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Can Hospital MAKE You Stay for 24 Hours?

I'm going to be going in to be induced and I was just wondering if by some chance I go in at midnight and have my baby quickly, can they make me stay the night? I heard they can keep you for 24 hours, but I don't see how they could make me stay if there isnt' anything wrong with me and the baby. I'm worried about this because I hate staying at the hospital with my babies. They are so pushy.

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I am a nurse in a postpartum unit. The baby needs to stay for 24 hours to complete the infant screening (commonly referred to as PKU test). I suppose it might be possible to leave with the baby and get the test done in the doctor's office, but it has to be done. In Ohio it is actually state law that every baby be screened. It is also mandatory that a hearing screen be performed. I personally have never seen a pediatrician let a baby go home before 24 hours of age.
What do you think "they are so pushy" about? I can tell you I am not a pushy person at all, and I really enjoy my job. Sometimes, patients can be quite difficult to care for when they refuse to comply with treatment plans. Sometimes I wonder why people come to the hospital at all when there are other options available.

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girl please! these hospital are so trifling they proberly will throw you out as soon as that baby comes out. i had to havae a natural birth because my son cam to fast. he came out at 4:56p.m. they took him to be circumsized brought him back and told me i was about to be discharged! i told them no i was not because i had 3rd degree lacerations and was tired and was going to stay another day and they sent like 4 social workers in different intervals so see if i was being abused at home or if i thought my son was in danger in my home! i told them NO I JUST HAD A BABY ,NATURALLY! I'M RIPPED FROMT HE ROOTER TO THE TOOTER AND I'M TIRED! So don't worry. unless you ahve a c-section they might try to throw you out TOO fast! good luck on having the baby. your in my prayers!

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Well you no but the baby yes. You can alway check out AMA (against medical advice) but they are not going to let you do that with your child. That is why many women opt for birthing centers or home births.

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There was a girl in my room who left AMA after 6 hours. She was back within the next 12 because she started to bleed. Was it worth it? No. It almost cost her her life.
With my first child I was out in 24 hours because that's all the insurance would pay for. With my second I got 48 hours and I used every last second.

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Some hospitals have an early discharge policy. You'll have to check. I had to shop around for a hospital that would discharge me early.

With my second, I home birthed. If you ever get the chance, do it! Best thing in the world!

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maybe you should try a different hospital....

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Your baby has to stay for 24 hours. The pedi ususally checks the baby out once or twice during that time and will discharge her if everything is fine. YOU can leave when you are discharged by your dr.
Babies have to have hearing tests and regular jaundice checks, along with something else i can't remember within the first 24 hours.

I just had my baby in March. I made sure when the pedi came in the next morning, that we could leave ASAP. She said as soon as I was checked out and everything was set with the baby, we could go.

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First, if you are worried about the hospital being pushy. Take someone else with you. When my daughter was born (our first child) my husband was under very strict order that he was not allowed to leave the hospital at all, and that he could leave the room but only with my permission! Honest, he had to ask to go to the bathroom, because I needed to know I had someone else to fight for me if anyone gave me a hard time.

Second, changing hospitals at this point is probably a little late, but talk to your doctor about your concerns. He/ She may be able to help you.

That all said. I will tell you I was induced for 15.5 hours with my daugher. I was pereclamptic (high blood presure) my daughter was 5 days past due, and big. I was also already dialated 2.5 cm before we started, and had been that way for about a month. My doctor's plan was to do it slow, get through the first day take me off the drugs, let me have dinner (you cannot eat while on your this stuff in case they have to do surgery) then start again the next day. Well my water broke so that plan went out the window, and I was on until she came out. When the contractions got bad, my blood preasure went through the roof. I only had two before they had the epidural in me!! They were not going to let me have more like that for fear of a seizure. I was in complete agreement with them too. (All of this -- preeclampsia and seizures - runs in my family. We are really bad pregnant people.) Then my daughter's hear rate dropped ( it came right back up) but we used that as the excuse for the c-section, which I knew I would have because that is what we do in my family. We make big kids and have little pelvic openings. Sure enough, my daugher's head was stuck. She had a nice little ring around her head where she was stuffed in there. Nothing bad. I was exhausted, and excited all at the same time. It is the greatest moment in your like no matter how you get there!

With my son, I was in and out of the hospital a number of times. The nurses were mean several times, but after he was delivered (another c-section) and I got up and walked around. They all changed their tune. Once they realized I wasn't a whine baby they treated me better. With my son I had an entraped nerve, and was in a whole lot of pain. My doctor was the only one who seemed to understand this. The nurses didn't seem to get it. Compare to that the c-section and the post-op was easy. I just needed him out, but we waited until 39 weeks. His life was way more important than me being in pain.

One last story -- when my daughter was born the nurse came in and gave me a lecture about not staying in bed and getting up and walking. Standard C-section speech. She also told she had to know when I passed my bowels. All of this was delivered like I was an idiot. She turns to leave, and said, "ok, well I already had a bowel movement about 15 minutes ago." She stopped and looked at me. "I said, yes I have already been up, walked to the bathroom and gone. Anything else you want me to do?" She was stunned. That changed her tune. Understanding what they want from you and giving it to them makes a big different. In the nurses defense they are right, the long you stay in bed after a c-section the more it hurts. Getting up sooner is way better. With my daughter I was up in less than 12 hours, with my son I had to wait over 24. It hurt way worse with him.

Anyway, the point to this rambling message is: You don't know what is going to happen at the hospital. Take someone along to help you and talk to your doctor about your concerns. Beside, people being pushy or not nice, isn't what is is all about -- your finally going to meet your baby face to face. Focus on that, it is a wonderful magical moment, no matter how wild the ride. :-)

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