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Bad Varicose Veins and Spider Veins That Hurt

My right leg is practically purple and PAINFUL. My right ankle feels like I am constantly getting an "indian sunburn" I am 5 mos pregnant and wearing the Jobst compression hose constantly from time I get out of bed til I go to sleep. i have gotten to the point where I can't stand being without them. My job is on my feet all day and since I have 2 kids at home I am on my feet alot anyway even when not working. Should I even bother consulting a vascular specialist while pregnant? Could they offer anything different? How soon should I wait post delivery to see one? I am sure alot of my problems will decrease after delivery but am reasonably sure I'll need some sort of laser or vein stripping therapy. Any thought or advice you could share would be appreciated.

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Just wanted to thank everyonee for their advice. My ob checks my legs at every visit. Lucky him.but I think I will just go ahead and contact a vascular guy just to get their advice. I really haven't done anything but exercise stockings and rest. I do notice that overnight my spider veins and varicose are mostly gone. The ones around my ankle are very lightly pink but still there. I'll let you know what happens.

actually I've mentioned and showed my legs to my ob. I was just wondering if it would be worth it to have a consult with a vascular guy also

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Don't even consider vein stripping. It is archaic and barbaric. There is a natural, less painful way to completely remove varicose veins. It is called sclerotherapy and is done with glucose solution. You can look up a prolotherapist in your area. I (when I get my license) do the procedure in SW Virginia. Depending on where you live, you should be able to find one. Because it is natural, it is not covered by insurance. Also, the conventional medicine world does not consider varicose veins as medically necessary to treat. However, they are. The routing of your blood away from the main vessels puts strain on your CV system, and will lead to heart problems like CHF later when you are older.

L. Cheek

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I developed a pretty gnarly varicose vein that did not go away after pregnancy. I had laser ablation done on it last Feb., and it's totally gone now! The procedure was a little more extreme than I thought it would be, but the bulge is gone now, and my insurance paid for all of it!

I have some post-treatment photos, if you'd like to see them. Pretty good brusing. Drop me a line and I'll email them to you if you're interested.

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Just saw your response but not your original post, so sorry this is late. Have you considered a nutritional approach that will reduce the edema/swelling and is totally safe for pregnant women/nursing moms? I'd be happy to share more.

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Try contacting Soft Cosmetic Lazer Center (616) 532-SOFT. They do vein therapy with lazers. No down time, no scaring, After hearing about this procedure, I don't know why anyone would go under the knife. Would be worth a call....

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Hi! I just wanted to share with you my experience with varicose veins, hopefully you will get something from it. I worked in a pharmacy and was on feet all the time as well as at home having two little ones. The doctor told me to take at least 2 - 5 minute breaks during the day to elevate my feet! My varicose veins covered the back of both legs from thigh to above the ankle. It was very hard for me to sit because they hurt so much. After I had my second child, I had a varicose vein stripping done, very painful, was unable to walk for a week after surgery. I haven't had trouble after surgery but I do have a lot of little scars that I've been very self concious about, if laser surgery was available to me here, I would have tried that first. Good luck and hope all is well!

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My sister has had great sucess with Vein Clinics of America. She has tried other doctors and nurses an ended up with horrible scarring from ulcerations that occurred from inexperienced care. Good luck!

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I had spider veins until my friend introduced me to the Nu Skin at home spa. It is the size of an electric razor you feel no pain what so ever!! It also works great for stretch marks and many other skin conditions, and it is a lot less expensive than going to a doctor for treatment.Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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You've gotten a lot of advice, M M!

It has been a few weeks, and I'm guessing by now you've consulted with your doctor. It would be great if you could post a follow-up so we don't have to worry about you. :^)

For varicose veins and spider veins, we've had lots of success helping people using an anti-oxidant called OPC-3. It helps tremendously with circulation. I wish I had known about it when I was pregnant. It is totally safe.

Anything unusual, sudden, or painful, though-- get to the doctor ASAP! As others have said, blood clots are a risk and are very dangerous.

J. Locke
Certified Nutraceutical Consultant

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