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Christmas Gifts for a 4 Month Old?

Hello Ladies,

I am a single mother of a 4 month old boy. This obviously will be his first christmas, however, he will not understand the concept. Even though he will not understand what is going on I still want to make it special for him. His father says that I am stupid for wasting my money on gifts to buy for him. This is very special to me because he is my first child & my family ALWAYS made sure we had a great xmas growing up. Am I stupid for wanting to celebrate xmas w/ him? Should I buy him gifts & do the whole xmas thing or wait til next yr when he is older & can understand a little better? It is not stupid, right?

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Both of my children were younger than 4 months for their 1st christmas and to be honest, we did get them something but didn't make it a big deal. They received things like diapers, formula, bottles, you know, things that they actually need maybe some cute toys or clothing but we did wait until the following year to make it a big deal.

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I wouldn't go overboard on gifts, you would be doing it for you, not him. I think the only thing I got my daughter for her first Christmas was an infant sled. I didn't even do a tree because it was just too much as a single mom. What I did do was start a few traditions that my now 5yo loves. Each year I put her hand print on the tree skirt, alternating red and green fabric paint each year. I also pick up a few ornaments that commerorate what she was into that year...a moon ornament for that time we couldn't go to bed each night without looking at the moon, MLP ornaments, dance slippers for the year she took her first dance class, etc. I date the ornaments and will give them to her someday. I even have her first shoes on the tree...she gets a great kick out of that.

I think you should celebrate this with him as much as you like. Its a special time of year. You are right that he will not understand or remember any of it. But you will have the memories and you can tell him when he is older about his first Christmas. Take lots of photos and videos to share with him.

Happy Christmas!!

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We have celebrated Christmas with each of our kids(6) every year. With a little one I would get presents that are useful, things you will need anyway. We try to not go crazy with presents because we want Christmas to be about Jesus birth. In order to do that we have some traditions that we have followed from our first child and others we have incorporated over the years. We go to a Christmas eve service, we have an interactive nativity set where we read the Christmas story slowly over about a week and finish on Christmas eve. Because I tell the kids all the time Christmas is Jesus Birthday we have a Birthday cake for Jesus and we sing happy Birthday to Jesus. We do not push the Santa thing really big in our house but Santa does come and bring presents to help us celebrate Jesus Birthday. the older kids know the history of St. Nicholas. I would say establish your own traditions and be willing to change and adapt as you go.
Merry Christmas

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I don't think it is a stupid idea to pass on a family tradition of having a wonderful Christmas. However since your baby is only 4 months old I would say you just buy him something special that you can continue to add to every year. May it be a Build-a-Bear animal every year onice hat or coat. There will be other Christmases that he will understand the concept of that you can go all out for. Just buy the neccessities this year. Hope it all works out. Merry Christmas!!

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Give him the best first Christmas possible! Get a stocking that he can have for years to come and fill it this year with booties or socks, a new pacifier, small toys, and maybe something he will be needing in the coming year like a sippy cup. He won't need a lot of gifts, but get him a few - maybe clothes in his next size. Be sure he gets to enjoy the tree with all of its lights and sparkly ornaments, and TAKE PLENTY OF PICTURES! You'll be glad in the future when you have these wonderful memories of his very first Christmas that you can share with him. Remember, Jesus was a baby, and the wise men brought Him gifts.

I don't think that it's stupid AT ALL to want to make your son's first Christmas special - he may not be aware of what's happening, but YOU are, and look at it this way - it's your first Christmas as a Mom, and that is definitely worth celebrating!!
As far as buying things for him, maybe you could take the opportunity to purchase a piece of equipment that he's been needing, or something that he can use when he gets a bit older, such as a baby gym or an exersaucer. I also recommend a "Baby's first Christmas" ornament for your tree. Then, make sure you get him a really cute Christmas outfit and take lots of pictures of him in it, the two of you in front of the tree, etc. Surround yourself with loved ones and have a great, memorable time!

Also, I know it isn't any of my business, but please don't let anyone call you stupid. It's rude and demeaning. You sound like a great Mom!!!

Hi, my youngest is 6 mo. old and oldest is almost 2 1/2 yrs so both will or have celebrated first xmas without understanding it. Whatever you decide to do is all about a reflection of your values and feelings about xmas. Traditions you remember from growing up can be carried on now with your little one.
We decided to keep xmas simple b/c we buy things for our kids all year (practical and fun stuff). They receive gifts from family and friends too. We will continue to impart our values to our kids as they grow and focus on the meaning of xmas and how we celebrate together. As for gifts, I wanted to carry on the tradition my mom started, of an ornament for every year so my children will have their own set of ornaments to decorate our family tree and something to take with them when they are out on their own. We also do a hand made stocking with a few small treats/gifts. A friend of mine suggested to me choosing a special book as a gift each year. Take lots of pictures because this will be your memories and it'll be a at least a year or two before your little one will remember the holiday. Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Hi A.,
You're right to want to do this for your son. No, he won't remember it but when he gets older and sees pictures of his first Christmas celebration, he'll feel loved, important, secure and comforted knowing this effort was made for him when everyone knew he wouldn't remember it. Imagine how unimportant he may feel if he found out he wasn't acknowledged just because he was a baby. Kids internalize things. Keep it simple. If you plan to include Santa in your celebrations, I'd have Santa bring one gift and then one gift from Mommy. Take pics and know that he'll enjoy this when he's older. If Daddy chooses not to do the same, that's on him.

Last year was our son's first holiday too, so i was in the same boat. WE wanted to buy/do somethign special with him, but knew he wouldn't remember. But WE would! We bought one of those handprint frames and on the day, took his handprint and then got it framed. It's on our wall now with a picture from that day, and it's very special to us.

But as far as gifts, i agree with others...get items that will "grow" in the following months: safety items (outlet plus, baby gate, door handles, etc), board books or a special holiday book you can inscribe, feeding items (like plates, sippy cups, etc), a ball, blocks, a walker, shape sorter, etc.

And enjoy!

Hi A.!
First of all congrats on your new itty bitty. As far as I'm concerned, you should celebrate with Elijah. He won't understand, but you will. I wouldn't go over board but if it's important to you, then you should do it. My Son was 7 months old his first Christmas and he really didn't understand but we did it anyway. He even got Ninja Turtles (they were just coming out - Son is 20 now). Actually I think the Turtles were for my Husband since he picked them out. So in my opinion, no you are not being stupid or silly, it's your baby (forever & ever) and you want to do something nice for him. There's nothing wrong with that.
Happy Holidays!

You are so sweet to want a wonderful Christmas for your new baby! My son was a bit overwhelmed his first Christmas so I'll offer a couple of ideas he liked. Play some soft Christmas music, decorate a small tree with lights he can stare at, get him a small gift or two, take lots of pictures and snuggle a lot :) That's really all the small ones want. If you want to do something extra-special, write him a letter about his first Christmas and how special it is because he is here. That will mean a lot to him in a few years.

I think you should celebrate this with him as much as you like. Its a special time of year. You are right that he will not understand or remember any of it. But you will have the memories and you can tell him when he is older about his first Christmas. Take lots of photos and videos to share with him.

Happy Christmas!!

I understand your struggle with this issue, and I am going to be a voice against the masses. Spending time with your child is the best gift you could give. You state that you work everyday and so I think that a child would love, above all else, your undivided attention. Perhaps buy one book that you could read/show together. Don't bother to wrap the gift as your child won't be able to unwrap it. Remember why Christmas is special...the time to focus on your family and enjoy each other. Giving toys at this age is missing the point. Save your money in this economy and put it away for a later when the value of toys or money or "things" is more meaningful to the child. Enjoy a quiet, sweet, memorable day touching, laughing with, singing to, talking to and loving your baby.

Do what you feel is right in your heart. Guys dont think the way we do. I have 3 and I did Christmas for all of them. Yes, they dont know but they will later when they see the pictures. We typically did not go all out but purchased things for them that they needed. Or things that would entertain them so we can get a break for a sec. Maybe he just doesnt want to come off any cash to help. Geesh... boy brains

Yes, celebrate Christmas! As you said, he won't know but you can still buy him some bibs, socks, diapers, maybe a toy or two. He'll like the paper they come in.


You are NOT stupid for wanting to make your son's first christmas special. I am preparing for my daughter's first christmas as well. Even though she does not understand the concept yet, I am buying her a few christmas presents. Some of my friends and family are too. I want to make it a very special christmas for her. I bought a few toys that are age appropriate and a little older that she will grow into. I also bought her some clothes bigger than what she wears that she will grow into.


your right,

he wont understand. get him one or two toys that start from 6mo that you dont already have

but to be honest the best kind of gift you could give a child these days is a savings account, or bond so that it is matured by the time he is old enough to go to college. this way you are setting him up right for life.

this christmas is mostly for you, when he is one he will get it a little better but definatly by 2 he will have the best fun.

The baby would enjoy looking at the lights on a tree (any size, even table top, and listening to Christmas music. Later on, he'll like seeing pictures of himself looking cute (consignment stores sell really nice dress up clothes that kids have worn once or even not at all) and being the center of attention. My kids liked knowing that I gave them their teddy bears at one month old. When they were little, I'd take pictures next to their bear to show how much they had grown. Your baby won't be able to unwrap or care about presents but you might enjoy wrapping up a toy he would enjoy when he is a little older - like a ball or stacking rings. The simplest toys seemed to get the most use around here while the electronic stuff was a hit for a couple of days and then broke or wasn't interesting anymore. At 4 months, the baby will enjoy safe toys that he can chew on and he'll soon be able to hold and grab things. Have a peaceful holiday and take lots of pictures because they grow up so fast and next year you'll be chasing him around.

I'm no expert but some (maybe most) guys don't get as interested in the holidays as women but family traditions are fun and the kids love them. Maybe Dad wants a gift for himself too. I gave my brother a front carrier for his first Christmas with a baby and he was rotten about it. But he has turned out to be a great Dad. Good luck.

Do not feel like you are being unreasonable about make a very important memory for your family and your child. I had an issue years ago with my Father In Law because he wanted to take my 6yr old son to Disneyland and not my 2yr old daughter. He stated to me that it would not be worth it because she would not remember. My point was you do not have 1st birthdays or go all out for their 1st holidays because you hope that they will remember or even understand what is going on.But because you will at some point look at pictures and reminisce. What would I have told my daughter at an older age why she was not in the picutures or present at the trip to Disneyland? How would you feel looking back at old Christams photos with your son after he is all grown up and not have any picutes to remember his 1st Christmas? Do it for yourself too. You are starting new family traditions.

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I have a 9 month old daughter and I am definitely celebrating christmas for her this year. I totally understand your need to do the same for your son! What I decided to do is just buy her two big fun toys that will be exciting for her to see and play with on christmas morning. She won't understand why they are there but it will make her happy all the same. I'm not going to go crazy with the gifts until next year :-) My husband had a hard time understanding too until we sat down one night and talked about all the amazing christmas memories we both have with our families. Then all of a sudden he said - I can't wait to start our own traditions with our daughter! The light bulb finally went off. I bought her a stocking to hang but I probably won't fill it this year (who am I kidding? Of course I will) but I never think it is too early to start those memories - even if he won't remember - you will and that is just as important!!

I don't think it's stupid to want to celebrate his first Christmas. I would get a tree & decorate, buy him a cute outfit & 1 small present, & then get pictures done with both of you to remember.

Hey A., my daughter was 4 months at her first christmas, and we did get her a few items- she really liked pulling the tissue paper out of the bags and was fascinated by the gifts that came out of them. We got her a tickle me cookie monster, which captivated her attention almost the whole day- she literally "sat" on my lap and watched it for most of the time we opened gifts. THat's really all i got her- plus a teething toy or two. She of course won't remember, but she did enjoy the experience of it all!

My son turned 3 months the day after his first Christmas, and my husband and I, and my family all bought him a few gifts. He got mainly clothes and a couple teething ring/rattle type toys, but my parents also got him a "beanie buddy" of the green bear w/reindeer antlers hat by TY. I keep it with all the Christmas decorations and I let him (and my other son) play w/the Christmas toys (rudolf that sings, etc) only around that time, then they get packed up w/the Christmas decorations. It keeps them special, and keeps us from having a Christmas bear (which is just more stuffed animals we don't need!) floating around the house all year, and keeps it from getting messed up as much. I even did that w/the Shrek Christmas happy meal toys and I have a collection of the M&Ms trains from the tops of the m&m tubes from Christmas, and they also get packed up! Just an idea not really related to your question, but good for Christmas! You can also video tape his first Christmas, and you and family helping him to open his presents...its fun to see their little faces trying to focus on the new things and figure out what the things are! Then he can watch it when he's older and you will never forget it, because you can go back and watch it anytime you want. If you don't have a video camera, you can rent one. I'm not sure where from, but I know that some people do it, or ask to borrow from a friend! Merry Christmas, and even though our "men" sometimes think the things that are important to us are STUPID, that doesn't mean they are, it just means that it is not important to them and they are just stupid about how they handle it w/us! My husband can be that way about things, too! I just shrug it off the best I can, even though it is frustrating and annoying. I tell him straight up, just because you think it is stupid doesn't mean it is, and now you have us as back up. None of us thought it was stupid, did we?

It sounds like Christmas has been an important tradition and celebrated holiday in your family for many years. So of course it is not silly to want to have a great Christmas for you and your son. Again it is part of YOUR tradition and so this is just as much of a celebration for you as it is for your son- despite the fact he won't "remember" it but there will be pictures and stories for him. My son was 6 weeks old when his first Christmas came along and we have the best picture of him asleep in his first Tonka dump truck! We all love that picture and he plays with that truck now... My dau is 3 months old and will be certainly a part of our celebration this year.

Do what you feel is comfortable and start your own new tradition with your son as well as keeping older ones going with your family! It is a time of celebration of birth and family and what a wonderful way to celebrate your son's birth, your new adventure as a Mom, and your new and old family!

Good luck to you! Merry Christmas in advance to YOU and Your Son!!

I wouldn't go overboard on gifts, you would be doing it for you, not him. I think the only thing I got my daughter for her first Christmas was an infant sled. I didn't even do a tree because it was just too much as a single mom. What I did do was start a few traditions that my now 5yo loves. Each year I put her hand print on the tree skirt, alternating red and green fabric paint each year. I also pick up a few ornaments that commerorate what she was into that year...a moon ornament for that time we couldn't go to bed each night without looking at the moon, MLP ornaments, dance slippers for the year she took her first dance class, etc. I date the ornaments and will give them to her someday. I even have her first shoes on the tree...she gets a great kick out of that.

It's not stupid to want to buy presents for your infant. But I'd keep it simple, as others have suggested - a cute outfit, a couple of toys.

You don't need to buy your child lots of stuff - this year OR in the future - to give him the best life possible. Having a great Christmas isn't about getting a big pile of loot. It's having time with family and friends, being thankful for what we have, and celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

My son is 3 1/2 months old so he is close in age to your son. While I am not going overboard we are getting him gifts. Why should everyone else get something and him not? One day I want to show him pictures of his 1st Xmas and show him in the middle of his gifts. I think it will be a nice memory. That said, MOST of his gifts are literally from the $1 bin at Target. They had cute Elmo books, ring stacks, etc. And I found a deal on books at Barnes and Noble (buy 2 get 1 free Dr. Seuss) so I got him 3 of those. I know he's a long way off but I read to him to help with his language skills and one day he will read them too. I also got him a CD b/c we listen to music at night in his room. His stocking will have pacifiers and a bottle brush in it. I guess what I am saying is I think you are right to get him a few things. He deserves to have something special under the tree just like the rest of us! I would just keep it reasonable by not spending a lot and getting things he needs/can use. If his father doesn't want to get him anything then that's on him.

Who cares if he thinks you're stupid...men and women are just different and they wouldn't understand. Just don't let him get to you and make YOU think you're stupid. My husband makes fun of me all the time when I watch my girl shows...that's normal. I'm sure he wouldn't want you to be any other way, but, being a man, he has to put in his two cents. Don't let it ruin your excitement....who cares if the baby doesn't know what's going on? Like a previous post said, it's all for you any way - buy a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament and wrap it in pretty paper and then let the baby try to open it...take tons of pictures...then open it for him and take more pictures! Later on you can share the pictures with him and he will know how much you love him!

It is not stupid at all. Celebrate Christmas with him. Buy him gifts. There's no need to go out and get him a million things but I'm sure there's one or two toys he needs and an outfit or two. Just seeing the tree and watching you "help him" open his Christmas presents is stimulating his mind. He may not remeber his first Christmas or be able to participate much in it but the holidays are for memories, for you as well as for him. Enjoy him and enjoy the holidays together as a family.

Congratulations A.!

Celebrating Christmas with your son is definitely not stupid. But the reason for Christmas is Christ not the gifts. Start making traditions this year with your son. Start with taking his picture (Walmart is pretty good). You could attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service, just the two of you (and I promise that will be a memory, you will NEVER forget),you could do as the 3 wisemen did and give him 3 gifts (blanket (wrapped in swaddling cloth), teething ring, and an outfit). Just make sure you take plenty of pictures...maybe you could start a Christmas scrapbook or photo album that you can add to each year! That would be a wonderful gift to him as an adult. Blessings to you and yours this wonderful Christmas Season. M.

BAH HUMBUG to his father! Go for it. One of the coolest parts of looking at the baby book when your kids get older is seeing their first holidays on film. Capture those moments on video or/and with a still camera. It's a treasure and the days go by so fast. Make his Christmas special and forget what his dad says!

Just remember to adhere to his schedule so that he has a fairly normal day so that he doesn't get overwhelmed by everything.

Happy Holidays

You are definitely not stupid. I totally agree with you, of course he won't understand, but so what, it is never too early to start traditions. You aren't wasting time or money, because you are doing this for your baby. You sound like a great mom.

Hello A. well my daugther's first Christmas was over the top do what you feel she is now 12 so I have been doing it for awhile for her and her brother. If he( the Father) dosen't want to assist you do what you feel that's your 1st child do it up...

Enjoy the day! If you get him a good book that he can both look at and safely chew on, he will get a lot of enjoyment from that. Music that you all can dance to will make him smile. What he will enjoy at this point is bows, wrappings, lights, and a happy mama.

Hey, A.,
It is not stupid. My first was 19 days old on Christmas, and her father and I bought her gifts. Your son is your baby.
Now, any man who calls you stupid, isn't worth your spit. Just my opinion.
Have a very Merry Christmas with your beautiful son! May all your hopes and wishes come true.

Hey A.,

I have a 11 month old daughter and I know Christmas will be just another day in her eyes. What I have done to make Christmas rememberable for her and my other four children when they were little. I just would purchase a US Savings Bond, for as little at 25.00 it something that will grow in value over time and she can use when she grows up. It's be best gift I have ever done.


You are NOT stupid. Don't let your husband (BF?) call you stupid, that's very hurtful. However, I agree with him in principal. I understand that you want to make it wonderful for your son, but the fact is that you just can't, no matter what you do. He's not old enough to care about anything but milk, a clean diaper, and occasionally something bright to look at. I really do understand you because my Christmases growing up were magical and I desire very strongly to give my children the same thing. Don't worry, you will get your chance. My recommendation is to take the money you would have spent on his gifts and do a few other things with it:
1.) Get or make a very special tree ornament complete with picture, commemorating his first Christmas. This is something he will be able to look back on through the years and enjoy, and the first year with your first child is the time to begin this kind of tradition.
2.) Get his pic taken and use the pics to make special gifts for friends and family.
3.) Take at least half of the money and open a savings account in his name with it. Every kid needs one of these eventually and the sooner you start, the better.

I'm sure you can come up with a few more ways to make the holiday meaningful for you in relation to your sweet little guy, but the bare bones is that he's not going to care this year, so the best ideas are ones that he will still be able to enjoy years from now.

Your husband (BF?), while I disapprove of his choice of words, does have a point. Actually we are not even doing much for my 15 month old. He's too young to care about brands and toys like his 6yo brother, so we're just going to get him a bunch of inexpensive little gifts he can rip the paper off of. Nothing big or expensive for sure. That will come later when he's requested something specific from us.

You are not stupid for wanting to celebrate Christmas with your son, not at all! You just have to find a way to do it that will leave him with more than just a few toys he'll outgrow in a year or less. What you want is to leave him with a holiday legacy.

i wouldn't call it stupid for wanting to make christmas special for your soon. I wouldn't send to much money on gifts since he can't even open them. maybe something small for him to play with. What i would do is get pictures taken or let a family member take pictures of the both of you so you have something to remember and show him when he gets older. Enjoy christmas with him go places. Go look at christmas lights maybe see santa but i would go to crazy with the gifts. But def. take lots of pictures.

Merry christmas!!!!

Don't deprive yourself- its just as much about celebrating for yourself too. Don't let the buh hum bugger sway you! You have a beautiful child to celebrate with- there is no greater joy. Our first Christmas with our child was a ridiculous display of celebration, which of course, he will not remember- BUT WE WILL. And we have the awesome pictures to prove it. Get yourself a quality camera in the name of a 'family' gift for christmas and dress your boy in the silliest holiday Santa outfit you can find and have fun! Merry Christmas!

I have a 4 month old as well but she is my second. We have lots of toys and clothes from our first so it has been hard for me to decide what to do for her for christmas. But I believe every baby is special and christmas is a special time. I don't think my husband can even understand how fleeting the time is with your child. This first christmas, even though they may not remember YOU will. Think about how to make it special for you and your baby. It may or may not include a lot of presents. One thing I made sure of getting was a special first baby ornament that I can bring out year after year and when she's older she'll enjoy putting it on the tree. I also make sure to get a picture with Santa Claus. If you have any inclination towards sewing you can pick a bucilla stocking and make one for your baby to keep forever. And even though we have toys already, I bought a few toys for her too. They may not understand the concept of Christmas, but they'll enjoy a few new toys.

You don't have to get a lot of gifts for the baby but take lots of pictures. Take him to have a picture with Santa in his best outfit. Buy a "Babys First Christmas" ornament for the tree. Get him Babys First Christmas pajamas. Little gifts like clothes, rattles, teethers and maybe a special piggy bank. He won't remember the day but someday when he is older he may ask about it and you can show him all the pictures and share your memories. You will also be able to point out the keepsakes (ornament, bank) and tell him how he got those for his first Christmas. Enjoy the season and make lots of memories!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
L. K.

Hi A.
I completely understand what you are saying. I have a 4 month old son that was born Aug 2. No I dont think that you are stupid for wanting to do the whole thing for xmas. I did the whole nine yards for my son. Decorating the yard, and house. I have also have bought him a few toys as well. This is his first xmas and I wanted it to be special for him. Beleive it or not he will love the lights. So my advice to you is to go for it. Next year isnt promise to any of us, so charish you little boys xmas this year. And dont forget to take lots of pictures.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Buy your son a U.S. savings bond and store it in a special place to show to him someday. All the time he is growing up to be old enough to understand it, it will be earning interest (unless the government goes belly up, in which case we'll all have bigger problems to think about...)

Both of my children were younger than 4 months for their 1st christmas and to be honest, we did get them something but didn't make it a big deal. They received things like diapers, formula, bottles, you know, things that they actually need maybe some cute toys or clothing but we did wait until the following year to make it a big deal.

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You are not stupid. If money is not an issue get him one gift. A developmental toy he can use in the next few months. Get one ornament that says "Baby's first x'mas 2008". I get one special dated ornament every year for both my boys. It is something they can enjoy later.


Christmas is Christmas, no matter how old you are. How would your baby's father feel if you said that he shouldn't get any gifts because he obviously doesn't understand that Christmas is about memories and sharing with family. If he won't notice the missing gifts, you can get away with not giving them?! I don't think that is the spirit of Christmas. Do Christmas for you and your son, and your family as you see fit. These are memories and a time in your son's life you never get a second chance to make. My daughters are fascinated with looking at pictures of themselves at special times in their lives (Christmas, Baptism, the first time we met, etc.) The fact that they don't remember it themselves means that it is a great time for us to share our stories with them and connect.

God gave us the greatest gift of his son, and we celebrate that spirit of love and giving at Christmas. He gave you another gift in your son. Share the spirit of Christmas in the best way you know how. Celebrate.


PS: He will LOVE the lights and the pretty paper, the smells of Christmas and all the attention. <g>

well the boyfriend called you stupid. i dont think i would still be with someone who calls me that. but no i would not go overboard and buy a baby that young much more than a couple books or a toy.

My daughter is about the same age and we're doing Christmas for her. She has a stocking and will have presents under the tree. A friend gave us a gift early (to make sure it fits) and the baby had a great time ripping the paper (with help). At this age, sure they don't really understand, but it's not just about what they understand. It's about what's important to you and your family. Maybe he doesn't get the latest toy. Maybe instead you wrap up those warm clothes you need to buy him anyway. It doesn't need to be a lot or very expensive. You could get him a "first Christmas" ornament as one of his gifts. It is NOT stupid to want to celebrate Christmas with your baby.

You should absolutely do something!! We celebrated Christmas with our 2.5 month old last year. We kept it small and simple and took lots of pictures. We didn't go all out on gifts or anything, but got maybe 2 or 3 small things that he would have to play with as the year went on. We had family that gave him presents too (mostly clothes) and so we propped him up with all his gifts around him and took pictures and opened the gifts with him. It was very special and I love looking back at those pictures. Someday he will too.

You could definitely get a few small toys, outfits, bottles, baby food, etc. Think of things you are going to need in the upcoming months for him.

Its true, he won't have a clue what is going on. My son is 7 months old and we are giving him a few small things (although our families are getting him much more, lol).

If there is a tradition you want to share, I say start it now. My son will get a new pair of pjs on Christmas Eve every year and we will read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". We will also give him a special ornament each year so that when he's grown, he will have a box of ornaments to start his own Christmas tree with.

My daughter is almost two and this is her 2nd Christmas, she STILL does not understand, but as parents you want the best for you little ones....We have decided to NEVER go overboard, but she at 9.5 months last year for Christmas we had a toy and an outfit for her to open. She won't remember her 1st, 2nd or even 3rd Christmas, but we took pictures so she will have the memories for later. I don't think it's a bad thing to get him something....with in reason. It's more for us as parents when they are this little and as they get older it's all about them. Merry Christmas and totally enjoy spending the time with him!!!

Hi A.,

My son was 9 months old for his first Christmas. Even though he was too little to understand, I went all out for his first Christmas. It is a year later and he is just now really starting to play with a lot of the toys I bought for him. I know you want to make your son's Christmas special, but definitely don't spend a ton of money as right now it is more for you than it is for him. Buy him a few gifts and take lots of pictures but don't spend alot of money on the gifts. Save that for the Christmas seasons that he will actually remember.

Hi A.

I don't think your stupid to want to get your son some gifts , it is his first christmas after all...although I don't think it is necessary to spend lot's and get him tons of stuff. My eldest was 6 months on his first christmas and looking back I now realise that I spent far too much because you have to remember that other family members will want to get something aswell. I'm now in the same situation where my 3rd child will also be 6 months at christmas and we have just got her 4 gifts that will grow with her over the next 6-12 months , it won't be long until your little one can sit up by himself so look at toys that allow them to sit at & press buttons , my eldest had a v-tech baby walker and sitting him infront of it helped him learn to sit properly without falling to one side.

Hope this helps and enjoy your first christmas with your son

K. H.

I think this is totally up to you! It is not stupid to want to give your child all of the things in the world that you can. My husband and I were not married when we had our first child and did not get married until she was 14 months old. She was 6 months at her first Christmas and I had a decent amount of gifts for her under the tree. As did my parents. My husband did not want to get her anything, but did not critisize me for wanting to either...we did live together from before i was pregnant with her, and he got to see the joy on her little face at new toys. He will be aware that he has new things to look at and touch - and if it makes you happy, get him the world :).

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