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Breast Feeding and Formula Feeding??

Is it safe to both breast feed & formula feed a newborn baby??

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THANK YOU to everyone who sent in some feedback. It helps A LOT for me--especially since this will be my first child. Thanks again!!! :)

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Yes it is totally safe and I would recommend introducing the bottle within the first two weeks so the baby will be willing to accept a bottle, if you wait too long very often the baby will not accept the bottle. Also introducing formula early is a good idea if that is what you are going to rely on when you go back to work. I have three kids and breast fed my youngest two. Good luck!

I had my first in 1962 and I had a very progressive pediatritian. He told me to substitute one feeding a day with formula from the first and to change which time of the day I did the switch. That way my daughter got used to getting either breast or bottle. It worked great. Did the same thing with my second. They were very healthy and still are.

Hi J.,
It is perfectly fine to do both. In fact, when I had my son, the hospital had me supplement with formula since breastfeeding was not going so well. Goo luck and enjoy what little time left you have alone ! :)

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Yes I did it with all 3 of my children and it is the best of both worlds. Transitioning back to work was much easier. For my first child I had to put him on formula and 1 1/2 months because I had an emergency gall bladder surgery. He was fine with it. My second child just rejected me one day when she was about 6 months so it was easy for her as well. My third child, we found that there wasn't enough fat in my breast milk. My doctor kept telling me to wait but she became lethargic and we got very worried. so I tried a little at a time because she had a very sensitive stomach and she responded excellent to it. I kept breast feeding at the same time so she transitioned easily.

There are so many formulas out there and you have to try the one that best suits your child.

Try to breast feed as long as you can because you are giving your baby your anti-bodies to help them fight off infections and other bugs. At the same time bottle feeding does not hurt a child and in my case helped all 3 of my children adapt to whatever situation we were handed.

Being a parent means trying anything and everything that you think will work for your child. Go with your gutt instinct and you will be right most of the time. Listen to your heart!

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You definitely can, and there are some situations in which it's a good idea... But there are also reasons it isn't a good idea. I think you should call the La Leche League and talk with one of tehir leaders so that you get more of the whole picture. It's also a good idea, I think, to talk to more than one lactation consultant type person because sometimes one has a strong preference or even agenda that they're advocating at the expense of giving you the information and letting you decide what's right in your situation. That's one of the things I liked about the LLL people I met and talked with - they seemed way less judgmental and sure that their way was the right way than some of the lactation consultants my friends were using. The LLL people were a font of MANY strategies and very practical applications + reliable facts, and their attitude is that with information you can make a choice that is right for you.

Hi J.,
It is perfectly fine to do both. In fact, when I had my son, the hospital had me supplement with formula since breastfeeding was not going so well. Goo luck and enjoy what little time left you have alone ! :)

There's nothing dangerous, per se, about doing both. I'd recommend getting a breast pump, though, and pump so that your baby has maybe a few more months of breastmilk after you go to work. Friends of mine I know have also tried pumping at work as well. I'd definitely wait to introduce the bottle for at least a good few weeks though, so that you're sure your baby has a good latch. Best of luck to you!

Hi J.,

I have 4 very healthy children whom I both breast and bottle fed, especially when I returned to work. The only trouble with it I encountered was that they got lazy after getting the bottle all day and didn't latch on as quickly when I breast fed. When I did use formula to supplement it never caused any issues. Formulas are made to mimic breast milk in nutrition, so there shouldn't be a problem unless your baby is allergic to something in it, or has trouble digesting it. Your pediatrician should have some really good tips for you on how to handle the change. They did prefer the breast milk because its sweeter though. Congratulations on you soon to be new born! E.

Hi J.,
I Am first time mom with an 6 week old baby girl.I was planning on breastfeeding my daughter until she was atleast 6 months including pumping while I was at work. Had my daughter, I started to have complications so she had to be nursed as quick as possible so she wasnt dehidrated.I wasnt getting enough to her so the nurses would being her in and tell me to nurse as long as possible. Still not enough so they talked to me about bottle feeding with suplment on formula. I was worried about nipple confusion like any first time moms. They told me always offer yourself then offer formula, you shouldnt have any problems. It worked. I was happy and surprised. Then I had to stop pumping for medical reasons and persnol. Just fomula and then a week later tried again to see if she had a problem latching on after being an 100% formula baby and she did fine agin. I had to stop breastfeeding again for reason not making enough. My sister gave me the tip drink lots of water and brewer yeast to keep up the supply after I stopped the 2nd time.As of today my daughter is a 100% formula baby and very healthy and happy. And so am I. hope this helped. PLease contact me at anytime with any other questions. Good luck!!

No problems, you may want to start just breast feeding to make sure there is no problems, like milk allergies, then add in formula. It will help you rule out any problems if the formulas cause a problem. I have only breast fed my 3 ( soon to be 4) but know that not all formulas are created equal.

Hi J. - I breastfed and formula fed from the first day in the hospital. I went back to work when my son was 4 months old and I continued to breastfeed in the evening and morning but his daycare provider bottle fed him formula and any breast milk I pumped during the day at work, my son's pediatrician did not seem to have any problems with that.

Good luck with your new baby!

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