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Blood Pressure Medications and Breastfeeding?

Does anyone know of any possible blood pressure medications that are safe along with breastfeeding? My blood pressure has been on the high side since I had my daughter 3 weeks ago, and now my doctor is saying I might have to take medicine to control my blood pressure! I am already doing everything I need to in order to avoid medication, (ex: exercise, diet, drinking plenty of water, etc.) but it's looking like I'm going to need extra help controlling my BP.

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Thank you for all of your responses! I go to the doc today and I'll let you know how it goes! Thank you again!

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I take Labetalol. I took it the whole pregnancy and for the year that I have been breastfeeding and it is completely safe and works great for me. I hope this helps.

my doctor had me on Aldomet and I think the generic is called Methyldopa - I was taking 2 pills three times a day - but it was safe for the baby - so you may ask about that drug.

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I took BP meds during and after both pregnancies and I BF both children. I took Procardia and then after the second one my BP was still high even on the Procardia, so I took Hydochlorothiazide along with it. Both were safe according to my 2 doctors and I did not have any problems and neither did my children. Good Luck!

Doublecheck with your OB but I take Labetalol and I am pregnant and have been on it the entire time. I unfortunately cannot breast feed due to surgery but I believe my cardiologist said it was safe even then. A big benefit to it is that it's an old drug so it is very cheap! I get it at Walgreen's and I get a 6 month supply for 12.99 on their savings plan. You have to pay 20.00 to join but in the end it will still save you a lot of money. HTH!

I had high bp after both my pregnancies, one with toxemia and one without. I took Procardia both times. I was on it for 2 months and was fine! I have a happy, healthy, super smart little pumpkin!

I take Labetalol. I took it the whole pregnancy and for the year that I have been breastfeeding and it is completely safe and works great for me. I hope this helps.

Hey C.! I have gentically high BP and have been on Methyldopa (a generic form of Aldamet) for three years, during my pregnancy and breastfeeding. My GP put me on it when we discovered the blood pressure issue before I got preg and said it was one of the safest for preg and nursing. I have not had any problems on it at all for the whole time I have been on it. The best thing is, it is also one of the $4.00 generics at most pharmacies! Hope this helps :)

Hi, C.! Many women experience HBP following pregnancy and unless your doctor feels you might be in imminent danger he might be willing to give your body some time to heal. Many things go haywire after having a baby so I'm sure that he is monitoring the situation closely.

Having said that if you end up going the medication route your doctor should prescribe a Class B drug for your HBP while you are nursing. There are no studies done on pregnant women for ethical reasons but Class B drugs are widely to be thought of as some of the safest around. I would be careful with any herbal supplements to lower your blood pressure unless you know what you are doing as some have contraindications that you may be unaware of. I'm not agains holistic health, mind you, just cautious when I do not know enough.

Good luck and try to enjoy that new litte girl!

C., there is a safe supplements you can take to help you control the blood pressure. I know of moms who are taking it and breast feeding the baby. Let me know if you would like more information.


Hi C.

Yes, you may certainly continue to breastfeed while on hypertensive medications. You might want to research each medication and find out which ones are most compatible with nursing. Dr. Thomas Hale is a world reknowed expert, author of Medications and Mothers Milk. Here is the link to his page on hypertensive medications and breastfeeding:

Hope this helps. Good luck.

M. Blois, MD and La Leche League volunteer

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