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Constipation in My 14 Week Old

HI, my 14 week old little boy has had a real difficult time with his digestion. Initially, we were dealing with him spitting up constantly and now he is going 3-5 days without a bowel movement. I have to admit that I am starting to get frustrated because I am breastfeeding and I feel like no matter what I eat it is bad for him. First I was avoiding gassy foods to decrease the spit up and now I need to avoid constipating foods. I feel like there is nothing that I can eat. I cut back on a lot of vegetables and salads because that was causing him gas, but because of that he is constipated. Are there any other mothers that had to deal with this. I feel so bad for him. He is so sad when he does not poop and he cries and strains all day. I am giving him pear juice and have done anal stimulation with a thermometer but he has gone 3 days again. The doctor wants him to see a GI doc if this continues and that really scares me. If anyone has any suggestions I would love it. Thanks

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Thank you so much for all the support and suggestions. It took 7 days for him to go and I think what finally caused it was I gave him prune juice and within 24 hours he went. It was not a hard solid poop, which leads me to believe that he was not actually constipated. Since the 7 day stretch he has been going every day to every other. I decided to limit my dairy intake and see if that helps him. He may just be one of those babies that does not need to go every day, but it was hard for me to see him not go for 7 days. If this continues to be a problem I may just give him an ounce of prune juice every week. Thank you again for all the support, L.

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I wish I had seen this earlier! An exclusively breastfed baby cannot be constipated. It is normal for some breastfed babies to go even 7-10 days without a bowel movement. The poop will be soft and wet and not dry or hard like you would see in a constipated baby who is not breastfed.

Here is some good information.

Hello L., banana and oatmeal every morning will work wonders also lots of water. NO CHOCOLATE OR SODA!!! Please keep us posted.

Hi L.,
I went through the exact same thing with my son. I adjusted my diet until I was eating rice and water --- or at least that's what it seemed. I eventually quit breastfeeding in hopes that formula would calm his digestion system down. It did not work. There was no change at all and then I regretted quitting breastfeeding. He eventually just outgrew it and everything seemed to work itself out. I did, however, always have to put a little prune juice in his bottle to keep his bowels moving. That worked great. I did this after I started him on formula. I just put some in his bottles. If you pump, you could give him some prune juice in a bottle. It really helped a lot. He was pooping regularly when I gave him the prune juice and it was such a simple answer. I hope this helps --- hang in there.

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Is the stool hard when he finally goes? My daughter used to go a few days before pooping then have a huge blow out. It wasn't until we started solids that she had REAL constipation. Where the stool was dry and hard and painful to pass. For her, Bananas are extremely binding! Another poster mention acidophilous (sp), my Ped recommended this as well for my daughter, as her constipation was pretty severe. Don't give up breastfeeding though, its still the best thing you can do for your baby!

Found this for you
Constipation in the Breastfed Baby

By Mary Bibb, BA, IBCLC

Breastfed newborn babies younger than 6 weeks old should have at least 3 stools a day. A young baby who is not stooling often probably needs more milk. An IBCLC can help with concerns about milk supply and baby’s milk intake. Having fewer than 3-5 bowel movements a day is not a problem if the baby is gaining weight well.

After 6 weeks of age, some healthy breastfed babies have bowel movements far less often. If the baby seems happy, is gaining weight well, and the stools are soft when they are passed, then it is not a problem. Usually the stool will be very large if it has been a few days (or even more) since baby last made a dirty diaper.

Constipation occurs when the stool is hard and dry when it is passed, not when baby has infrequent stools. A constipated baby might be ill, especially if he is also vomiting frequently, does not want to breastfeed, seems weak and has a dry mouth. If your baby has these symptoms, get immediate medical care.

Babies and toddlers can get constipated from cow’s milk based formulas, cow’s milk and rice cereal. Exclusively breastfed babies rarely get constipated, but once other foods are added the stools get firmer. The baby’s doctor, a registered dietician, or an IBCLC can help you figure out which foods might be causing a problem. Check with the baby’s doctor if you are concerned about your baby’s pattern of bowel movements.

Hello L., banana and oatmeal every morning will work wonders also lots of water. NO CHOCOLATE OR SODA!!! Please keep us posted.

the symptoms you described could be linked to lactose intolerance.
this just means he may be having problems digesting your milk.

since you're nursing, try avoiding all milk or milk products for three days to see if that helps.
Dairy Ease has a great lactose free milk you can drink.

Since you are breastfeeding, you do need to make sure you are eliminating anything at all that could be an allergan. When people mentioned the lactose intolerance, I believe that goes for dairy you are eating as well.
One thing I have done for my son and I did for my daughter when she was a baby was probiotics. These are the beneficial bacteria like what's found in yogurt. The holistic doctor I took my son to recommended putting a little bit on a spoon mixed with a little water and then spooning it in his mouth. Honestly though, I find it easier to add to a bottle. She recommended 2 times a day. In addition to helping regulate digestion, probiotics will help keep him healthy as well.
In the past I have bought Jarrow brand Baby Acidophilus from the health food store, although the holistic doctor had a different brand for my son. You can find the better acidophilus in a refrigerated case at a health food store like Palm Harbor Natural Foods or Nature's Food Patch.
Please do your research if you take your son to the GI doctor and he/she recommends a prescription. Many of the medicines may be fine for short term, but for optimal health you want to try and avoid long term use of them (especially meds that alter the way a body digests because the system will become lazy and used to having assistance with that process).
Good luck!

Hi L.,

It does sound like your little one is lactose intolerant. My sister had ths same problem with my niece. You may want to talk to your ped. about milk alternatives. Also, you may want to try prune juice for the constipation. Since he's only 14 wks, just a teaspoon mixed with a little water (about 1/4c), just enough to thin it out and give him enough to drink. This works wonders for constipation...even as they get older...just adjust the mixture as they get older. Good luck!

Please check out a supplement called Primal Defense at www.gardenoflife.com. Although this comes in a capsule, you could crush it and give it to him in juice or water. This supplement is remarkable and will remove his gas and relieve his constipation, allowing you to eat what you choose. The owner of the company, Jordan Rubin, almost died at the age of 19 from Crohn's disease and was saved with this supplement. Read his first book for the details.

Best of luck and many blessings to you and your son.

G. Morotti

it sounds like he might be lactose intolerant. This gives a baby constipation and fussynesss associated with collic. Try switching him to a soy formula for a few days and see if it improves, but still make a GI I am in the Tampa area and I am trying to give these away to the new moms in the area. it's simply a card that takes info, photo and fingerprints of your son, so you have it on record, so if god forbd anything would happen you would have a record handy. If you're interested please email me here or at ____@____.com

we had the same problem with my son after he was put on medication to control his reflux at 2 months. Our pediatrician had us supplement with a 1 ounce bottle twice a day, 1/2 water and 1/2 juice. We were advised to stick with either pear or white grape because they are the most mild for a young baby's stomach. The other thing we have had to do is use Mylanta or Maalox. We were initially told to use it to control his reflux but found that it softened his stool a lot and use just 1cc twice a day. It may take a few hours to work, but it does work!

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