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Breastfed Baby 2 Months with Stomach Issues Wanting to Test for Allergies

My 2 month old has had stomach issues since birth. I am pretty sure she has a soy/dairy allergy so I have cut that out of diet. She also has reflux. She is constantly figting with her stomach. I am concerned that there is another food so I was wanting to have her tested. Her ped. says its a waist of money because it is not accurate.He said her issues are acid reflux... I think there is something else. I was wondering if its to early to have her tested. Has anyone gone through this? Did you have them tested? If so do you have an allergist you would recomend? I need some advice!

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This sounds a lot like my boy when he was a baby. He is now 3. I knew early that there were problems and he also had a soy/dairy related reflux that made him pretty miserable. He did end up having a bunch of food allergies but we were not able to get accurate testing until he was a year old. We tried at 6 months and it all came up negative. If you do blood testing, there can be enough of a problem to cause issues for your baby, but not enough antibodies in the blood to show up on the test. I would wait if I were you and just keep doing everything you can to make your baby comfortable.

Hi A.,
Thought I would share my experience - maybe it will help a bit. My daughter started getting "stomach issues" around 4 weeks and I never could figure out what was wrong (I'm a first time mom, so it never occurred to me that we could get her tested). I had grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles saying "I think your breastmilk is bad" - totally frustrating to hear as a new mom!! My daughter was an amazing breastfeeder, latched perfectly from the beginning and looked like a pro! Finally, at about 2 months, after listening to her cry in pain, and seeing her squirm in pain, I gave into the belief that my breastmilk didn't agree with her. I started supplementing one bottle (at night) of formula - Similac sensitive - and it immediately helped. I slowly moved to half formula/half breastfed for the next two months and her tummy issues were totally gone. When I returned to work at 5 months she was 100 percent formula. Ever since I started supplementing formula she became this amazing happy baby - and still is. I'm not sure if it really was my breastmilk (I hate to think my stuff was hurting her!), but I'm happy that she no longer struggles. Oh, and for the record - before trying formula I cut out everything from my diet - onions, peppers, milk, cheese - everything people say can effect the kiddo. Nothing seemed to help. Good luck with your daughter's tummy - I know it's heartbreaking to see them in any sort of pain!

It sounds like she is enzyme deficient. My midwife taught me so much after I had my daughter/ I used digestive enzymes sprinkled into juice bottles with my daughter and took them myself so she would get them through her breastfeeding and all the tummy troubles went away. It has helped many that I have recommended it to. I would open a capsule and sprinkle just a small amount so 1 cap could last 3 or 4 days. I also used aloe vera juice in her juice to keep her from getting constipated and a sprinkle of pro-biotic at night to help keep her immune system up. Our entire family still use enzymes daily. Let me know if you would like to try some.
J. Smith

Boy this brings back memories. My daughter was the exact same. We dealt wiht the problems through a pediatric GI Dr. Ogumola(sp?) He is awesome. We waited to have her tested at 11 months and she was allergic to milk, soy & Oat. I switched to a non-allergenic formula when she was 2 months and she was on reflux medicine. It made a huge difference.

Good Luck!!!

My son has multiple severe food allergies. Our gastroenterologist and pediatrician would were the ones that recommended allergy testing for him. It sounds like your situation isn't quite the same on that front. However, we also didn't start the allergy testing process until he was turning 2 years old. Maybe it is age that makes a difference?
Allergy testing is not a waste of time or money at all. For us, it was a lifesaver (literally) and insurance covered a majority of the testing. It turns out that some of the symptoms that my son was having, and that we were writing off as related to other things, were actually anaphylaxis reactions. He just doesn't turn blue and stop breathing when he is having an anaphylaxis reaction (lucky for us).
Our gastroenterologist is Dr. Osuntokun. Our allergist is Dr. Vankatesh. Our pediatrician is Dr. Farias. I recommend all of them highly.
Good luck!

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