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Black Liquid Leaking.....

I didn't want to get too detailed in the subject line, because what I am about to ask is pretty gross. If you get sick to your stomache easily, please be warned. I have been sick for about the last month and a half. It started out with what I thought was the stomache flu. I had that for a few days and then got a little better. A few days later, I had an allergic reaction to something and ended up in the E.R. with hives all over my body and my throat swelling shut. They gave me medicine (didn't test me to tell me WHAT I was allergic to) including Zyrtec and Prednisone, and sent me home. I continued to have chest pain and itching for about a week, even went to see my Dr. the day after the E.R. visit, and then is started to go away. Just as it was completely gone, I got a chemical burn on my stomache that got VERY infected. I didn't want to go back to the Dr. again, I had been so many times in the last few weeks, that I waited a few days. I went in with a fever, chills, blood and plasma oozing from the burn site. The Dr. gave me more medicine, this time an antibiotic and hydrocortizone cream, and I went home and took it. On Sunday, I started to get a cold. In my sinuses and my chest and my throat. I talk for work, an dI sound horrible! I have felt pretty crappy for the last five days, but if it's just a cold, there is nothing the Dr. can do, so he is not going to get any more out of me this month!
So here is where my issue comes in. Last night, I went to get undressed for bed, and as I took my bra off, I had black, gooey liquid leaking from my nipples. Now, I'm certain it wasn't blood. I wiped it off with a Q-Tip and it has no tint of red or brown or pink or yellow. It is black and gray completely. More has leaked out this morning and I am scared to death!! I found what I think might be a lump, but it could just be me overreacting to the liquid. I had my yearly exam two months ago and everything was normal. I also check myself regularly. I looked on Web MD and couldn't find anything.
Has anybody had, or know what this could be? I haven't breatfed for five years. Help?

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Update #3:
Mammograms HURT!!!!! But, everything looked "mostly" normal. I still have to wait to hear back from the surgeon, and I may have to have a ductectomy (say that word out loud, ductectomy, the funniest word ever!) but the radiologist said that he didn't think he saw any signs of cancer. YAY!!

Update #2:
I went in for an ultrasound on Wednesday. They found a "mass" and sent me to a surgeon/breast specialist on Friday. He has scheduled me for another ultrasound and a mammogram on Tuesday. This is totally wearing me out!

Hi everyone. Thank you for all of your responses. I went to a lot of the websites that you suggested and they were all very informative. Also, I posted this on Thursday night and I was seen by my doctor on Friday afternoon. I took in the Q-Tip with the stuff on it and he said he had never seen anything like it before. He felt the lump and has scheduled me for an ultrasound this Wednesday and bloodwork. I feel like I should have a permanent hole in my arm so that every time they need more blood from me they can just open up a little faucet or something :). Anyhow, I just thought I would let you know that I am NOT just sitting at home wondering what is going on. I am scared to death, but will know a little more by Friday when I get the results. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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Go to the Doctor NOW! It is not worth the worry! I too often think I can handle things myself and ended up with anemia for over 3 years and lost a lot besides my health. Don't try to second guess. Go NOW!

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You need to see a doctor for this. And if you're not satisfied with the care you've received thus far, you need to find a new person to see. What you're describing could be a very big deal.

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Go to this website. I think it will relieve some anxiety, but you do need to get to a doc.


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Go to the Doctor NOW! It is not worth the worry! I too often think I can handle things myself and ended up with anemia for over 3 years and lost a lot besides my health. Don't try to second guess. Go NOW!

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I hope for starters that you're test comes back negatvie. However, have you asked your doctor about an antibiotic resistant staph infection? Staph infections can be extremely serious and hard to treat. I would suggest you ask to be tested.

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You need to go to the doctor to have your breasts checked, amongst the other things. Abnormal leakage/discharge from the breasts is a concern and any lump should be checked---even if you were just checked 2 months ago! Early detection is the key.

Best wishes.

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First of all, let me say that I'm so sorry you've been feeling so ill! I HATE being sick. And it sounds like you've had more than your fair share of it lately. In my opinion, you should just buckle down and go see the doctor again. Like one of the previous posters said, you should make sure he knows exactly what's been happening, and every little detail since you first got sick so he knows how better to treat you. If you would rather not just make an appointment, call ahead and ask to talk to the doctor or Nurse Practitioner, Physician's Assistant, etc. ahead of time and see if it's really something you need to worry about. I really hope you start feeling better soon. Good luck!

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I know that everybody has been saying go to the doc, and I agree. BUT I wanted to add: make sure that whichever doctor you go to gets the FULL medical history you just posted (including the "common" cold)and anything you may have left out. That can help the doctor put it all in perspective: your body might be reacting to previous meds, or it could all be part of some bigger thing. The faster you catch whatever it is, generally the easier it is to solve it.

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Hi C.,

I will be the first person to try to take my health into my own hands and I always try to go the natural route; however, this sounds like it could be serious. I would recommend that you do go to a doctor. I know that you have been quite a bit this last month and that your check up a couple months ago came back fine. Heaven forbid something to be wrong, but you may have a serious infection or something else. If you do not think tha tyour doctor is taking you seriously or taking proper care of you then I would try a new doctor. I would recommend Dr. Hugo Rodier, he is very good, well respected and cares about his patients. Here is his contact information...
Pioneer Integrative Medical Clinic
12433 South Fort Street (950 East)
Draper, UT 84020

tel. ###-###-#### / fax. ###-###-####

I hope that you feel better very soon...R.

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Girl you are sick! With all of your symptoms, I might consider walking into the ER at a good hospital. The hospital has all kinds of resources and specialists and if you are in the ER I think they have to come and consult. Good luck.

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I would call a lactation consultant, just to see if the infection or the medication could be coming through your breasts. I think at that point they could send you to someone more approiate than the ER doc or your 'regular doc' to see what is going on. I would have it checked out more by a specialist than a general doc (although I don't know what that specialist may be). I am thinking the LC may be able to recommend someone for you to see.

I would love to hear what this is. Never heard of this before.

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