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Blood in Your Urine

I have had two physicals for work and 1 OB GYN visit in the last 2 years and every time I have a urine sample taken they say there is a little blood in my urine and always ask if I just finished my menstrual cycle. The case is always no. But they never say I need to check it out. I went today and they said the same thing. "You have a little blood in your urine" Why isn't anyone telling me to have this checked out? Has anyone had this problem and have you gone to check on it and with what kind of doctor? Getting concerned.

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So, the consensus is that I need to see a Urologist. Thanks for that help. And that I just need to check it out because it can be something small or something huge. I guess I was just trying to avoid the possibilty that it can be huge. Thanks for all the advice, shared stories and the sweet scolding to get this checked out. I will and will update later on the findings.

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My sister has had this same thing since she was 12 and she is now 29. SHe is also anemic. Other than that she is healthy as a horse. I would call the doctor and ask some questions.

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Being that you are on the go all the time it may be that your liquid intake needs to increase. Drink some CRANBERRY for about a week. Drink NO sodas but drink lots of water. Call your doctor and say "You said I have blood in my urine. I know that is not normal. So what do I need to do about it?" He will give suggestions to try. It could just be a bladder infection, but the doctor could tell you that if it were.

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First of all, blood in your urine could mean something serious or it could be something not so serious. There are chronic bladder and kidney conditions that could cause blood in your urine (hematuria). First and foremost, you need to hear from your doctor what the problem is. You should go see a urologist. Get a referal from your family physician. He will recommend a good urologist to go to.

I hope the best for you, and right now don't worry too much about it, just go to the doctor. :)

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I've had this, too. A fwe years ago, I even had a kidney infection that landed me in the emergency room!

I agree that it sounds like you should increase your water and cranberry intake and cut out everything else for a while. You can even buy the cranberry pills.

Take charge of your health by asking what to do about it, as someone suggested earlier. It kills me that doctors just act like nothing's ever a big deal. I guess in the grand scheme of things for them it's not. So you have to be the one to say, "So how do I change that?" Shamefully, if you don't ask, some won't tell you.

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hi I am sorry you are having this trouble.. so when the doctor comes in ask what can be causing this and what can be done to correct it.. after 5 times being on antibiotics different ones, because my kidney hurt, my doctor finally sent me to a urologist. I had infections.. but they would not tell me anythng.. had to have ct scan, IVP and ultrasound and they checked my bladder and found it good.. I still have pain in my kidney but they are saying nothing is wrong.. well here we go again ... good luck.. wish you the best and ASK TELL THEM TO GIVE YOU AN ANSWER... We have to take control of our lives and our bodies..the doctors are in there for what 5 mins.

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Typically blood in the urine signifies a urinary tract or kidney infection. Did they ever put you on antibiotics for it? If not I would make an appointment with your regular physicain, tell them what you told us, and have them take a urine sample, and tell them that you want some answers.

N., I have had the same problem for the last 4 years. I have also had several different kidney/bladder tests done and still no answer. I have basically given up on finding out the cause. I sure hope that you have better luck.

Yes, I've been told the same thing. However, I do have frequent bladder infections and have been told it could be from an irritation in my bladder, causing the blood. I've now been referred to a urologist here in Austin. Do get it checked out, it could be a number of things, don't ignore it.

Cause it happens. I have where I have blood in my urine all the time. I can't see it, but it shows up in urine samples. I did go through the gamet of tests and nothing...so...

If it really concerns you, go to a urologist. I suggest Urology SA, they were awesome...but it;s not something to be overly worried about especially if you have no other symptoms

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