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Christmas Gifts for a 4 Month Old?

Hello Ladies,

I am a single mother of a 4 month old boy. This obviously will be his first christmas, however, he will not understand the concept. Even though he will not understand what is going on I still want to make it special for him. His father says that I am stupid for wasting my money on gifts to buy for him. This is very special to me because he is my first child & my family ALWAYS made sure we had a great xmas growing up. Am I stupid for wanting to celebrate xmas w/ him? Should I buy him gifts & do the whole xmas thing or wait til next yr when he is older & can understand a little better? It is not stupid, right?

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Both of my children were younger than 4 months for their 1st christmas and to be honest, we did get them something but didn't make it a big deal. They received things like diapers, formula, bottles, you know, things that they actually need maybe some cute toys or clothing but we did wait until the following year to make it a big deal.

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I wouldn't go overboard on gifts, you would be doing it for you, not him. I think the only thing I got my daughter for her first Christmas was an infant sled. I didn't even do a tree because it was just too much as a single mom. What I did do was start a few traditions that my now 5yo loves. Each year I put her hand print on the tree skirt, alternating red and green fabric paint each year. I also pick up a few ornaments that commerorate what she was into that year...a moon ornament for that time we couldn't go to bed each night without looking at the moon, MLP ornaments, dance slippers for the year she took her first dance class, etc. I date the ornaments and will give them to her someday. I even have her first shoes on the tree...she gets a great kick out of that.

I think you should celebrate this with him as much as you like. Its a special time of year. You are right that he will not understand or remember any of it. But you will have the memories and you can tell him when he is older about his first Christmas. Take lots of photos and videos to share with him.

Happy Christmas!!

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We have celebrated Christmas with each of our kids(6) every year. With a little one I would get presents that are useful, things you will need anyway. We try to not go crazy with presents because we want Christmas to be about Jesus birth. In order to do that we have some traditions that we have followed from our first child and others we have incorporated over the years. We go to a Christmas eve service, we have an interactive nativity set where we read the Christmas story slowly over about a week and finish on Christmas eve. Because I tell the kids all the time Christmas is Jesus Birthday we have a Birthday cake for Jesus and we sing happy Birthday to Jesus. We do not push the Santa thing really big in our house but Santa does come and bring presents to help us celebrate Jesus Birthday. the older kids know the history of St. Nicholas. I would say establish your own traditions and be willing to change and adapt as you go.
Merry Christmas

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I don't think it is a stupid idea to pass on a family tradition of having a wonderful Christmas. However since your baby is only 4 months old I would say you just buy him something special that you can continue to add to every year. May it be a Build-a-Bear animal every year onice hat or coat. There will be other Christmases that he will understand the concept of that you can go all out for. Just buy the neccessities this year. Hope it all works out. Merry Christmas!!

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Give him the best first Christmas possible! Get a stocking that he can have for years to come and fill it this year with booties or socks, a new pacifier, small toys, and maybe something he will be needing in the coming year like a sippy cup. He won't need a lot of gifts, but get him a few - maybe clothes in his next size. Be sure he gets to enjoy the tree with all of its lights and sparkly ornaments, and TAKE PLENTY OF PICTURES! You'll be glad in the future when you have these wonderful memories of his very first Christmas that you can share with him. Remember, Jesus was a baby, and the wise men brought Him gifts.

I don't think that it's stupid AT ALL to want to make your son's first Christmas special - he may not be aware of what's happening, but YOU are, and look at it this way - it's your first Christmas as a Mom, and that is definitely worth celebrating!!
As far as buying things for him, maybe you could take the opportunity to purchase a piece of equipment that he's been needing, or something that he can use when he gets a bit older, such as a baby gym or an exersaucer. I also recommend a "Baby's first Christmas" ornament for your tree. Then, make sure you get him a really cute Christmas outfit and take lots of pictures of him in it, the two of you in front of the tree, etc. Surround yourself with loved ones and have a great, memorable time!

Also, I know it isn't any of my business, but please don't let anyone call you stupid. It's rude and demeaning. You sound like a great Mom!!!

Hi, my youngest is 6 mo. old and oldest is almost 2 1/2 yrs so both will or have celebrated first xmas without understanding it. Whatever you decide to do is all about a reflection of your values and feelings about xmas. Traditions you remember from growing up can be carried on now with your little one.
We decided to keep xmas simple b/c we buy things for our kids all year (practical and fun stuff). They receive gifts from family and friends too. We will continue to impart our values to our kids as they grow and focus on the meaning of xmas and how we celebrate together. As for gifts, I wanted to carry on the tradition my mom started, of an ornament for every year so my children will have their own set of ornaments to decorate our family tree and something to take with them when they are out on their own. We also do a hand made stocking with a few small treats/gifts. A friend of mine suggested to me choosing a special book as a gift each year. Take lots of pictures because this will be your memories and it'll be a at least a year or two before your little one will remember the holiday. Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Hi A.,
You're right to want to do this for your son. No, he won't remember it but when he gets older and sees pictures of his first Christmas celebration, he'll feel loved, important, secure and comforted knowing this effort was made for him when everyone knew he wouldn't remember it. Imagine how unimportant he may feel if he found out he wasn't acknowledged just because he was a baby. Kids internalize things. Keep it simple. If you plan to include Santa in your celebrations, I'd have Santa bring one gift and then one gift from Mommy. Take pics and know that he'll enjoy this when he's older. If Daddy chooses not to do the same, that's on him.

Last year was our son's first holiday too, so i was in the same boat. WE wanted to buy/do somethign special with him, but knew he wouldn't remember. But WE would! We bought one of those handprint frames and on the day, took his handprint and then got it framed. It's on our wall now with a picture from that day, and it's very special to us.

But as far as gifts, i agree with others...get items that will "grow" in the following months: safety items (outlet plus, baby gate, door handles, etc), board books or a special holiday book you can inscribe, feeding items (like plates, sippy cups, etc), a ball, blocks, a walker, shape sorter, etc.

And enjoy!

Hi A.!
First of all congrats on your new itty bitty. As far as I'm concerned, you should celebrate with Elijah. He won't understand, but you will. I wouldn't go over board but if it's important to you, then you should do it. My Son was 7 months old his first Christmas and he really didn't understand but we did it anyway. He even got Ninja Turtles (they were just coming out - Son is 20 now). Actually I think the Turtles were for my Husband since he picked them out. So in my opinion, no you are not being stupid or silly, it's your baby (forever & ever) and you want to do something nice for him. There's nothing wrong with that.
Happy Holidays!

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