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Breastfed Newborn W/ Stinky Gas

My baby has never had formula but is passing stinky gas in the last few days. she is only having about one bowel movement a week for the last 3 wks. When she goes, it is loose and not hard so i doubt she is constipated. i havent changed anything in my diet and she is growing well. Any experience or ideas??

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I would still have a doctor check it out. One bowel movement a week doesn't sound like near enough for a newborn. She could have some stuck in there, and it is possible that some of her more loose stools just manage to get around it. That seems to me to be the most likely explanation. The bowel can stretch to accomodate some pretty big stools. My friend's son had something similar and I think they gave him some stuff to clean him out, and had to do it several times. Very stinky bowels and breath are a good indicator that something is wrong in the middle, so don't ignore it.

The second thing that pops into my mind is that my son had very bad breath until I got him on a good probiotic. If you are nursing, you could take probiotics yourself and that may help. Still I would get her to a doctor and hopefully get her cleaned out. Good luck.

My 5 yr old used to clear a room as an infant on breast milk alone too with his flatulence. Now he burps to the likes of putting Booger from Revenge of the Nerds to shame. UGHHH! But he was never sick and is healthy to this day. His bowel movements were a little more frequent as I recall too.

Best wishes.

I am a pediatric registered nurse and I can tell you that it is actually normal for exclusively breastfed babies to switch to infrequent bowel movements at about 1 month of age. They can go anywhere from every day to up to every 7 days. As long as they are not acting sick,not in pain and not vomiting, it is fine. The stinky gas sounds pretty normal as well, hard to believe such smelly things can come out of someone so little and cute, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. I would follow up with the babies doctor if any other symptoms come up.

My doctor said I would figure out after a while what foods that I eat that will influence my baby having gas, but he was born with super stinky gas. It was kind of funny when he was a couple hours old. Other moms have had this same experience. I'd say don't stress it. I have no idea how to tell what kinds of food do this to him, and he was stinky this weekend, but I love him, and I try to eat healthy. Good luck! Don't think your baby has crazy problems.

My 4-month-old is exclusively breastfed and often passes stinky gas and bowel movements. I've brought it up repeatedly to the pediatrician and lactation consultants, and they say it's nothing to worry about. The frequency of your baby's bm's, though, is probably something you do want to talk with your physician about. I know it's not abnormal for a baby to go one day without a BM, but once a week doesn't seem right. Of course, I'm no expert...

Hi S., I agree with one BM a week as not normal (as my opinion as a mom, not an expert). Since you are nursing, are you drinking regular milk or a lot of dairy? My last daughter has problems with me drinking milk and eating refined sugars. Since I gave those up she has been fine. I hope you get it resolved quickly, that doesn't sound like fun. Good luck!

If you are breast feeding then it could be what you are eating that isn't agreeing with the baby. My dd has food allergies and depending what she eats could give her cherry spots on her face, stinky gas as well as a very cranky attitude. If you keep a diary of what you eat and if the gas smell changes you can usually tell what items may cause it. For example if you eat alot of spicy food or spices, it could be as easy as milk. I hope this helps and gl.

My little one (now 3 months) had the same exact issue. She had extremely stinky gas (and loud too)and would only have a bowel movment about 1 time a week. My doctor said this was completely normal for breastfed babies. Some babies are just stinkier than others. Their little bodies digest the breastmilk so effienctly that sometimes they dont have a bowel movement everyday. We used Gripe water for her gas pain and that seemed to help. All I can say is as she has grown the smelly gas has subsided. Good luck!

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