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Car Seat???

Hi Everyone:) My daughter will be 8 months in 3 days...ok time goes incredibly fast!! Well, she is over 20lbs and I am confused about what we need to do about her car seat. Do we wait until she is 1 before purchasing her next car seat? Or is it the weight factor? Any advice would be great, along with any advice on the next car seat.

Added info....
Our seat is one of the infant seats. It's the Graco snugride that you can carry. So I'm wondering if it's the requirement of the way the baby is facing thats the 1 year and over 20lbs vs. what I initially thought that she wouldnt move into a different actual car seat. Does that make sense?

Thank you so much to everyone! I am going to have to find some time to go through and read everyones!! I have been researching and i think we may get the Maxi-Cosi Priori. Does anyone have one of these? If you do what do you think of it?

Thank you!!

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Thank you everyone...I wasn't concerned about the way the baby was facing. I just wasnt sure on if she could move to the next seat up. For those of you with similar situations how was it when you switched seats?


Hi Ladies! I am so glad I had all of this incredible info! We have chosen and purchased the maxi cosi and we love it! Ironically I have the new seat at home and we have been fitting her etc over the weekend well I had class in the morning on Monday so I used her infant seat. Since I wanted the professionals to fit the carseat in my car. Well, not kidding! I was driving tuned a corner and her whole seat tilted to the right! I lookedn the rearview mirror and no infant car seat! I couldnt believe it!! The guy told me it was because she had grown out of the seat because of her weight! So thank you again everyone!! All of your help was incredible! Also, one thing. I purchased the carseat through elitecarseats.com and I have to say that I ordered it friday morning and it shipped out friday under free shipping. M husband let me leep in till 9am saturday and I came down stairs and the carseat was in our entry way!! Can you believe it? I couldnt I was so excited. My husband wass also impressed! The website has all of the info on crash test and crash test videos. they have info on a little boy that was in an accident and not in a 5 point harness etc. So my daughter will be in ne until shes 20!! J/K!

Good luck everyone!!

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You can also go right to the local police department, sheriffs department or local family alliance center with any questions regarding proper car seats. Each states can have different requirements. I say it is time to move to the next level seat. I never had a carry seat myself because we never used a carry-all seat. We always carried him in a snuggy or a back pack till age 2. I would say 20 lbs is past infant.

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A lot of car seats can be rear or forward facing. My first son was a huge chunker and no longer fit well into his infant carrier by 6 months. We bought a "regular" car seat, and he sat in it facing the back until, he was one, and then we switched it and he uses it still today, he's three.

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I would get a convertable car seat. My daughter has been in it since 4 months or so (she is big girl)..anyway, It is a bigger car seat and it can face forward and backward. I would keep her facing backward until she is a year. My daughter is 10 months and meets the weight, but we think it is safer for her to face backwards for a couple more months.:) good luck

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You need to move your child out of the infant seat when they are above either the weight or height limit. I happen to know that the Snugride (at least the older ones) had a limit of 22 lbs....not sure about the height off hand but I know my son outgrew his by height at about 4 months.

Next you go to a convertible seat. You still want this seat to be installed backwards so make sure it is a seat that can be both rear and front facing. She then would need to stay rear facing until she reaches BOTH milestones of 20 lbs and one year....at the least. It is much much much much safer to leave her rear facing to the rearfacing limit of the convertible carseat you buy...which for most is going to be in the 30-35 lb mark. This by far is the best way to keep your baby safe. I kept my son rearfacing until he was about 2 1/2. It is not at all unsafe if his legs are hitting the seat behind him...much more important to protect his spine, and if you have ever seen the videos online a seat installed rear facing seat moves DRAMATICALLY less than seat that is front facing

There are tons of convertible seats to choose from. My two favorites (Of which I have one of both) are the Britax Marathon and the Evenflo Triumph. The Britax is pricey but the convenience features are well worth it and when you install that guy....he is IN THERE, solid as a rock...you KNOW you did it right. It also goes up to 65 lbs so although it is pricey it lasts for a long time. The Evenflo is cheaper but only goes up to like 35 lbs, unless you get the deluxe version which goes up to 55 lbs. It is also very highly rated and we had good luck with that seat as well. There is also a new seat from Fisher Price that is made by Britax, is pretty much the same seat as the Marathon just not quite as "cushy" and it runs around 130.00...safe voyage I think it is called.

A great site for carseat information http://www.car-safety.org/

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Your child can stay in the Snugride until she reaches 22 lbs. At which point you will need to get her a different seat, if she is NOT a year old she will still need to be rear facing. May I suggest the Britax Decathlon which can be used both rear facing and forward facing, they can be kinda expensive but they're ranked number 1. If you check out Albeebaby.com you can usually find discontinued patterns for a lot less.

(We used a snugride too, but our little one out grew the height before the weight, she used the Decathlon rear facing for about 5 months...I waited until she ran out of leg room before I turned her around, she was 15 months old. So you can keep them rear facing well after thier first birthday.)

Best of luck.

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this is a GREAT car seat

check it out............


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Once your baby is over 20lbs she is likely too big for an infant car seat. However, she should still face rearways untill at least after age 1 or as long as possible beyond 1. Rearfacing is much safer so the longer you can go that way the better. You now need a convertible car seat. They sell them for a variety of weights eg. up to 40lbs or up to 65lbs. Consumer reports (www.consumerreports.org) has great articles on all the car seats. The best of the lot have side wings to help with side impact crashes. Not many have that feature but the Britax Boulevard does. Its only down side is that it is large and is more difficult to move between cars. I ended up buying 2, one for each car. Britax also make the marathon and roundabout. they are also good but dont have the side protection but are lighter. Good luck.

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Check the side of your infant carrier. It should have a weight limit and height limit. The child needs to be rear facing until 20 lbs. AND 1 year. My oldest was 20lbs. before a year and I wanted to turn her around so badly. We didn't to keep her safe. She was out of the carrier by 6 months because she was too long for it. As far as a new seat, make sure it's one that is rear and forward facing as well as meets her height and weight. Hope this helps!!

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There are two different issues here. First is your daughter's age. In order for her to be the most safe, she needs to be rear-facing until at least 1 year of age, whether that's in her current infant seat, or a convertible toddler seat. Keeping her rear-facing has nothing to do with weight, it's all about bone structure. An infants bones are not strong enough to withstand the force of the safety restraint in an accident where they are forward facing until one year of age. As long as they are rear facing, the shell of the car seat would absorb the impact for them (as long as the belt restraint for the seat is in the correct slot, which is an entirely separate issue!).

Second, is your car seat. I don't know about yours specifically, but there should be a label somewhere on the seat that states what the weight limit is on the seat itself. If it's 20 lbs, she needs a new seat that will hold a heavier child. A think many infant seats now go to 25 lbs. and maybe even beyond that, so you may still be ok. But it's important to stay within the limits of your seat or it wouldn't be safe in an accident. Hope that helps!

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Our girls out weighed the seats long before a year. You have two options, buy a conversion style seat that goes forward or backward, but handles a lot more weight & is bigger with more room for the baby. Or find a seat that goes from 20 pounds up and just turn your daughter forward. Don't know the legal side, but we just put them in bigger seats that were forward facing once they were too heavy and too long for the "pumpkin" seat. We always figured that as long as they were fastened in a seat properly, that any cops wouldn't question their age and start any problems about how the seat was positioned. Good Luck & glad to know we aren't the only ones whose kids out grew their seats early!

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My daughter also outgrew her infant seat around 8 months and we put her in a rear facing convertible seat. I didn't turn her around until 18 months. It's far safer for them to be rear facing for as long as possible. Car-safety.org is a great site with tons of info and ratings, reviews,etc.

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