ever even heard of nasal spray.

The best things you can do is avoid smoke and perfumes, clean with as much all natural products as possible, run room air purifiers in as many rooms as you can afford to, eat well, sleep as well as possible, and get pure peppermint and eucalyptus oils and put them on the filters in your air purifiers. These things help.

I also read all the time about cleaning out your sinuses with that yucka nette pot or whatever it's called. I am NOT desperate enough to try that!


It certainly could help unless your sinus issues have become an infection. If this is allergy related you can build your immune system to avoid future issues. If this is a one time thing and your sinuses are blocked or filled with green thick stuff all day.....probably need a doc.

I would suggest you see a ear nose an throat dr. to be tested for allergies, as too many sinus infections are due to allergies. Once they test you, they can determine what exactly your allergic to an that will help out alot. They might even recomend allergy shots to help with it. I was on them for awhile an it helped mine tremendously.

I had sinus infections and pain my WHOLE life. I got allergy testing done at age 22, and now get allergy injections every two weeks. I haven't had a sinus infection since. I have not been on an antibiotic and decongestant in 13 years. So, if you do have allergies, long term an allergy pill or allergy injection therapy will work but you have to take the pill every day year round. You have to build it up in your system. Does that make sense? My fave allergist was in Kansas actually!

I take zyrtec to prevent sinus problems. If I don't take it, then the irritation from the sneezing, etc. gets worse and sets me up to get an infection. Once you've got pain and pressure and congestion, a pain reliever that can reduce swelling, a decongestant, and drinking plenty of fluids could help. I think one of my doctors told me once that the allergy meds can sometimes make the mucus thicker and more difficult to get rid of.

I used to get chronic sinus infections, and no type of allergy pill ever helped. My doctor finally prescribed the generic form of Nasonex and that did the trick. It's a nasal spray, which is really annoying at first, but I got used to it after a couple weeks. Also it doesn't make me drowsy like most allergy pills.

In my experience, no. Do you use the Neil Med Sinus Rinse or a Netti Pot? I have had more luck with that than anything else. I am going to a chiropractor and possibly an acupuncturist soon, too because my sinus headaches get so bad.

I used to get miserable with sinus misery every time my allergies acted up, four or five times year, and it would last WEEEEEEKS, but once you go from allergy symptoms to sinus, the allergy meds won't help...will likely make you feel worse. There are lots of OTC sinus meds out there that should help in theory, but I found that I always felt worse (except just taking a pain reliever for the pain). If you try one, just try to match your symptoms to what the meds treat, otherwise you will feel worse (when my hubby buys himself meds he buys the first thing he sees and I'll be like, "this says for stuffy nose and cough. Are you coughing?" "No"). What might help is a neti pot, which someone recommended, or what is a little bit easier to use but the same idea is NielMed Sinus Rinse...I got mine at Walgreens. It will help to rinse all that junk out. What helped me a lot was using Nasalcrom (OTC nasal spray) which prevents allergy symptoms, which worked for me if I used it every day to prevent allergies, but I never know when my allergies are going to hit so it was hard to stay ahead of it when I got out of the habit of using it every day. Now what I usually do is use a nasal spray with xylitol (a natural sweetener)...it's called Xlear (but pronounced "clear). Xylitol prevents bacteria from sticking (or something like that)
It's also used in gum and mints to prevent cavities and even prevent ear infections. I've only been able to find it at health food stores (but I did see it in the vitacost catalog cheaper there) or since I have granular xylitol that I use in place of sugar, I put some of that in my saline spray and in my nasal wash when i use it. I just use it when I have allergy symptoms and try to use it several times a day....I still have allergy symptoms (which I don't bother taking meds for) but it doesn't progress to sinus misery...works for me. I'm trying to get my family to try it...they've all been on antibiotics for their sinuses this last month, and having reactions to them. Hope you get relief soon....I know how miserable sinus stuff can be. C.

I am the type of person who does not like to take medication. I will not take Tylenyol unless I am in a lot of pain and I have a high tolerance for pain. However, after having 4 sinus infections in a matter of a three month period. I finally got tired of it. And I would get at least 2 sinus infections a year. My doctor prescribed me Xyzol. It is a presciption not over the counter. However, I love it! I have not had any issues in the past year. I take it every night before bed. It is a low dose. When I don't take it, I can feel the difference. I have heard it is kinda costly, but my regualr co-pay is $30.00 and my doctor gives me this card from the makers of Xyzol and I save $20.00 every month so it ends up costing me $10.00. Once the card expires, I get another one from my doctor. You might want to check into that with your doctor and see if that would work for you. As far as the nasal sprays go. I have heard a lot of people say that they like them and they work really well for them, but I just have never been able to spray those sprays up my nose so I have not been able to try those. I would say, check with your doctor and see what will work best for you. Good luck!

Maybe. It depends on what your sinus issues are. If the congestion is due to allergies, then an allergy medicine should help. If it is due to infection or obstruction (deviated septum, polyps, etc) then an allergy medicine will not help. If you are having chronic sinus issues, you should probably see an otolaryngologist (ear/nose/throat doctor) to determine what your best course of action should be.

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