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Baby's First Time Eating Solids (Rice Cereal)

Hi moms,

I need some advice. I started to try giving my son some rice cereal mixed with formula but he does not want to eat it. Would any moms recommend mixing a little apple sauce or something else in it to make it taste better? He is a formula fed baby and LOVES his formula. Please let me know of any tricks you may know that would make it easier. Maybe I just need to be patient and keep trying since this is his first experience eating from a spoon. Thanks!!! =)

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I would try everyday. Don't start him out on the sweet stuff first because then he won't take to veggies very well. I started my son on cereal at 4 months because he was always watching us eat. He loved it but I only gave him a couple of bites in the beginning. I breastfeed and try to supplement with formula. I mix his cereal with formula and it has gotten him too take a bottle of formula more than just the breast, because I don't pump.

I know you have tons of suggestions to read through and this might be a reapeat of advice you'll get. My daughter didn't like the plain rice- still doesn't. I mixed it with everything we had. Sweet potatoes worked best for us. She's 8 mos now. I finally tried the oatmeal with banana a couple of months ago and she likes it a lot. She'll eat a whole bowl in the morning. We tried to give her a variety of the first fruits but it was hit and miss. She still would rather eat what I have instead.

my 2nd son is 6mo now & at 5mo he became a full time bottle fed baby at the same time i started him on rice cereal. so he became constipated quickly & often & so i had to introduce fruid much sooner. all his Drs said it was fine. so apple sauce or prune/apples mixed with the ceral should taste great!

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My daughter wouldn't eat the rice cereal from the box but liked the homemade kind. Here's a recipe (and we added all sorts of things like apple sauce or yogurt or pureed vegetables). We'd make a big pot of rice cereal and keep some in the fridge and freeze others in ice cube trays and then pop them into a freezer bag to use later. It's easy to make:

Baby Food Recipe: Rice cereal

You simply grind 1/4 cup of brown rice in a grinder (I bought a coffee grinder for $10 for the sole purpose of grinding rice and other ingredients for baby food). My babies have only ever had brown rice. It is way healthier for them (and you!) because brown rice still contains bran and germ, which are removed from white rice. Grind the brown rice until it has turned into powder. In the meantime, boil one cup of water in a pot on the stove. When it's boiling, turn it down to a simmer and pour the powdered rice into the water and stir with a whisk. Then just pop a cover onto the pot and let it simmer on low for ten minutes. If you're anything like me, I would encourage you to turn on your timer on your stove, otherwise you'll get busy with your baby and forget all about it. You should also stir it every now and then to avoid it from clumping. When it's done, give it another good stir and let it cool. Take a few tablespoons out, add some breastmilk, water or formula to cool it down, and then feed it to the baby. The leftovers will keep in the fridge for two or three days.

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This is a new experience for your son so be patient. It will take many tries before he figures it out. In a few weeks he will be ready to start other new foods. I recommend starting with the veggies first. Many moms are eager to get their kids to eat so they start with the fruits. Of course kids will like the fruits with their higher sugar content, but if you start with veggies you increase your chance of having a bigger kid who is willing to eat his veggies. My son hated the canned baby food meats. Once he got to that point he was old enough to eat meat that I cooked for the family. I just made sure it was cut up small enough.

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If he doesn't like rice cereal, skip it. Just start working through the 1st foods fruits and vegetables one at a time, instead. There's no real reason rice cereal has to be the first food, and grains are not necessarily the best place to start a baby on food.

Hi D.,
Yes, mix in applesauce or maybe a smashed banana. The smashed banana has a sweet taste but no added sugar.And potasium!.
My grandson is just under 6months & my daughter in law has been giving him rice cereal mixed w/squash,bananas,applesauce etc.(just make sure you try one at a time for about a week,that way you will know if your baby has any food allergies) for about 2 months already.I was a little skeptical about feeding him so early but he's doin great....loves his food. We always feel bad to eat in front of him,and he will open his mouth & grunt to get us to feed him.
Also if you are feeding him rice cereal with the formula(in his bottle) make sure you have larger flow holes in the nipple of bottle or they will get frustrated because it wont suck thru.....
Good Luck, hope this helped

my 2nd son is 6mo now & at 5mo he became a full time bottle fed baby at the same time i started him on rice cereal. so he became constipated quickly & often & so i had to introduce fruid much sooner. all his Drs said it was fine. so apple sauce or prune/apples mixed with the ceral should taste great!

I would say to not worry about it - he is still young enough where his calories that matter come from milk. My kids (all 4 of them) did not start solid foods until 9 or 10 months old. Before that, it is just experimentation and getting used to the idea of solid food. If your son loves the food, great - if he doesn't - don't sweat it - try again in a few weeks. Also I would not suggest giving him grains as a first food. I would give him pureed vegetables as a first food. Followed by fruit, then followed by grains and meat. I would also suggest to avoid giving juice until your son is 2 or 3, and then as an occasional treat. Calories from juice (unless it is 100% vegetable juice) are usually empty, sugary (even natural sugars cause problems concentrated as they are in juice) and prevent children from being naturally hungry.
Good luck with your son!

He might not like cereal no matter what you mix in. Mine never warmed up to it. (Taste it and you'll understand why). I had better luck with bananas and avocados. Just make sure they are ripe enough. I wasn't able to get him to eat cereal even when it was mostly bananas and breastmilk. In retrospect, I should have just put a little sugar in it. (He was a little underweight from being sick). Once he is able to eat yogurt (8 mos?) I also recommend yo-baby yogurt or trader joe's baby yogurts (the sweet kind with so much sugar it makes you cringe), rather than trying to get him to eat plain yogurt.

You don't need to start with rice cereal. The reason it is often recommended is that it is one of the most hypo-allergenic foods. However, there is some wisdom in starting out with more nutrient dense foods. You will be replacing some of the nutrients in your formula for rice cereal which is basically all filler. Apple sauce can be binding and cause constipation, as can rice cereal for that matter. You are supposed to avoid wheat for the first 12 months so that rules out mixed grain cereal so we went with pears and oat meal. I introduced chicken pretty quickly as that is nutrient dense and high in protein which growing bodies need. Our first foods were, yams, butternut squash, pears, chicken and oat meal to thicken if necessary. I made all mine myself, super cheap and not really that time consuming as I made enough in ice cube trays to freeze for several weeks and it tastes so good, I eat whatever my daughter doesn't finish.

Keep in mind too that all babies mature at different rates and you don't have to start solids at any given time. If your child is really not that interested then wait. I started just before 6 months because my day care provider only had my daughter at that time for 2 weeks so it seemed like a good time to start as she had the time. however, in hindsight I probably would have waited until closer to 7 months. She is not 9 months old and has a much more obvious appetite. Initially it is more about a new texture and taste sensation than anything else so just take it slow and don't worry about it too much.


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