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Boy Scout Camp

Am I out of line?

My son is 11. He bridged to Boy Scouts about three wees ago. Hes' in 5th grade
THere is a BS camp he can go to where he will earn some of the badges toward his Eagle Scout. It is over Spring Break.
I have this funny feeling that unless hubby goes with him he shouldn't go.
I have sent my other kids to camps, GS camp, and others. But all the other camps have been same age kids.
I am wrestling with the idea of sending my 11 yo away with teen boys. Boy Scouts or not, teens are teens. And I would not neccessarily have wanted a mother to send her 5th grader with my oldest when he was a teen.

What are your thoughts?

I should add, hubby is trying to take off that week. It's a sleep away camp.
I just wanted to get a feel for what other moms think about this.


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Oh M.'s thank you.
I know some of this is because he is my baby. I'm just not ready.

So to answer some of the questions
Yes, my hubby is doing all the necessary paperwork to be a leader.
Yes, the Little Man wants to go.
Yes, they have been on short trips with some of this troop before. It's a huge troop.
Sometimes I feel the leadership is weak and needs a little more adult interaction/supervison.

His first Court of Honor is in two weeks. He is gung ho Boy Scouts and I'm trying to not stand in his way.
It's so hard to let go.

So yes he will go and it will be wonderful. :o)

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Both of my boys went to Scout camp (without parents) between 5th and 6th grade and enjoyed it. It is really helpful in getting the required Eagle badges. Unfortunately, the leadership in one troop didn't come down on a couple of boys who were bullying some of the other kids (including my oldest son), so he dropped out after a year of Boy Scouts. We put my younger son into a different troop, and he is really thriving after being in the troop and going to summer camp for the last three years, even though he is young for his grade and much smaller than most of the other kids.

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I asked my Eagle scout husband and he said if it is his troop then yes send him. We ended up having a long talk about scouting and Eagles. For myself,a s some one who works mostly with teens I have to say I have always been happy to have a student who is an eagle scout or working towards it. They always seem more responsible and mature..... My own experience of course and I know things happen. But, if you trust the troop leader I'd say it is OK IF your son is OK with it.

I wish the Girls Scouts amabassador program had the eagle scout reputation!

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well, this all breaks down to......do you trust your Boy Scout troop or not?

& another way to think on this: every single one of those Boy Scouts were your son's age & every single mom had the same fears. :)

This is all part of growing up & letting go. My son is 15 & working toward Eagle Scout. From the time he bridged over, he has participated in all activities. I was a basketcase the first few go-rounds....but learned to survive by trusting his leader & the other boys/families. It's a part of the process.....& you will survive......& your son will thrive!

For our family, my DH's work week ends at 9:30am on Thursdays. So for the 1st year, my DH spent the night on TH & Fri as parent assistant. That meant our son was without parents from Sun-TH .....& he was as happy as could be.

Each day at Scout Camp is filled from beginning to end. Scouts are never left alone, nor are they left with just one leader. Two-deep leadership is a requirement.....as is Youth Protection training. No adults are allowed near the kids without this Scout-sanctioned training. Soooo, if your DH is planning on staying with the boys....he will have to take the training & go thru a background check. Plan ahead, please!

As others have said, maturity does factor into this. Part of the maturation process is for the parents to let go.....& boy, is it hard to do! But you will be building a much stronger boy in the process. Peace to you!

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First, and most importantly, does he WANT to go??? Is this with his own troop? Is he responsible enough to follow the rules of not running off alone, etc. There are going to be adult leaders, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Also, you need to be prepared because most of the summer camps he'll be going to for the next several years are going to be a mix of all ages, all troops, etc. He will never be with just his own age group. That is just not practical!

I am a mother of an Eagle Scout so I know where you're coming from. I had those thoughts at first also but when I got to know all the kids and parents, I was fine with it.

Wait till you have to decide to let him go on a week-long trip to another state!!! And your husband is not able to go!!!! That's when you really have to trust the adult leaders and other kids!!!

Good luck!!!

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I'm sure if your husband goes, he will be fine.

Otherwise, I'd pass.

Let me say, my son (9) is not in scouts, but 11 seems too young for a sleep away camp without dad, and with teens, to me.

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My son has been to two Boy Scout camps. Each time he had a BLAST!!!

The safe guards that they put in place are many - does that mean that something can't happen? No. But really - don't live your life in "what if's" - the scout masters (from our camp and troop) do an AWESOME job of looking after the new kids. They really do.

Not all teens are bad. The teens involved in Boy Scouts are usually VERY good - they want that Eagle Scout and while they will play games - they don't hurt anyone.

Let him go.

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My granboyz both have been in BS's for 1-3yrs., they both attended day camp & overnight camps. My DH would go for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, a hike, an event, etc. because he couldn't stay for the entire time. The boyz loved having him show up, he had to tell the leader what event/meal he would be attending ahead of time so they could plan teams/food.

The boyz all seemed to get along fine, no matter the age.

I am a former GS leader, when my troop went to camp events that were overnight/wknd & when the girlz went to 'summer camp' they were put into groups their own age bracket according to where they were in scouts, although they did do group activities @ times with older/younger scouts.

If you feel that he shouldn't go, what does DH think? Have you discussed your concerns with his leader? Have you called or visited the camp to see what the sleeping/activity arrangements are? These are the things I would question first before not/letting him go.

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Considering that all the boys in Boy Scouts are very responsible, we have never had a problem sending our son to any of the camps. T. has always gone with the parents of other boys as he did not want his dad or mom going. He has not had any issues that permanently scarred him for life.

There are always going to be the boys who do not know how to behave because no one (parents) had any expectations of that child.

Maybe your camps are different than ours, but T. has had nothing but growth and fun at camp. His first one was the summer after 3rd grade.

Why don't you ask more questions of the Scout leaders? You might be surprised at how much supervision there is while the boys are gone.

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I went to GS camp for 2 weeks, I was 8.. I LOVED it. Helped me mature.

Our daughter went to summer sleep away camp for 3 weeks, she was 9.

It was way harder for me and my husband than our daughter. She loved the time to learn new things. She met all new people.. They were kept very active and busy the entire time.
She came back so much more independent and with more self confidence.

I bet he will do great, you will need to make sure you are kept busy without him..

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