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Baby Sunblock?


With Spring and Summer just around the corner, I need to pick up some sunblock for my 7 month old. Can anyone recommend one? Have you had better luck with any particular brand?

Thanks so much!

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I have 3 ideas for you that have worked great for us. All are chemical sunscreen free which means they have zinc dioxide, titanium dioxide or a combination of the two as the active ingredients, only. They stay on much longer. The brands are California Baby ( you can find them online & Central Mkt), Blue Lizard (I've seen it at Kroger and CVS) and Neutragena Sensitive Skin (at WAlmart).

Just in case, I know of a good natural mosquito repellent. It is called Buzz Away Extreme by Quantum Health. I got it at Both Worlds Pharmacy on SW Green Oaks (just north of ARkansas) in Arlington, but I've seen it at Whole Foods too.

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The following website is a good website to find out what chemicals are in sunblock.


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Bull Frog for kids - it's purple, so you can see where you sprayed it (dries clear), and it truly lasts 24 hours. It's a little on the pricey side, but when I compare it to others, with which I still get burned despite reapplying (to cool, towel dried skin) every 2 hours, it's a bargain. I have used it since it came out on all of my children since they were 6 months old - it is also the only brand my skin cancer surgeon recommends to his post op patients, because it is just that effective and due to the 24 hour molecular bond.


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Blue Lizard and California Baby have worked well for us. Be sure to look for a product that blocks both UVA & UVB rays. The key ingredients to look for are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. And, if you reapply often you should be in good shape!

I like Arbonne for baby sunblock. ( I do not sell it though )

Arbonne Baby Care Sunblock - I'm a cancer survivor and we use only the physical blocker sunblocks, not the chemical ones. Arbonne's is zinc oxide based, SPF 30 water resistant, no chemicals, mineral oil, phthalates, propylene glycol, parabens, or any artificial dye or fragrance.

Best thing is that you can get it for less per ounce than the retail of the others mentioned as suggestions to you.

Email me for ordering information.
To your healthy, happy summer!

Get a good natural one from Whole Foods-my favorite is Alba Botanica. Remember the sun is different at different times of day. 11 am to 1 pm is the damaging sun, on the other hand early in the morning is the "good" sun, sunrise to 8:30am. Everyone needs good sun for vitamin D production, which your skin makes when the sun is on it. Our skin cannot make vit. D with sunblock on it. You only need a little of good sun-15 minutes on arms and face. Also the good sun is good for our minds and mood via the eyes-if you are wearing sunglasses the good sun can't benefit you.

Arbonne Baby Care Sunblock!

California Baby Sunscreen is great. We especially like the solid to reapply during our time out and about.

I love the invisible spray on kind that dries quickly I also love the water babies face stick for the face.

A. J

K., I was just about to order some sunblock from the Arbonne baby line for my daughter. It is wonderful! E-mail me and I'll put your order in, too.

Aveeno and walmart brand called no-ad pick the baby one of course.

Nutrogena with helioplex - it has high SPF's 70 isn't greasy and goes on smooth. They have the facial sunscreent too. I've used all the baby brands and this woorks best for us, plus we all use it, so it's convenient to only have one bottle to pack.

I use the neutragena one with helioplex also. I have two red heads and after 3 visits to the dermatologist, I found that one and also bullfrog. it is lower spf but the titanium dioxide ingredient is the key to not burning for my youngest.

Blue Lizard, Bull Frog, Mary Kay or Aveeno Baby. Water Babies is impossible to spread and my son always has a weird reaction to it plus it stings the eyes! The last Neutrogena I bought didn't stay on either one of us once we got wet and yes it was supposed to be waterproof!

For one that young, I'd highly recommend California Baby No Fragrance. We really like it because it works, doesn't have a lot of the junk others do, and it's easy to tell where we've already applied it so we don't waste. Lavera makes a good one too, but it's a little more difficult to find.

Have fun in the sun!!

My son is allergic to almost all sunblocks, even the typically gentle and hypoallergenic ones, but the one that does work for us is Bert's Bees sunblock. The only drawback is that it is very thick and yellow so it can look funny if you don't rub it in well. The good part of that of course is that you are sure not to miss a spot! If it works on his super sensitive skin, it has to be gentle! I also use it in my baby so I don't have to buy two. Works great!

I go for the natural brands--avalon, etc. Sprouts, Central Market, Whole Foods. The SPF is not as high and they are pricey, but less chemicals.

Blue Lizard, they make one specially for babies and it's 100% chemical and fragrance free.

My favorite has been Coppertones' Water Babies Pure and Simple. I tired one other and my 8 month old seemed to get a rash from it. This one has no perfumes, dyes, or oils. Its a lil more costly than some others but I think it is worth it.

Hello! I have a fair skinned red head and we use Bull Frog. Seems to work great for us! Someone once told me if you can find...I believe it was called Blue Lizard...that she used this when she found out she had skin cancer.

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