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Constipation in My 14 Week Old

HI, my 14 week old little boy has had a real difficult time with his digestion. Initially, we were dealing with him spitting up constantly and now he is going 3-5 days without a bowel movement. I have to admit that I am starting to get frustrated because I am breastfeeding and I feel like no matter what I eat it is bad for him. First I was avoiding gassy foods to decrease the spit up and now I need to avoid constipating foods. I feel like there is nothing that I can eat. I cut back on a lot of vegetables and salads because that was causing him gas, but because of that he is constipated. Are there any other mothers that had to deal with this. I feel so bad for him. He is so sad when he does not poop and he cries and strains all day. I am giving him pear juice and have done anal stimulation with a thermometer but he has gone 3 days again. The doctor wants him to see a GI doc if this continues and that really scares me. If anyone has any suggestions I would love it. Thanks

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Thank you so much for all the support and suggestions. It took 7 days for him to go and I think what finally caused it was I gave him prune juice and within 24 hours he went. It was not a hard solid poop, which leads me to believe that he was not actually constipated. Since the 7 day stretch he has been going every day to every other. I decided to limit my dairy intake and see if that helps him. He may just be one of those babies that does not need to go every day, but it was hard for me to see him not go for 7 days. If this continues to be a problem I may just give him an ounce of prune juice every week. Thank you again for all the support, L.

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I wish I had seen this earlier! An exclusively breastfed baby cannot be constipated. It is normal for some breastfed babies to go even 7-10 days without a bowel movement. The poop will be soft and wet and not dry or hard like you would see in a constipated baby who is not breastfed.

Here is some good information.

Hello L., banana and oatmeal every morning will work wonders also lots of water. NO CHOCOLATE OR SODA!!! Please keep us posted.

Hi L.,
I went through the exact same thing with my son. I adjusted my diet until I was eating rice and water --- or at least that's what it seemed. I eventually quit breastfeeding in hopes that formula would calm his digestion system down. It did not work. There was no change at all and then I regretted quitting breastfeeding. He eventually just outgrew it and everything seemed to work itself out. I did, however, always have to put a little prune juice in his bottle to keep his bowels moving. That worked great. I did this after I started him on formula. I just put some in his bottles. If you pump, you could give him some prune juice in a bottle. It really helped a lot. He was pooping regularly when I gave him the prune juice and it was such a simple answer. I hope this helps --- hang in there.

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Is the stool hard when he finally goes? My daughter used to go a few days before pooping then have a huge blow out. It wasn't until we started solids that she had REAL constipation. Where the stool was dry and hard and painful to pass. For her, Bananas are extremely binding! Another poster mention acidophilous (sp), my Ped recommended this as well for my daughter, as her constipation was pretty severe. Don't give up breastfeeding though, its still the best thing you can do for your baby!

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Constipation in the Breastfed Baby

By Mary Bibb, BA, IBCLC

Breastfed newborn babies younger than 6 weeks old should have at least 3 stools a day. A young baby who is not stooling often probably needs more milk. An IBCLC can help with concerns about milk supply and baby’s milk intake. Having fewer than 3-5 bowel movements a day is not a problem if the baby is gaining weight well.

After 6 weeks of age, some healthy breastfed babies have bowel movements far less often. If the baby seems happy, is gaining weight well, and the stools are soft when they are passed, then it is not a problem. Usually the stool will be very large if it has been a few days (or even more) since baby last made a dirty diaper.

Constipation occurs when the stool is hard and dry when it is passed, not when baby has infrequent stools. A constipated baby might be ill, especially if he is also vomiting frequently, does not want to breastfeed, seems weak and has a dry mouth. If your baby has these symptoms, get immediate medical care.

Babies and toddlers can get constipated from cow’s milk based formulas, cow’s milk and rice cereal. Exclusively breastfed babies rarely get constipated, but once other foods are added the stools get firmer. The baby’s doctor, a registered dietician, or an IBCLC can help you figure out which foods might be causing a problem. Check with the baby’s doctor if you are concerned about your baby’s pattern of bowel movements.

Hello L., banana and oatmeal every morning will work wonders also lots of water. NO CHOCOLATE OR SODA!!! Please keep us posted.

the symptoms you described could be linked to lactose intolerance.
this just means he may be having problems digesting your milk.

since you're nursing, try avoiding all milk or milk products for three days to see if that helps.
Dairy Ease has a great lactose free milk you can drink.

Since you are breastfeeding, you do need to make sure you are eliminating anything at all that could be an allergan. When people mentioned the lactose intolerance, I believe that goes for dairy you are eating as well.
One thing I have done for my son and I did for my daughter when she was a baby was probiotics. These are the beneficial bacteria like what's found in yogurt. The holistic doctor I took my son to recommended putting a little bit on a spoon mixed with a little water and then spooning it in his mouth. Honestly though, I find it easier to add to a bottle. She recommended 2 times a day. In addition to helping regulate digestion, probiotics will help keep him healthy as well.
In the past I have bought Jarrow brand Baby Acidophilus from the health food store, although the holistic doctor had a different brand for my son. You can find the better acidophilus in a refrigerated case at a health food store like Palm Harbor Natural Foods or Nature's Food Patch.
Please do your research if you take your son to the GI doctor and he/she recommends a prescription. Many of the medicines may be fine for short term, but for optimal health you want to try and avoid long term use of them (especially meds that alter the way a body digests because the system will become lazy and used to having assistance with that process).
Good luck!

Hi L.,

It does sound like your little one is lactose intolerant. My sister had ths same problem with my niece. You may want to talk to your ped. about milk alternatives. Also, you may want to try prune juice for the constipation. Since he's only 14 wks, just a teaspoon mixed with a little water (about 1/4c), just enough to thin it out and give him enough to drink. This works wonders for constipation...even as they get older...just adjust the mixture as they get older. Good luck!

Please check out a supplement called Primal Defense at www.gardenoflife.com. Although this comes in a capsule, you could crush it and give it to him in juice or water. This supplement is remarkable and will remove his gas and relieve his constipation, allowing you to eat what you choose. The owner of the company, Jordan Rubin, almost died at the age of 19 from Crohn's disease and was saved with this supplement. Read his first book for the details.

Best of luck and many blessings to you and your son.

G. Morotti

it sounds like he might be lactose intolerant. This gives a baby constipation and fussynesss associated with collic. Try switching him to a soy formula for a few days and see if it improves, but still make a GI I am in the Tampa area and I am trying to give these away to the new moms in the area. it's simply a card that takes info, photo and fingerprints of your son, so you have it on record, so if god forbd anything would happen you would have a record handy. If you're interested please email me here or at ____@____.com

we had the same problem with my son after he was put on medication to control his reflux at 2 months. Our pediatrician had us supplement with a 1 ounce bottle twice a day, 1/2 water and 1/2 juice. We were advised to stick with either pear or white grape because they are the most mild for a young baby's stomach. The other thing we have had to do is use Mylanta or Maalox. We were initially told to use it to control his reflux but found that it softened his stool a lot and use just 1cc twice a day. It may take a few hours to work, but it does work!

I wish I had seen this earlier! An exclusively breastfed baby cannot be constipated. It is normal for some breastfed babies to go even 7-10 days without a bowel movement. The poop will be soft and wet and not dry or hard like you would see in a constipated baby who is not breastfed.

Here is some good information.

I know this question is from months/years ago, but I think I just stumbled upon wise advice that all of us moms should know. It is a FREE replay of an interview with Donna Gates, who wrote "The Body Ecology Diet."

Wow. That does sound scary. I'd think that seeing a GI Doc is the right thing to do, but I do have one suggestion based on personal experience........A healthy diet including plenty of raw fruits and veggies should be a priority for YOU, (they say about 5 to 9 total) so you can pass the nutrients to your baby. It will also insure he have regular bowel movements, and help you keep you at a healthy weight. I've found that buying "Rexal" Muti-Enzyme Formula, found in the vitamin isle at WalMart, and using them according to the label recommendations, TOTALLY makes a difference in how my body processes both raw and cooked foods. I have little to no gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, water retention, etc. They are also inexpensive. Also, the use of Activa or even just plain yogurt, eaten by you, say two 1/2 cup servings per day, will help you and your baby, also. I'd suggest doing both, for a week or two, then see how both of you feel! I won't eat a meal without the enzymes anymore. I even take them (2 or 3 in my purse or pocket) while eating out.

Call a lactationists, such as La Leche. They can suggest a diet for you. I weaned my diet to deal with gas and then slowly introduced foods back in to see what my son would react to. Note: a breastfed baby will probaly not poop every day; its normal to go every 2-3 days. If he is straining, that is not good. Call La Leche. Are you producing enough milk to keep him hydrated???

There is a natural dietary supplement that you can add to the first bite of your every meal to reduce the gas producing enzymes in your milk called beano. You just add a few drops of it to your food. You can pick it up at CVS or Walgreens. It is completely safe and then you can have a broader diet with more fibrous foods and relieve your precious baby's constipation.

I breastfed for many years(all my children) and learned MANY secrets. My daughter was not able to drink from a bottle so she went straight from breast to table food. Garlic will make your milk sweeter.... just an odd fact that may help you out as well.

Hope this helps.


HI L.!~ Yes - I have been there. Pears are actually constipating. For such a young baby, you can give dark karo syrup diluted in distilled water. I do not remember the ratio, but it was about a tspn. of karo to a few ounces of water. This usually helps.

You can also massage your baby's tummy. While he's lying down, rub the tummy clockwise gently pushing down on the sides of the belly and lessening the pressure when passing the center of the belly. This will help move things along in the intestine.

Also bend his knees up and down while he's laying on his back. This can help release gas.

Another remedy I wish I had known about for my daughter is rooibos tea. I have been in the tea business for 2 years now & have discovered the miracles of rooibos (African red bush). It is given to babies with stomach problems & colic in S.Africa. It has anti-spasmodic qualities (soothing intestinal cramping) & totally caffeine free. It also has a slight sweet taste, so no need to sweeten it for your baby. You can read more about it online and all the other amazing health benefits for all ages. If you are going to try this, get a rooibos that is not blended with other flavors.

My daughter has always had constipation problems - she is 5 now & we still limit her intake of the following:
apples, cheese, yogurt, dairy, pears, bananas, I think cooked carrots are on the list, starchy whites, and she takes a little bit of Miralax each week in her morning drink.

Best of luck!

Go to the DR! My baby (who is 4 now) starting projectile vomitting @ 3 weeks old to the day. I called the pediatrician and he seemed kind of "no big deal". My husband and I were freaking out - because I was breast feeding and she never even drooled milk afterwards - let alone spitting up. We took her to the ER (Arnold Palmer in Orlando) and after several abdominal exams, X-rays, and a spinal tap - they admitted her because they were afraid that she was contagious or something. The next morning (a Sunday) they were doing X-rays again, she had tubes through her nose to her stomach, heart monitors, blood oxygen monitors, and an IV. They were pumping barium (?) in and out of her stomach as they were doing the x-ray. A surgeon who was just making rounds, stuck his head in and asked what was going on. He took one look at the pictures and said "pyloric stenosis - we need to do surgery". I was bawling like a baby. He asked me when the last time that she had eaten was (7:30 the night before in the ER), and said that they would do the surgery when they got an anesthesiologist and scrub nurse in. I was FREAKING. He told me that they do 3-5 of those operations A WEEK, and that it is fairly common. He complemented me for being an over anxious - obsessive first time mommy - because he said that most pediatricians keep telling moms to try eating something different, keep a food diary etc. When that doesn't change anything, they switch to formula, when that doesn't change anything, they switch formulas, mean while the baby is getting weaker and smaller and has to be hospitalized for a week on IV fluids to get strong enough to tolerate the surgery. He said that it is very common in first born baby boys, and that my daughter was probably the smallest that he had operated on. She did fine, was able to eat again immediately, and has had no problems since. (pyloric stenosis is when the muscle at the base of the stomach is growing to thick - or closed, he described the procedure as similar to opening a hot dog bun) Interestingly enough - in addition to eating less, and throwing up, she wasn't going to the bathroom either - that was one of the clues that they were looking for. The surgery and whole experience was scary for me - but the professionals all said that it is very common, and since then, I have met many people who have had or know someone who has had to deal with the same thing - and they were all boys - just like the Doc said! We were at that same hospital again about 6 months ago -for an unrelated event and the surgeon saw her name on the board and stopped in to check on her and gave her a Care Bear. Interestingly, she picked up MRSA at the church based part time day care that I had recently started her at 2 days a week for the first time, and that's what we were at the hospital for that time. Needless to say, MRSA and the fact that the day care was ridiculing my daughter about the potty training thing, and she was shown her first PG movie there - she doesn't go to day care any more. Her social life consists entirely of the friends of mine who have children, or dance class.
Good luck! The scariest disease of all is denial - get to the Dr. and get that belly looked at, and if you aren't satisfied with the answer you get there - go somewhere else! And if you happen to be near Central Fl- go to Arnold Palmer!

I've just read the other responsed that I couldn't see before I made my first response, so now I'm editing. One more thought - ok two. First - my baby was being breast fed excluvely - except that when we were at the race track with my husband and it was HOT - I felt like she must be roasting too, so I gave her some nursery water in a bottle. I mentioned it to my pediatrician - and he freaked and told me to only give VERY LIMITED amounts of water to her under extreme conditions as young babies can not metabolise it and it can cause brain damage. Also - on another note, after the surgery she did fine with breast milk - despite the amounts of regular milk that I would drink in a day. When we started her on a milk sippy cup with dinner at about 15 months old - she stopped sleeping through the nights and we started going through mylecon drops like crazy. It was my lactose intolerant husband that put it all together - we switched her to lactaid and soy milk and she has been fine since. (kind of a pain because we have to carry it everywhere we go - not an option in restaurants for kids, and soda is not an option for her in my book) Also - the dentists and nutritionists caution against too much juice - wrecks the teeth, have been told to just have her eat the fruit, drink her lactaid or soy and water water water.(the occasional juice box is like a coctail to her - a huge treat)

You are doing great and I hope some of this advice has helped you so far! I had the same problem with my son when he was younger. He is now 5.5 months and he still has constipation but it has gotten so much better. I think they just have to develop the digestive tract. So I did a massage that I read about on the internet from a doctor and it really helped and also doing the bicycle with his little legs.

The massage technique is starting at his stomach around clockwise in a circle 15 times. Then bring up his legs bent at the hip 15 times. Then massage down from his stomach to pelvis 15 times. Then bring up legs again 15 times. I would repeat this a few times. Now the massage is a gentle massage not hard at all but not too soft either. Well it seemed to help my baby a little but time seemed to be the only real cure!! Hope this helps a little.



I know it is tough when they do this, but there are things that you can still try. Get a can of SOY Good Start and suppliment one feeding a day with it. I had this same problem with my oldest daughter, and it got so bad that I had to give up breast feeding (which was more traumatic for me then her) and switch to soy formula all together. Incidently, she is now 5 and lactose intollerant, which the doctor suspects she has been all along. As I understand it, this is not something that they can test for until they are at least five, as allergies don't present properly unless they are extreme. On this same note, you may want to try switching to lactose free milk and avoid all dairy, as this may help. Ask yourself this question, "Why are humans the only animals on Earth that are NOT weaned off milk as they get older?"

Hi L.. I feel like I could have written your response. My son is now 5 months old but from birth to about 3 months, he only pooped once every 3-5 days. Because he was breastfed, our pediatrician said he couldn't get constipated. His bowel movements were infrequent but when they came, they were soft and mushy like they were supposed to be. However, the 3-5 days in between were miserable. He would strain and grunt forever and was constantly crying. We began to give him mylanta 2-3 times a day and that seemed to help. He would at least start to go once a day. Now he goes after almost every feeding. It will get better. Keep doing what your doing. Some babies just don't go every day. I think if his bm's are soft and mushy, then it's not that big of a deal. Best of luck to you.

I didn't breastfeed but my little ones both had trouble sometimes pooping... My doctor told me to get small glycerin suppositories ( you can get these in a small round jar at CVS or Walgreens in the isle with the laxatives and stomach issues stuff ) and just hold it in their butt until they go... It will get messy but it will help. I would try this before you go to a GI Doctor.

K. J.

Yes, I have (and still do sometimes deal w/ this w/ my baby girl who's now one years old). When she was young like yours, we used Karo syrup in her bottles. I want to say one tsp. Make sure you get the DARK Karo syrup (it's located in the grocery w/ the pancake syrups). The sugar makes them go. Also, once she's a little older and eating fruits, blueberries worked very well for mine. We were seeing a GI specialist who also told me to use Milk of Magnesia (1 tsp) - but I forget what age that was ok. So, ask your doctor about the KARO and the Milk of Mag. It works like a charm!! One time recently mine was trying to pass a very thick BM and it was stuck half way out - so horrendous for my baby (and me as I didn't know how to help her so when I called they said to put her in a warm bath to relax her). So, maybe try that as well. Best wishes!!

I understand what you are going through. I have two daughters and I'm pregnant with my third child, hoping for a healthy boy. My youngest daughter is 3 now and has suffered with constipation since she was born. I breastfed for only 3 wks because my milk ran out due to stress. I have had 2 c-sections and the medicine I was given for pain my GI doctor thinks could have caused it from birth, but feels it shouldn't have lasted this long. I gave her watered down prune juice an ounce at a time and I did the stimulation as well. She was going regularly after that and then she would have lots of pain at 16months old. I'm not saying that this will happen to your beautiful boy, but I just wanted to share with you my own experiences with my poor daughter who has to take miralax daily in order to have normal bowel movements. My GI doctor is Dr Michelle Winsette and she is awesome. She is located in Tampa at the St Joseph's medical center and her phone # is ###-###-####.
I also want to tell you that I have two girls that are developementally delayed and my little girl still doesn't talk yet to tell me what's wrong. So I definitely understand when your child can't talk and is in pain that it is difficult. I can only pray for you and hope for the best. She is also a picky eater with sensory input issues. I hope whatever info I gave you has helped. Try to eat some fruits like peaches, or even grapes to see if that works while you are breast feeding. Good Luck!! S. Frazis

Oh sweety,
I have been there! I know what it is like. I have 2 that are very constipated kids! I suggest drinking Plum Smart Juice. It is good for digestion and then get him to the doc to just make sure all is well. You don't want to know all that I have been through with my youngings or rather what they have been through!
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My son is now 14 but from the day he was born almost he was put on prune juice. He didn't have BM's either and he's never really been a daily goer even now but it helped him go several times a week at least. He was also collicy but he was always bottle fed. I never produced any milk even though I wanted to and planned on breatfeeding him. Ask your pediatrician. It worked for us.

Hi L.,

The issue may not be what you are eating. It might be your baby's digestive system. I would recommend herbs like fennel and catnip in liquid form. Use a 2-3 drops under the tongue before or after the baby nurses.

Hi L.! I had a similar problem when my youngest was about 3 months. He just stopped pooping! He would go a week and sometimes more with no bowel movement. I felt like he was straining and cranky. I started giving him suppositories to stimulate it and he would go but it was never very much. Finally I called my dr and she said that it is common for babies who are exclusivly breastfed to go a week or two with no bowel movement. They are using all the nutrients and there is no waste. I also read the same thing online. I finally added a little formula to his diet, and eventually all formula, and he began to go more regulary. Hope this helps!

My daughter had the same problem with constipation when she was a few weeks old. My doctor suggested Karo syrup and water or apple juice. Hope this helps a little. Below is a part of an article about using Karo syrup.


****Corn syrup has often been used by parents to manage constipation in infants, though it is not always necessary. Often, just giving the baby as much as two ounces of water once or twice a day is all that is needed to soften the stools. For infants who are already on solid foods (five months or older), pureed prunes are another good way to treat constipation.

If you are going to give your baby corn syrup, the syrup should be put into water, not into the baby's formula, and just a small amount should be added. A teaspoon in two ounces of water is a reasonable amount. Corn syrup is sweet like sugar, and when it gets into the intestine it stimulates it to move the stool along. It also draws a little more fluid into the intestine, thus making the stools less hard. You don't want to overdo it though, because too much can cause diarrhea and change the balance of salt in the body very easily.****

L. - I have dealt with two babies just like this!!! It is VERY frustrating!!! Instead of pear juice, try prune juice. Equal parts of prune juice to water at first. My GI started my oldest (who is now 4) on prune juice at 3 weeks old! We actually started with a medicine dropper (1tsp with half water half prune juice). It worked like a charm. I would do this every day, but it worked. After a while we were up to 2-3 oz (half & half) a day, but it kept him regular (every day to every other day) until I could feed him solids that would help as well.

As for the spitting up - if he is still spitting up a lot, then he may need either something that is thicker than breast milk or may have reflux. It is hard to make a suggestion when you are breast feeding. Because of all of the digestion issues both of my children had, I was only able to breast feed for a few weeks each - I then had to change to bottle to accomodate their digestion issues. If you need a referral for a GREAT pediatric GI - Dr. Arasu is at St. Josephs and his number is ###-###-####.

Good luck!

Listen to your PEdi this might be a medical issue that needs to be taken care of now. I would suggest mylacon drops it might help. good luck

I haven't read the other responses, but I have heard from every other mom I know as well as having my own kids go throught the same thing. Don't worry our kids can go from runny poop to constipated in half a day!;)

Congrats on continuing the breast feeding - I'm doing and have done the same with all three of mine. Don't worry about the veggies, you need them so does he, sounds like a little reflux. If you're still taking a prenatal vitamin that would do it too!!! Try switching to a kids multi vitamin. It has more folic acid than regular vita but not too much thiamine and niacine which can cause a toxic build up, especially if you eat fortified grain cereals and snacks or alot of celery.

Anyway my sis-in-law was having issues with her premie having bad gas and not being able to nurse due to the pain. I advised her the same way. One day after stopping the prenatal and switching to a gummi multi-vit, her daughter was able to comfortably nurse, she had issues with spitting up too. My brother and I have reflux (not clinically diagnosed or medicated but match the symptoms 100% - plus my kids all have it from severe to mild) so that added to the discomfort.

Sleep propped up with the baby on your chest our put a few towels - or one rolled up under the head of the matress in the crib. They have foam wedges too or you can look up G.E.R.D. Gastro Esophageial Reflux Disorder too.

Godd luck, and congratulations.

I had some of the same issues L.. My daughter was always constipated around 12 weeks to 20, but the doctor never seemed worried and just had me give her a couple ounces of prune juice a day. It seemed to help and eventually her body just adjusted and I could stop the juice. This may be hard since you are nursing, but it's also a good way to introduce a bottle so she can get used to both. Good Luck.

Hi L.,
I went through the exact same thing with my son. I adjusted my diet until I was eating rice and water --- or at least that's what it seemed. I eventually quit breastfeeding in hopes that formula would calm his digestion system down. It did not work. There was no change at all and then I regretted quitting breastfeeding. He eventually just outgrew it and everything seemed to work itself out. I did, however, always have to put a little prune juice in his bottle to keep his bowels moving. That worked great. I did this after I started him on formula. I just put some in his bottles. If you pump, you could give him some prune juice in a bottle. It really helped a lot. He was pooping regularly when I gave him the prune juice and it was such a simple answer. I hope this helps --- hang in there.

My now 6 month old baby had the spit up, the gassiness and the bowel movmt. trouble. I understand that if you are breastfeeding, the baby may not necessarily have a poop for up to 5 days, after that it may be painful. At around 2 months, the doctor suggested combining an ounce of breastmilk with an ounce of baby food-prunes. Mixed it and fed him for a couple days (once a day should be enough, twice if serious) and it helped. Use it like a snack. I'm not sure about the pear juice but I was told to hold off on those until he was bigger. If the baby was still struggling even with the anal stimulation and the prunes, we used a tiny suppository to soften the stool. That is only in extreme cases, though. The baby should not get used to that. Breastfed babies tend to absorb the liquid in the milk more and sometimes go a week without a poop. If he is uncomfortable than I would resort to these measures. Also, we learned to massage his tummy in a backward C position starting from the top of his belly botton to the right, down and then accross to the left bellow the belly button. It helps with spit up, too. Hope this is helpful. And eating veggies should be helpful, even for milk production too. I eat a lot of Chinese leafy greens....yummy and healthy. No broccoli or cauliflower and water is wonderful too. Some babies just need more time to develop their tummies!! Good luck.

Hi L.. First of all, take a breath, you are doing fine! The fact that you are seeking outside advice says a lot about how awesome of a mom you are. I also breastfed. I had similar trouble, only my daughter vomited EVERYTHING and it wasn't until month 3 that the drs finally decided to prescripe Zantac. Against the advice of the pediatrician, I watched my gassy foods and such. The doctors say that babies need to build tolerances, but I needed sleep! (as I am sure you know!) After about 3 days of the zantac, she stopped the vomiting and spit up maybe 2x a day. We went from 5-6 outfits a day, to like 1 or 2! There was a major difference. She didn't like the medicine, but she became used to it. Then about 7-8 months later, we stopped giving it as often and she was fine. Our pediatricians said to not worry until day 10 of constipation. But she only went a max of 3 days, so we didn't have to worry so much about that. I did have to stop eating tomato based sauces/foods and no cow's milk! That was the worst for her tiny belly. Good luck and always remember, life is like a rollercoaster, with a new twist waiting around the corner. Your baby will teach you what you need to learn, just let him. :-)

Hi, L.

I hope your little one is doing better... I just wanted to say that you should try giving your son guava juice instead of apple juice. Guava juice is very good for your digestive and it sure helped my youngest son when he was constipated. You may want to water it down since he is still a newborn and just little amounts - maybe an ounce at a time. You can find guava juice at Publix in the ethnic aisle and you can buy it in a blue can or in a blue carton - the brand name is Jumex. And I think you are doing a great job! :-)

I would try a probiotic from a health food store. That should help him.

I'm not sure why regular Docs don't seem to get this...but the research is there and I can tell you by experience that very often the culprit is MIlK. We tried everything with my first it wasn't until she was 3 or 4 years old that we finally listend to the "other kind" of doctors and took her off of milk. And it changed everything. We've have 4 children and none of them can drink milk. Luckily they didn't all have to suffer as long as their older sister. As a nursing mother I had to give up milk. And they all drink rice milk now. My oldest ended up with hemroids at 2 yrs old. The doctor said " a two year old can't have hemroids" then he looked...and was silent a few minutes...and then said "that does look like hemroids!"
They told me to give her prune juice and grape juice and lots and lots of juice....it didn't help and it reaked havoc on her pooor little teeth.
Sorry to go on and on, but really try getting rid of milk in your diet and also enzymes help tremendously. There's so much about this on the net all you have to do is look. And it's not all from naturpaths or homeopaths either. Regular md's have done research as well, but somehow the info just isn't mainstream yet.
Good luck

I had similar problems with my oldest daughter. I got a lot of diferent advice, including stop breast feeding and start har on a soy based formula. The soy formula did not help for her. I regretted not nursing when the soy formula was not working. I did try to Karo syrup and water, that helped. When my younger daughter had problems and would not take a bottle I tried eating shredded wheat for breakfast, and drinking prune juice with lunch. It kept me way more regular than i wanted to be, but I was SAHM so it did not matter. I also bought a suppository that was over the counter and used it evrey other day, but only if I felt like she was becoming very fussy and that was the problem. It was very messy though, and you only needed a small amount. You don't want to use it to often, because they can become dependant. I also used mylicon drops to help with the gas. I tried to give her warm baths twice a day, that help her to relax, and helped to stimulate blwel movements. I would let her sit in the baby bath for a little while, sometimes even adding warm water and removing cold water. WHat works today may not work tomorrow. Trust yourself and do not feel like you are doing anything wrong. I would try different things at home to get relief before I went to the GI. Good Luck.

Hi L.... I am a Neonatal ICU baby nurse and also my own children needed help "pooping" when they were babies. We use a litle "chip" off of a pediatric or infant glycerin suppository to help our babies stay regular. Just use a tiny piece, like half the size of the tip of the suppository... smaller than half the size of the tip of your pinky.. put a little lubricant on it.. K-Y or vasaline or mineral oil... and push it in past the rectal sphincter so it will stay in for at least a few moments. I think it gives the baby "focus" on where to push and the "gas" will blast out with any stool.... also rubbing GENTLY, clockwise on your baby's tummy or putting a plastic glove with warm water tied into it may help. And also there are tiny fleets enemas for babies available... just be gentle, don't force anything.. babies rectal mucosas are very delicate so the thermometer is not recommended any more... Good Luck to you and your baby! Sincerely, D. ____@____.com

Hi L. this problem is not new. I am a grandmother and have 24 nieces and nephews and almost as many great nieces and nephews. I recall a few of them having this problem.in all cases the pediatrician had to stretch the rectum,because it was too small and created pain when having a bowel movement.things have changed so much i don't know if thats what they do today.ask your doctor about it. Good luck

It's always a little scary to get referred to a specialist, but the GI doc could hold the answers. My son was a big spitter too, though constipation has never been an issue, more like the other extreme. He was breast fed, and would just gorge himself on the milk. Long story short, after starting with solids he wasn't gaining weight and height as much as he should. After a few checkups with little weight/height gain our pediatrician refferred us to the GI specialist around 17 months. They ran many tests for a variety of things including common allergies, and we found out he was allergic to cows milk and eggs. That helped to identify what the problem was. Now he's doing much better now that we know what the issue is and what to avoid. It wasn't easy to go through the tests (as some tests required a blood draw...thankfully we did it all at once) and wait for the answers, but I'm so glad we did it. Knowledge is power.

I always found that apple juice or prune juice always worked the best also water helps with constipation but only give him bottled nursery water. Hope that helps :) If he should have to see a GI doctor rest assured it is only to make sure there is nothing physically wrong and would be in his best interest if it continues. Relax Mom it gets easier :)

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