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Bedwetting - Chicago,IL

I really need help, my son is 10 years old and he still wets the bed. Yes I have tried every remedy known to man, I have stopped his drinking at 6:00p.m but that doesn't seem to work. I have gotten up all hours of the night but that wears me out and still no success. I have the good nights for him but it is reaaly getting expensive. I just want to know am I alone in this and is there anything else I can do. I do appriciate any response I can get.

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WOW!!!! Thank you all so much for the responses that i recieved I did not know that there was so many people that had this same problem, this reasuures me that there can be an end to this. With your help I am soooo armed wirh information that i can confidently solve this problem. I say again and again thank you .......thank you......thank you !!!

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My ex had the same problem when he was a young boy. He was taken to a chiroparter, sorry I suck at spelling, to be adjusted and never had a problem since.

I have the same problem with my 10-year-old daughter! If you come up with a solution, PLEASE let me know. The only improvement we have seen so far is to reduce the quantity of fluid that she's wetting...and the way we did that was to put her on a whole foods diet and pull out as many preservatives and chemicals out of her diet as we could. That reduced the heaviness of the pullups that she's wearing by about 2/3. But she's still having an accident every night...Good luck to you!

HI J.,

First of all, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, especially as a single mom. I too was a single mom for 6 years and my boy had this problem up until age 10 or 11. I, too tried everything...2 different kinds of med's, waking him up (impossible since he's such a deep sleeper), limiting fluids etc. etc. etc! I finally tried a potty alarm and he was trained in less than 2 weeks. If you do a Google search you can find many different kinds. My best to you and Merry Christmas!

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Hi J.:
I know that you have gotten a lot of responses. I decided to share with you my story as well. My son was bedwetting until he was almost 4, and I did not stop digging for possible causes until I discovered that it was related to certain foods. Although he did not have typical allergic reactions to particular foods, his sensitivity to them would express itself in him not being able to hold urine at night. It's worth investigating that possibility as well. I wish you & your son all the best, Zorana

I do not know your situation but I do know there could be a couple other reasons for the bedwetting incidents. My fiance had a bedwetting problem when he was little and his mom could never figure out why until one day they took him to the doctor and he told them that he had a small urethra opening causing the problem. He out grew the bedwetting incidents but he was 11 before it happened. Also if there are a lot of stressors in his life could also cause problems and it could be little stressors such as the way you taylor to his personality.

Single Mom, My 30 year old son was trained to the pot before he was a year. Later he started wetting bed. He told me recently that a male cousin who is Gay put his hands on my son while I allowed him to spend the nite at this cousins house when he was 10. I just spoke to a counselor & he told me bedwetting is a sign that the child has been molested. Boys are very silent about being molested. I later checked with my exhusband & he informed he wetted the bed. It is in the genes. Now I am thinking my 3yr old son did see his 13 month sister die. Counseling is important when our children see trauma!

Please take your son to a urologist.
My brother wet the bed until 13. My parents tried everything, counseling etc.My mother even set the alarm to take him to the bathroom every couple of hours
the truth is that he had a MEDICAL CONDITION our family doctor did not catch, nor anyone else.
He went to the specialist, had test ran and got some medicine to clean up the condition and he never wet the bed again.

My son is almost 8 years old and he has the same problem. I like you tried everything. I and my mother researched on the internet for many hours. I did NOT want to use medication. The medications they use don't really help. My nephew had the same problem (we believe it's hereditary) and the meds never helped him. I found the Enuresis Control Clinic. They are now helping me to cure my son of a deep sleep disorder. If you read the symptoms you will probably find they describe your son to a tee. I will give you the web site, they guarantee success. Every one kept telling me to let him out grow it but that is the worst thing you can do. Once they out grow the bed wetting you can't fix the deep sleep disorder. There is more than one enuresis center but the other one I found was very expansive. www.enuresiscontrolclinic.com Please go there and see for yourself. My e-mail is ____@____.com if you have more questions write me directly anytime!! I know how hard it is to watch your child have a problem that you just cannot fix and as moms we want to fix every problem if we can. I am working with this clinic right now and it is a slow process but, I know it will help.

At our pediatrician's office there is a poster for a drug for bedwetting. Sorry I can't remember the name, but it says that some kids either have a smaller bladder, have bodies that produce more urine, or just don't wake up when it's time to go. I think if you've tried other "home remedies" without success, it's worth discussing with your doctor. Good luck, it is a heartbreaking challenge for both of you, I'm sure.


I will have an article in the January issue of Chicago Parent about bedwetting. It's fairly comprehensive and covers more than just the stopping liquids and letting them outgrow it ideas. It should be on the web at www.chicagoparent.com within the next week. You can search by my name.

In the meantime, visit www.tryfordry.com. It's a section of Children's Memorial in Chicago and it will give you some great things to read and think about.

Best of luck!!!!

M. Sussman

My daughter, who is now 14, has had a persistent bedwetting problem since getting out of diapers. We tried many options over the years. What has worked for her for the past 2 years is a prescription medication called Desmopressin. I suggest you ask your doctor about trying it. She takes one pill every night before bedtime. Good luck!

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